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#IntPiPoMo 2017 Results are In

#IntPiPoMo 2017 Results are In

The List

Thank you to the few folks who participated in 2017. I don’t know if there just wasn’t a draw for folks to participate this year, or if there’s a larger “nobody really blogs anymore” thing going on, (or maybe I didn’t advertise enough) but there was sadly a downturn in participants. So I want to call out these wonderful folks as bloggers that attempt to keep a regular pace with their blogging. (If you’re unsure what #IntPiPoMo is, you can check out the starter post for 2017, and mark your calendars for 2018!)

  • GamingSF
  • Going Commando
  • Inventory Full
  • Memoirs of a lady
  • MMOWayfarer
  • Nomadic Gamers, Eh!
  • Some Stats

    Even though there weren’t many participants, I wanted to give some statistics like I normally do on the wrap-up.

    • Six (6) total blogs participated in this challenge (Seven (7) if you count my own shaky participation). This is approximately half of the number that participated last year (14).
    • All particpant blogs posted at least 5 images.
    • Five (5) blogs posted at least 25 images.
    • Five (5) blogs posted at least 50 images.
    • Three (3) blogs went above and beyond the 50 images.
    • The highest number of posted images was 94, followed by 77, and then 73.

    The Winners

    I offered up prizes again this year, so let’s review what they were, and the winners!

    • Grand Prize – Of all participants who complete 50 photos, I will be using a RNG ( to draw a winner for a Steam game worth up to $15! This is also exchangeable for an MMO subscription.
    • Three Other Prizes – Of all participants to complete the 25+ photos (up to and including those who make it to 50 pictures), I will be using a RNG ( to draw three winners for a Steam game worth up to $10! And the winners are… Well, for this one, that left one person out in the cold, so, every single participant that posted at least 25 shots is going to get goodies this year! That includes (in alphabetical order):

    I’ll be reaching out to everyone via Twitter (or other contact if you didn’t list a Twitter account on sign up) to dish out prizes!

    Thank you again to everybody who participated. I’m hoping next year we have a renewed interest in participating!

    Dec ’17 Gaming Goals

    Dec ’17 Gaming Goals

    Cutting it Close

    She’s dreaming of a white Christmas.

    I realize that there’s only a week left in December, but I wanted to try to set a few goals for myself for the week, especially since life will be a bit lighter than usual. It’ll also focus the free time I have available.

    The Goals

    So, here we go! What do I want to try to accomplish this last week of December?

    World of Warcraft

    There’s a few of the holiday achievements I don’t have that I’d like to work towards, however, I also don’t have other stuff unlocked/obtained to work towards them (again, I’ve talked about it before, but if achievements are going to be account bound, they should damn well be actually account bound!!). Such as the reputation with Ogri’la, a Gaudy Sweater, a Crashin’ Flyer, the Iron Armada set, etc.

    • Level Arraign (Horde DK) to 90 towards “Quintessential Quintet”
    • Level Chestnaught (Alliance Warrior) to 55 towards “Double Agent”
    • “Crashing’ & Thrashin'” achievement
    • “Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s” achievement
    • “Let It Snow” achievement
    • Obtain a Globe Yeti (since I just found out about them, oh, yesterday)

    Secret World Legends

    • Get Ky (Chest? I’m not sure how to refer to her…) to level 5
    Nov ’17 Gaming Goals Review

    Nov ’17 Gaming Goals Review

    Last month I started back up with my gaming goals, in an effort to give myself some goals to get myself blogging again. So let’s take a look at how I did with them, shall we?

    She’s sad that there was so little time to game as of late.

    The Goals

    I lacked time to game throughout November and December. Real life sort of ends up getting in the way at the end of the year. It’s something I’ll have to take into account for next year. Or try to remember to take into account. I always remember about it in hindsight!

    World of Warcraft

    There are a few achievements that I didn’t even begin to touch, such as “Well Read” and “Turkey Lurkey”. I worked on leveling my Death Knight towards “Quintessential Quintet”, though only got her about six or seven levels. Same with leveling my dwarf towards “Double Agent”. I did complete “Friend or Fowl?” because it was an easy two minute achievement.

    I surprisingly ended up completing “Raiding with Leashes”, mainly because I didn’t need many pets to finish, and RNG was on my side. I haven’t been so lucky with “Raiding with Leashes II”, yet. I only grabbed myself a Menagerie Custodian, but I’ve been getting lots of Wolves and Custodians since, while trying to grab the Imp and Abyssal. No luck on any drops in SSC or TK.

    Secret World Legends

    I ended up rolling up my dragon for my new Let’s Play YouTube videos, and I’ve been playing a bit of her, trying to build up some back log of videos. I’ve never played a Dragon before, and have been having some fun. So, I achieved and even surpassed my goal of just rolling her up.

    I also rolled up a RP toon to try to get into RP for the first time in a very long time (in MMOs, anyway). Sadly, I haven’t had much time to play her, but I’m hoping to rectify that a bit in the coming week so I can spend time gaming with folks, as well. I’m excited to get into her, though. I’ve a bit of a story concocted, but I need to spend a bit of time writing it up and putting it into the SWLRP mod.


    I ended up not touching my otomes at all, but I’m hoping to do a bit of that this coming week as well. I’ll be laying out some new goals to just finish out the month of December, and then starting fresh in January with a longer, updated, list.

    Raiding with Leashes

    Raiding with Leashes

    This post is a part of #IntPiPoMo 2017. You can find more information and sign up to participate here.

    I mentioned working on this achievement in my monthly gaming goals post, and I finished it sooner than I expected, to be honest. All I had left was the Viscidus Globule, Giant Bone Spider, and Stitched Pup, and I’d finally obtain Mr. Bigglesworth (putting me one step closer to Crazy Cat Lady).. but the RNGods have never really been in my favor.

    Before I did anything, I decided to see how much they were on the Auction House, because I really didn’t want to trek all over on tons of different toons. However, after breaking down and getting the Viscidus Globule on the AH for 14k, I decided it was probably worth my time to just go farm the dang things. I know a lot of people won’t think that 14k is a lot, and it isn’t that much, but when you only have 300k gold to your name, one is kind of stingy. And at least it cut out having to trek over to AQ40 until I wanted to just get the achievement, or was working on transmog farming (which is low priority—pets first!).

    I hit up Naxxramas on Chestnaught to see what I could get, and ended up with the pet from Loatheb (which I already have two of thanks to generous guildies), as well as the one off of Maexxna. Gluth was not kind to me, sadly. Nor were tier drops, for that matter. So since Naxx is so easy to get to, I’ll have to make farming both normal and heroic Dreadnaught Battlegear one of my first transmog goals. Anyway, the spider is gross. I’m super afraid of even Daddy Long Legs (yes, I know they aren’t spiders), so I put this guy out, took a picture, and put him right back. Blech. But at least I have him, now! And I’ll level him eventually when Squirt is back on the 30th (NA realms).

    So, since Gluth didn’t put out for Chest, I hopped on my hunter, Hazelnutt, and decided to just hit up the Construct Quarter. She didn’t get lucky either. So off to the shaman, Shaelee! Only hit up the Construct Quarter up to Gluth as well, but she surprisingly ended up getting lucky. He’s cute in a kind of disgusting way. It was a bit annoying to try to run even old content as a healer, so I guess I’ll have to finally bite the bullet and get my enhancement weapon on her.

    And so, I have finally obtained the adorable Mr. Bigglesworth! I also ended up with pretty much every 10 Man achievement on Chest on my run through. Which, honestly, is my top pet peeve in WoW. If achievements are truly supposed to be account bound, why on earth do I not get credit on the toon if I’ve already completed it on another! I shouldn’t be spamming guild chat with achievements I got back when it was current content when I was playing my Druid. That defeats the whole purpose, Blizzard. Fucking fix it. I don’t mind if I can’t get credit cross-characters for most achievements. That’s fine. Whatever. But I want the credit for the ones I’ve done, instead of a “Not completed on XTOON.” when I mouse over something.

    #IntPiPoMo Count: 20/50

    Buh-Bye KJ

    Buh-Bye KJ

    This post is a part of #IntPiPoMo 2017. You can find more information and sign up to participate here.

    A bit delayed, but just a quick hurrah that Iron Circle finally said buh-bye to Kil’jaeden on November 6th!

    Some people are blocking other people, but I tried my best! ;P

    Congrats to all that were there on our first kill, and our second kill yesterday! Hopefully we can get in another kill or two to get achievements for a few more folks in the raid team. It’s exciting to have him down. It means I can start working on my gaming to do list a bit more!

    So proud of Iron Circle.

    #IntPiPoMo Count: 15/50

    Nov ’17 Gaming Goals

    Nov ’17 Gaming Goals

    Starting Back Up

    This post is a part of #IntPiPoMo 2017. You can find more information and sign up for participate here.

    I used to do a thing where I put together gaming goals every month. And then I fell off the blogging and gaming bandwagon for a good while. These gaming goals help keep me from floundering around in gaming, and focus my limited free time so I just don’t sit there and scroll through Facebook.

    The Goals 

    She’s totally sure they’ll all get done…

    Without further ado, here’s my gaming goals checklist.

    World of Warcraft

    • “Well Read” achievement 
    • “Friend or Fowl?” achievement 
    • Level a fourth 110 (towards “Quintessential Quintet” achievement) 
    • “Double Agent” achievement
    • “Raiding with Leashes” achievement (Giant Bone Spider, Stitched Pup, Viscidus Globule) 
    • “Raiding with Leashes II” achievement (Netherspace Abyssal, Tideskipper, Coilfang Stalker, Lesser Voidcaller, Menagerie Custodian, Fiendish Imp, Tainted Waveling, Pocket Reaver, Phoenix Hawk Hatchling) 
    • “Turkey Lurkey” achievement 

    Secret World Legends 

    • Roll up my Dragon for my new LP YouTube videos


    Image by Chic-Pixel

    Did I mention it’s #VNNovember for the Community Game-Along challenge? That works out well, considering I want to try to get through the five million dating sims I’ve going at the same time (I’m currently playing Norn9, Sweet Fuse, Period Cube, Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya, Dream Daddy, Pub Encounter, and Seduce Me 2).

    • Finish Mitarashi’s route in Sweet Fuse 
    • Start Urabe’s route in Sweet Fuse 
    • Finish Takigawa’s Happy and Super Happy routes in Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya
    #IntPiPoMo Count: 13/50
    Wilcox Legacy: Meet Willow Wilcox

    Wilcox Legacy: Meet Willow Wilcox

    Delving Back In

    This post is a part of #IntPiPoMo 2017. You can find more information and sign up to participate here.

    Back in February, I mentioned that I was going to purchase and play Sims4. And I started to, but never really did much with it. One of my favorite things to do in Sims, besides dressing my Sims up, is to do Legacy challenges. I’ve never been one to be big into building houses (I hate it, to be blunt), and I’m not one to sit there and let my Sims just sim their way through life. I get my greatest enjoyment out of tracking a legacy, and writing it.

    Old Legacies

    Tamara and Buddy. They were the sweetest couple I’ve played with in Sims to date.

    For a while, back in 2011-2013, I was pretty regularly playing Sims3, and had a separate blog tracking a legacy I was working on. A computer crash brought an end to that, sadly. But I also started to feel “meh” about writing it. I had always written my legacies in first person, on separate blogs, and it just became too much.

    So I’m starting up a new one with Sims4, but I’m not putting it on a separate blog, and I’m going to try writing it in third person for a change. Making it more story, rather than narration. I’m hoping that since I won’t have to worry about maintaining a separate blog, and letting it be more for fun and a creative writing outlet, that I’ll have much more fun with it. I’ve yet to finish a legacy, and I would very much like to!

    Meet Willow!

    So, meet the founder of my legacy, Willow Wilcox! I’m running the legacy with the Equality/Modern/Random Succession Law. Enjoy some basic information and the obligatory fashion dump before I begin. Also, is she not fucking adorable?!

    Name: Willow Wilcox
    Aspiration: Nerd Brain
    Traits: Bookworm, Cheerful, Good





    #IntPiPoMo Count: 12/50

    #IntPiPoMo is Back!

    #IntPiPoMo is Back!


    IntPiPoMo, or International Picture Posting Month is the image equivalent of National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo). NaNoWriMo focuses on writing 50,000 words over the course of the month of November. So, if a picture is a thousand words, that means that IntPiPoMo requires fifty pictures

    These can be anything from screenshots from any game, to photographs you take in real life and want to share on your blog. Seriously, they can be anything—character selfies, shots of combat, sharing your game UI, showing off all those pretty new scenery shots with the new graphics card you got… you get the idea.

    IntPiPoMo was started back in 2011 by Angelya of Revive & Rejuventate. In 2013, Jojo of Admiring Azeroth picked up the initiative. In 2015, Jojo passed it along to me, as she was out of the country and unable to run it. I changed it up a bit when I took over, offering some prizes for those that completed, and I plan to do so again this year. I’m hoping to continue to do the initiative justice, and I’m excited to see what kinds of screenshots and pictures folks are going to share!

    How to Participate

    • Fill out this form to let me know you are participating! You can join at any time throughout the month of November!
    • Take the icon (original size 800×800) and use it on your site! Link back to this post so folks know where to go and what to do.
    • Aim to post fifty (50) images of your own creation/taking throughout the month of November.
      • There is no strict posting schedule or theme to adhere to, but feel free to bounce ideas off of fellow participants!
      • Feel free to post these images as a once-a-week batch, or throughout the week in small doses.
    • Use the #IntPiPoMo hastag when you share your blog posts via social media.

    What Do You Get?

    Well, duh, the satisfaction that you completed the challenge! However, I am offering a few prizes again this year.
    • Grand Prize – Of all participants who complete 50 images, I will be using a RNG ( to draw a winner for a game up to $15 on Steam (game time for an MMO can be worked out if preferred)!
    • Three Other Prizes – Of all participants who complete 25+ images (up to and including those who make it to 50), I will be using a RNG ( to draw three winners for a game up to $10 on Steam!

    The List

    Updated Nov 4, 2017 – 0203 EST



    Updated Nov 2, 2017 – 0013 EST

    I got some great questions last year, and I’d like to continue the answers. Don’t hesitate to reach out if your question isn’t answered here!

    Q: Can I sign up during the event itself? I don’t know if I can/want to participate.
    A: Of course! You could sign up the final day, though I don’t suggest it.

    Q: I don’t want to put these on my main blog. Can I use my Tumblr?
    A: Yep! Tumblr is a form of blogging called micro-blogging. Some people also have micro-blogs on other platforms, too. All these micro-blogs are welcome as a part of the event!

    Q: You mentioned photography being allowed, but what if I wanted to share some artwork throughout the month. Can I use it as a part of my submissions?
    A: Yes! Whether it’s digital artwork, sculpting, knitting, etc., any form of creativity can tell just as much of a story as words can. Who am I to tell you that you can’t use these as well?

    Q: I really don’t want to fill up my blog with photos. Can I participate and utilize photos as a part of my regular posts to count?
    A: Indeed! Images don’t always convey everything you want to write, and sometimes you don’t want to make images the focus of a post. You are more than welcome to count images that you include as a part of a written post, so long as they are your own screenshots/photos.

    Q: Can I create an animated GIF of images to get my point across?
    A: So long as the images/screenshots are your own, feel free to create a GIF! However, at this point, it will only be counted as one image towards the total.

    Q: Do I have to take all new shots? Or can I utilize shots I’ve already taken?
    A: There is no need to take new shots, but I ask that you utilize shots that have not yet been posted in any other blog post, please!

    My Bujo Journey, Part 2

    My Bujo Journey, Part 2

    The “before”.

    This is the second part of my post on bullet journaling. To get a background on what I’ll be covering in this post, head on over to the first part!

    A look at my system before Bullet Journaling was pretty revealing. I was spending way too much time and energy trying to stay organized, rather than actually being organized. So I decided to try the bujo method after hearing about it from Jaedia.

    The Bullet Journal Method

    You can watch this nifty video on Bullet Journaling to get an idea on what it’s all about. But the TL;DR is—”[it] is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above…”.

    And it’s true. My bujo has become all these things. It might seem confusing at first, but once you sit down and do it, it really does become second nature. And keeping it up to date is simple. It takes me five minutes at night to update tasks, notes, write my gratitudes, track my habits, and set myself up for the following day. Maybe it takes me ten or fifteen minutes if I decide I need to journal on top of it.

    It took me about an hour to set up January because I was learning how to bullet journal, and I was setting up the yearly items (Index, Future Log, Yearly Gaming Log, etc.). It took me about a half hour to set up February, even with all the lines and boxes I drew out for the various logs I decided I wanted.

    My Bullet Journal

    I’m not going to be showing pictures of my bujo, as some of it is kind of personal, but I use it as a replacement for most of the items I covered in my first post, and I’ll talk about it.

    Getting the supplies was the easy part. I just purchased the cheapest dot grid notebook I could find on Amazon that had a decent rating. You don’t need anything fancy. In fact, when I was waiting on this to come in, I just used one of my lined journals (which, admittedly, I didn’t enjoy as much, but it was something).

    I also have a set of erasable pens that I absolutely adore made by Pilot. I like being able to erase (I hate scribbling thing out—it drives me crazy), but I also like the flow and feel of writing with a pen. These pens have been a godsend for me in that regard. Especially since they come in different colors. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to find refills in Black, but that’s okay, because they’re the pens I use the most often out of the pack.

    I decorated my journal a bit with some scrapbooking supplies, and I used sharpies (lesson learned for next time: Don’t. Use colored pencils instead.) to color code the edges of my pages as a secondary index (for instance, January is red and in a specific spot every time it’s a page relating to January). But all this isn’t necessary to bujo. There are plenty of people who use a minimalist approach, and honestly on a day-to-day basis, I use a minimalist approach. There’s barely anything decorated, and I only use cursive because I write faster in cursive than I do in print.

    How the Systems Compare

    • Trello – I used this to track my media. Now, I have pages in my bujo dedicated to each type of media: games to play (listed), books to read (listed), comics to read (listed), comics to buy to try (listed), movies to watch (listed), and television shows to watch (using a grid-like system). Just to name a few.
    • Google Calendar – I still use this as a backup for when I don’t have my bujo, or when I need to pull up an address to GPS, or when I need an alarm reminder for a specific event.
    • Plum Planner – The bullet journal itself has taken on the job of my old plum planner.
    • Sticky Notes – I still have some laying around, but they’re more for when I’m tanking in raids. For instance, when I have to drag Cenarius around in Emerald Nightmare, I’ll write what marker order to drag him to (shorthand) and put it on my second monitor. They are no longer a to-do list or random thought dump area.
    • Tumblr – This used to be my journal. My journal has since completely moved to my bujo, and I’ll probably save my important posts and delete it.
    • Gratitude Journal – This has completely moved over to my bujo as two pages in the front of the month. I have space to write two shorter items, or one long one every day.
    • Legal pads – Everything I did on these (to-do lists, menu and grocery planning, thought dumps, etc.) have since moved over to my bujo. They’re kind of just sitting and collecting dust, now.
    • Magnetized Memo Pads – I still keep these on the fridge to write down what I’m out of when I notice I’m out of it, but other than that, they don’t get used for anything. Stuff I need to buy gets copied into my menu/grocery page for the week and off I go to the grocery with my bujo.
    Overall I’ve seen a vast improvement on my stress/anxiety levels, and my pocketbook is glad to have much less in it on a daily basis.
    #FitGeekFriday: Welcome to Twin Peaks

    #FitGeekFriday: Welcome to Twin Peaks

    Original Image from Geek Fitness

    This week has been a decisively Twin Peaks heavy geek out on my end. Probably because I saw the teaser trailer (see item 2) and got all excited. I hope y’all like Twin Peaks. Or at least are intrigued by it!

    Twin Peaks Meets Pole

    I like watching pole videos for a lot of reasons. First, I like seeing what kind of moves and tricks are in my future. Second, everyone is just such a great performer! Third, I like getting ideas for flows and transitions for when I get my pole at home and am able to pole every day just for fun and practice. I guess YouTube saw that I had been watching Twin Peaks related content, and showed this to me as a recommended video. It’s amazing, and the way it is cut fits perfectly with the song. Worth a watch, whether you like pole or not.

    Twin Peaks Teaser Trailer

    This is the teaser trailer that sent me down the rabbit hole this week. Because, holy crap! I’m so excited for the new Twin Peaks series! A friend gave me their Showtime login information just so I could watch it as it goes come May.

    Diane Podcast

    Image from the podcast’s Facebook page

    Diane is a podcast I recently discovered, actually, after they favorited one of my fangirl Twin Peaks tweets. Every episode, they discuss an episode of Twin Peaks, including trivia, continuity, allusions to literature and other media, critical analysis, etc. I love learning new things and listening to their thoughts on the episodes. They also give a quick synopsis of the episode so you can follow along even if you haven’t watched the episodes recently. There are spoilers, though, so if you’ve never watched Twin Peaks, my suggestion is to watch the episode they discuss before listening. If you have trouble with UK accents, however, this may not be your cuppa.

    A Slice of Pie

    Image from Etsy

    If you know Twin Peaks, you know how important pie (and coffee) is in the show. And this is the perfect Twin Peaks necklace. I love kitchy jewelry. It makes me happy. I especially love kitchy jewelry that reminds me of fandoms I enjoy. For instance, one of my favorite necklaces is a bee on a honeycomb because it reminds me of The Secret World. I’d love to get this necklace one day just because.

    Thank You, Angelo Badalamenti

    I’ve also been spending a lot of time listening to this playlist in between podcasts when I need more of a “focus background music” type thing instead of a “I can listen to podcasts and work” type thing. The soundtrack to Twin Peaks is unique, and expresses so much about the show. It’s definitely worth a listen.