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Wednesday Boredom

Wednesday Boredom


This week has been busy, and I am now just getting to a place where I feel able to blog about events that I’d sort of half-ass pre-written about as they happened.
I’ve discovered through Blaugust, that even when I have the best of intentions and put together thoughts/images in a post as pre-writing, I don’t always get back to it in a timely manner if I’m feeling overwhelmed, or that I just need downtime. Which isn’t a bad thing to discover about my blogging habits.
Heck, blogging 2-3 times a week isn’t a bad goal to keep towards, especially with my busy schedule. It feels manageable, and like it’s something I can continue to do. And if I post more, cool! If I barely get two posts in… well, that’s cool, too!

When One Doesn’t Raid

This week was a weird one. Monday, I don’t even remember what I did! I don’t think I was able to really settle into playing a game. I think I hopped into both WoW and WildStar for a bit, but I wasn’t really feeling either. I do remember hanging out in TeamSpeak with folks and just shooting the breeze.
Tuesday I had a hair appointment which took longer than expected (it’s normally two and a half to three hours, but it’s DragonCon time here, so she was booked solid and it took me four hours to get my hair colored), so I didn’t really sign on for Legion. Which was fine—I expected things to be buggy and laggy and stuff, so I hopped into WildStar for a bit to get my T3 contract done.
Wednesday was raid night in WildStar… but we didn’t have enough folks to raid. So instead… well, we had shenanigans. A picture is worth a thousand words…

We eventually ran some dungeon groups, but it was fun sitting in TeamSpeak for over an hour joking around and talking and making a Snarfelynx line on the wall and showing it off to Caydiem. Goes to show that sometimes, you really don’t need the game to have content for you and that you can make your own.
August Gaming To Do List

August Gaming To Do List

She seems a bit overwhelmed…

Yeah, I know it’s Saturday, and August ends on Wednesday. But Legion is out on Tuesday, and there’s gaming things I want to try to finish before that happens. I’m not going to pressure myself, but here’s the list of things I want to try to get done in (mainly) WoW before Tuesday is here.


  • Finish the pre-quest for Redmoon Terror (I need that mount before it’s gone!!)
  • Finish re-runing all the new DPS gear that unlocked with the RMT changes (Tank can wait until September)
  • Get the birthday presents for the folks I’m getting them for
  • Finish Wildcast (I’ll give myself until Wednesday for this one)


Psyn and Fyn have this awesome spreadsheet they’ve been using to prep for Legion, and they let me steal it, so I’ve been using that to help organize what I feel I can accomplish via invasions.

  • Level mining on the Naught (hopefully hit 700, but we’ll see how far I get…)
  • Level cooking on the Naught (again, hopefully 700)
  • Level first aid on the Naught (see above)
  • Level fishing on the Naught (see above)
  • Do a few invasions on the Nut for some gear for her
  • Get paladin to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get hunter to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get rogue to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get mage to 40 (Invasions!)
  • Get warlock to 40 (Invasions!)
  • Run some achievement runs in Wrath and Cataclysm with Chaide (because once Legion hits that’ll be total backburner for a long while!)
Moosey Moosey Moose!

Moosey Moosey Moose!

Blaugust Update

I like the new schedule I set for myself. However, last week I only got in one post, when I meant to at least get in two. This post was slated to be posted over the weekend, and then I just never got to it because I was editing the podcast (which I plan to finish as soon as this is posted!), adulting, and spending what little time I had left relaxing over in WildStar. My goal this week is to try to make my three days for at least once. We shall see, though.


I’ve been trying to find a #FriendshipMoose run for weeks with no luck. Oh, I’ve sat in Twitch and such and chatted and raffled and attempted to get in, but lady luck was never on my side.

Last week, though, T and Hearn decided to put some Moose runs together for Iron Circle folks who didn’t have it yet, and the guild carried one or two folks per run. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing guild that does things for each other like this. I mean, I would’ve understood if I couldn’t’ve gotten a Moose, despite how much I wanted one.

But that all those folks went out of their way to do that for guildies just makes me feel really good to be back in WoW and over with Iron Circle (and kind of silly for not joining them sooner… five years ago!).

[Disclaimer: I had this stuck in my head when I got the Moose. Hence the title.]

Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher

Speaking of mounts, Chaide and I were missing two or three achievements for our Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher, so we knocked those out one weekend, and now we have both mounts! There’s so many mounts for me to go collect, now. Especially since I got so lucky with Mimiron’s Head on my birthday weekend. I just feel motivated again to go collect them and the achievements in the older content that I’m missing. Of course, now it’ll have to wait until after I hit 110.

It’s Invasion Time!

It’s Invasion Time!

Blaugust Update

Missy over at Ancient Mana has similar thoughts to myself on Blaugust—I’m not doing so hot at the schedule I picked out for myself, but it is getting me back into blogging again (despite busy work schedules), and I feel like I’m slowly starting to slip into the groove of blogging three times a week. So far, if I keep a Sunday to Saturday schedule, I’ve posted twice in week one, once in week two, and once so far in week three.

Honestly, I think I’m just going to follow a Monday to Sunday schedule instead for posts, as it’s easier based on how my planner is laid out (which I will totally be covering later this week thanks to inspiration from Jae!). If I follow a Monday to Sunday schedule, so far I’ve posted twice for both the first and second week, and this will be my first post for week three, leaving me three more days to post my next two Blaugust posts, which feels much less stress-inducing than having only two days for two posts.

TL;DR – I’m changing my posting schedule to Monday to Sunday instead of Sunday to Saturday. Based on this change, I’ve made 2 of 3 posts for both the first and second week.

Those Cutscenes, Though

First, the obligatory warning, because I don’t plan on holding back (especially since the first week is over)…

I was wary when I picked up the first quest for the Invasion lead in. Blizz has this way of either doing it right or doing it wrong, without a lot of “meh” in between. I mean, there is some, but it’s usually toward one end of the spectrum or the other. I was also kind of worried because I don’t know much of the story outside of a few big points here and there from Pandaria and Warlords (though I do plan to go back and do all the content to catch up on my lore!).

But man oh man. Blizz blew it out of the water this time with the lead-in quest (I have yet to pick up the second one, though it’s on my list of things to do before the weekend). While I didn’t necessarily understand a few bits here and there of what was going on, it didn’t get in the way of me overall enjoying the plot of the Invasion lead ins.

And the plot… The plot. I’m a total sap and I cried like a baby, starting at about, oh, here…

From that point onward, I was a mess of emotions. I cried when Wrynn died. I cried when Vol’jin died. I cried at the whole scene where Sylvanas is like, “WTF OMG…” (that scene was really powerful for me, and even though I kind of saw it coming). I cried a lot. A whole bunch. So good game, Blizz. I hope you can evoke more feelings so that I feel invested in the story and how the raids tie in (which I hear Pandaria did really well, but I have yet to experience it).

Warrior Fun

I’ve really been enjoying my new Warrior main. Honestly, I kind of like her better than the Druid, especially after how they changed up Guardians. I like the mobility of the Warrior compared to the Druid, and I feel like I have an easier time recovering after “oh shit” moments. I’ve even been having fun playing her in PvP. And I got to tank an alt run of HFC as well as a boss or two in Heroic HFC, which was lots of fun. I’m looking forward to seeing how she’ll play in Legion!

Stepping into Datascape

Stepping into Datascape

On Tuesday, our raid group stepped into Datascape as a whole for the first time.

I sadly wasn’t around due to the project at work that’s currently going on, but based on our logs, we made some pretty good progress on System Daemons. Plus, it’s always fun to see guildie reactions on Twitter during raid.

It’s like a bad dream sequence … all those floating bodies. #wildstar #raiding

— SpousalUnit Fitch (@CirindeFitch) August 11, 2016

So, I just have to point out, to those that might not raid in WildStar, this is what the first boss of the second raid looks like.

We stepped in again last night, and I had a lot of fun wiping constantly to the bosses. It’s fun getting back into progression, and based on how we’ve been doing, I don’t think it’ll be long before we’re done with System Daemons and onto some more Challenge Rooms and more bosses.

I know our raid group is “behind the curve” of raiders, but for a group that is more “take it at your own pace” about the whole raiding thing, I think we’ve done a pretty amazing job as a whole to get where we are, and I couldn’t be prouder of the raiding circle. I’m looking forward to smashing more high fiving robots next week!

Wildcast Ep. 93 (& Blaugust)

Wildcast Ep. 93 (& Blaugust)

Quick Blaugust Update

So my goal for Blaugust is to try to blog three times a week to get myself onto more of a schedule. I missed out last week, with only two posts, but I started a bit late due to a crazy work schedule, and then a crazy weekend ensued.

I’m trying not to stress myeslf out about it—stuff happens, and this work project has priority over almost everything else. (I’ve made concessions for my sanity with a bit of gaming during dinner, and I ran two Mythics in WoW last night.) But I’m proud of myself for getting back into it, and I’m enjoying blogging again, even if it’s only in a limited way.

Anyway, one of the things I’m doing with Blaugust is posting a snippet to Wildcast (which is a WildStar podcast for the unknowing) when it releases. Thanks to Avid for setting up the notes and the posts over at Mognation, and for being the ever-stalwart host. I figure it’s fair to post, though, because of how much work goes into editing the audio after we record. I bow down to you folks who do this thing weekly!

Wildcast Episode 93 – Hanging With Maggie

This episode we had the pleasure to be hanging out with Margaret Krohn from NCSoft! We checked out the news, community doings, and a couple of really awesome houses. Come take a listen, and make sure to check out WildStar Hub and build something for the August CBDC!

You can always listen to our podcast over on iTunes, and visit the Mognation website for the episode and complete show notes with links!
A WoW-Shaped Hole

A WoW-Shaped Hole

Back Again

Back in May Chaide and I got the email from WoW about that free week trial period, so we decided to give it a whirl (… mainly because I was going to write something for MMOGames that I have yet to finish writing… *cough*). And, well, we have yet to leave.

We were going to play Alliance, but then we thought about our Druids over on Llane (Chaide and Chestnut) that we started back in 2010, and I thought since they were our mains way back then that maybe we could race change them or something to go play Alliance over with folks in House Stalwart.

But then we logged onto them, and all these memories came flooding back, and we couldn’t just transfer them over and make them Night Elves (Ugh, elves!) or Worgen (meh). So, since Shade of the Elm disbanded in the five and a half years we’d been gone, I decided to hit up Ru on Twitter and see if Iron Circle was still around and accepting new members. I figured since we’d run with them back in the day and enjoyed their company that hitting them up again would be a good idea.

And it was! We’re over in Iron Circle now with awesome people doing awesome things, and I’m having a lot of fun being back and playing with folks I haven’t seen in five plus years, plus more folks that happened to trickle into guild that I know from Twitter.

New Main

So I leveled up Chestnut, and Shaelee (shaman), and started on Jhisalith (priest), and boosted a Monk (Maziwa), but I’ve settled on a new main. Mainly to help balance out raiding come Legion–just too many Druids if I went on Chestnut. So I boosted my Warrior (Andryna, at the time) to 90 and Chaide and T and Keng helped me to power level her to 100 to make her my new main.

Of course, because she would be my new main I wanted to name her Chestnut because my mains are always Chestnut. But obviously I have the name already on Llane, and I wasn’t going to name change my Druid and wait to rename my Warrior. So I decided it’d be a good idea to try on Arygos since the realms are sister-realms or whatever. But, of course it was taken. So I bemoaned this fact to a few people, and a guildie suggested naming her Chestnot or Chestnaught, and Chaide jumped on the opportunity to second the Chestnaught thing. So now she’s Chestnaught!

I’ve been running old instances and stuff with her and on a whim Chaide and I headed out to Ulduar with our guildie Raptor, who loves to run the old stuff for transmog and such, and I also got Mimiron’s Head this past weekend, which is super exciting.

All in all, I’m really enjoying being back, and I’m kinda sad that I left WoW. But, I wouldn’t have met all the awesome gamer folks I consider family if I hadn’t… so I’m just glad that we’re back!



Image from Tales of the Aggronaut

Another year, another Blaugust! Last year was my first time participating in Blaugust, and I had a lot of fun, even if it was extremely difficult to keep up with the thirty-one posts for the month. But I made it last year!

This year, Belghast is doing things a bit differently. While he will still be doing the thirty-one day thing, he’s opened it up to more folks, and made it more of a “get yourself on a content creation schedule you can manage and keep up with” initiative. Which I really like.

I enjoy that it’s more about content creation in general, and less about blogging. Last year he opened it up to Vloggers and such, but not many folks joined on the bandwagon. I think with the way MMO blogging has gone as of late on my own experience (folks branching out into more things, for instance, on their blogs; folks starting YouTube channels to supplement their blogs; folks creating podcasts; etc.) that it’s a great way to expand participants. Especially since it’s never been just about MMO or Gaming bloggers, though that’s what many of us write about.

For myself, I plan on content creation of some form or another three times a week (weeks are Sunday to Saturday, for my own clarification). For me, this will include:

  • Blog posts here
  • Wildcast podcast updates posted over on MOGNation, and a link to the content posted on the blog
  • Articles written over at QueueTimes and MMOGames and snippets posted here with the full content on their respective websites
  • YouTube videos (TSW Let’s Plays, Yardcore Nexus, etc.) linked to here on the blog
This is going to be kind of tough, as my therapist is wanting me to keep a personal journal of sorts at least three days a week, and work has been super demanding in the writing department as of late. But I’m going to power through it and figure it out. Even if it’s just a screenshot with some funny things about it and why I took it.
I didn’t ask Chaide for a birthday present this year, because I wanted to use Blaugust as a motivation for myself to blog, and then have him treat me to a belated birthday present of commissioning Ammo for some artwork for a new blog and purchasing a new domain via Safeshark. So, if I can keep up with the three times a week schedule this month, expect a blog move!
Blaugust Conqueror

Blaugust Conqueror

I’m coming out of con-coma, finally, and real life (aside from work) has calmed down. Expect some posts and videos incoming, as I’ve a renewed vigor now that I’m feeling less pressured in my personal life.

This post is going to be a quick recap of Blaugust to get my blogging fingers going again, especially since I ended up a Conqueror for 2015!

You can view the full list of Challengers, Survivors, and Conquerors over at Bel’s blog. And thank you again, Bel, for setting up such a fun event!

Much in the vein of Murf, I’m putting a post together of all the posts I made for Blaugust this year in case I’d like to reference them at a later date, as well as provide a few stats on what Blaugust did for the blog.

The Posts

I’ve labeled posts with the games they’re discussing, or “General” for topics that didn’t revolve around a particular game.

The Stats

So, I won’t have as detailed statistics as some other bloggers who are using WordPress. Sadly, one of Blogger’s downfalls is the fact that their statistics are limited unless you’ve been using Google Analytics from the get-go. Which, well, I haven’t because the blog is a few years old, now!

Another downfall to the statistics is that I can’t choose a particular period of time, so if I want to view the last month of data, it starts on August 10th, a good week and a half into Blaugust. So my data is inaccurate (because I can only view the past year if I don’t want to view the past month).

But anyway, I received approximately 4,400 page views throughout the month of August. Which, holy crap, guys. Uhh, how? I’m kind of blown away, and not sure what to think, aside from saying “Thank You” to all of you who thought that my drabble was worth reading and commenting on. While I may blog for me, it feels good to know that you guys get something out of it, too.

My top traffic source was various feed readers pulling my RSS feed, followed by Twitter links and Anook (yay Anook!).

The post with the most hits ended up being the planning for my Hogwarts birthday party, followed by my discussion on the real-life burnout I was suffering, and how it really is something you can experience that goes beyond just “Stress” or being “Overwhelmed”. I had wanted to touch a bit on how we kind of throw around the term “burnout” so easily regarding games, but never really got to that point. But that’s neither here nor there, and mayhaps it’s a post for a later date.

I received a huge spike in hits on August 30th when I blog spammed and wrote four different posts to attempt to catch up, and I wrote the most posts on August 31st with a total of five to finish out the month.

All in all, it was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to participating again next year!

A Question: WP or Blogger?

So, one of the things (of a few) that bums me out about using Blogger is the lack of detailed Statistics I can get. However, one of the things that bothered me most about WordPress was the lack of free themes and customization I could do without having to drop any money. I am wondering, since so many folks are using WordPress (and many have moved from Blogger to WordPress): what are the pros and cons of using it?

What do you like about WordPress? Is there a package you’d suggest for allowing customization without having to purchase premium or a yearly subscription (or whatever the payment model is now)?

And if you’ve used Blogger and moved to WordPress, why? What are the advantages to using WP over Blogger? When you moved, did you export/import all your previous posts? Is doing so worth it?

It was also brought to my attention that if there’s a server I can put WordPress on, I’d only be out the cost of a Domain name. Call me ignorant or uneducated, but how does this work? Is it something worth pursuing? But then the question becomes, what should I get as a URL for a domain?

I’ve been contemplating moving the blog for a while, but I’m a person hesitant to change (especially after just rebranding myself and getting back into blogging in February), and I really want to make sure it’s the correct course of action for me, so any help and feedback is much appreciated, fellow bloggers.