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Gaming Goals: February

Gaming Goals: February

I started these Gaming Goals posts back in June 2015 as a way to try to organize my gaming time around freelance obligations as well as my day-job and general life obligations. You can view the backlog of goals and reviews here.

Love is in the air! And fortunes too, apparently.

I think January had a good length list with both some easy and not-so-easy goals to work toward. I’m going to try to continue that flow this month.


  • Finish Celestion achievements
  • Get Bauxyte to level 40
  • Cycle through toons to burn rested EXP
  • Upload completed Yardcore 10

Final Fantasy XIV

  • WAR 50
  • FSH 30
  • BOT 30
  • MIN 30
  • Start working on crafting professions to clean out retainers

The Secret World

  • Try to finish out Egypt
  • Upload completed Let’s Play 3 and 4

Blade & Soul

  • Reach level 20
  • Run at least one dungeon (preferably with friends)

Steam, etc.

  • Finish Men of Yoshiwara
  • Pick up Cat Goes Fishing and play some
  • Get up to Chapter 5 in Code: Realize
  • Play some more Torchlight
Gaming Goals Review: January

Gaming Goals Review: January

I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I’ve kept reducing my goals due to real life, and I think I hit a stride heading into December, and have kept it up for the most part.

Look! I made a pretty chart of my game time for the month!


  • Get my last AP (48 total) point! Completed!
  • Rune out my DPS set with class runes (pants) Completed! (And put them in shoulders)
  • Get my tanking set figured out on Chestnut Completed!
  • Level up alts to burn up all the rested XP they have Completed!



  • WAR 50
  • PLD 40
  • ARC 25
  • CNJ 20



  • Finish Tokiwa’s endings and date scenario (Men of Yoshiwara) Completed!
  • Finish Kagura’s endings and date scenario (Men of Yoshiwara) Completed!
  • Play some more Shadowrun Returns and get the videos over to QueueTimes
Overall not bad! I completed all my WildStar goals, granted, they weren’t overly difficult, per se. I mean, grinding out the dailies for the plat and the elder gems was a bit cringe worthy. So I think I’ve just accepted that I will be poor in that game because there are better things to do with my time than grind out plat.
I surprisingly didn’t get much time in with Final Fantasy. A large portion of that is due to the fact that Chaide is more into The Secret World at the moment, and in a way I am, too. We’re still chugging away at level 50 once a week, though, so sometime in February we’ll hit it, I’m sure. My goals will definitely be changing based upon my game time, and prior obligations in February/March.
We finally made it out of the Blue Mountains in TSW! HURRAH! I’ve actually written a lot about The Secret World lately, and have been working my butt off at putting the videos together. I’m hoping to have the next one out soon(tm). The story is absolutely amazing, and we’re loving Egypt! So far, it’s one of our favorite zones.
Oh my…
On Steam, I’ve kind of been addicted to Otomes. I finished out the two routes I wanted to, and started on Iroha’s route. I’m hoping to work on that more this month, and finally finish out the game. I’ve spent countless hours in Men of Yoshiwara in both December and January. As for Shadowrun Returns? I’m hoping to have some free time to get it in… soon(tm). I’d also really like to finish up Torchlight. Chaide is interested in trying to get in some Torchlight II together as a Let’s Play. He enjoys being a part of those, when I do them. I think because he doesn’t have to do the editing… I kid! Partially. I know he just likes spending time with me and sharing my interests, and creating Let’s Play videos is one of them.
Anyway, expect a nice new list of goals for February SOON(TM)!
#DatingSimonth: Men of Yoshiwara

#DatingSimonth: Men of Yoshiwara


Image from Chic Pixel

So apparently I missed the memo, but there’s this really cool initiative going around for 2016 called Community Game Alongs. And this month, it happens to revolve around dating sims! How did I miss this?! Having just gotten into Otome, I’ve been devouring everything I could find, buying up any I could find on Steam with great deals, and generally building a collection so I always have one to play if I don’t feel like playing on Mobile.

And looking at the rest of the schedule, I can see myself participating in quite a few more of them, especially after I buy myself a Vita in February sometime (and Chaide one in March). I’m kind of excited to have a way to tailor my game time outside of MMOs so I don’t flounder. The problem with having so many Steam games (at least in my eyes–113 is a pittance compared to a bunch of other folks) is that I get overwhelmed with what to play and then just shut Steam off.
But back to the objective at hand–it is the month focusing on Dating Sims! So I’m going to take advantage of that, and play some more, and share my thoughts on them! Because why not? That’s blog content gold!

Men of Yoshiwara

My first otome game (and visual novel) ever was Hatoful Boyfriend. Some would argue it isn’t a true dating sim, and after playing some more dating sims, I’d definitely have to agree. Regardless, it’s what got me interested in the genre, and with some amazing suggestions from the ladies on Cherry Blossom Heroines, I decided to pick up Men of Yoshiwara on Steam. It also helped that it was a great deal which left me more change to buy more otome! So far I’ve really been enjoying it, though some of the paths were definitely not my cup of tea, to say the least.

For some reason I just decided he was a pretty character and I wanted to do his route first. I’m the most interested in Kagura and Iroha, but I wanted to save what I’m hoping is the best for last! I somehow ended up gravitating towards the “childhood friend” even though I don’t think that’s my type. Granted, I’m still discovering my type. I thought the story was super sweet, and it made me “aww” out loud a few times. I loved it. Probably my favorite so far of all the ones I’ve completed.

I know that the “child” type is one of my least favorites, so I figured I’d knock Kagerou out of the way next. Especially since he annoyed me to no end in Hayabusa’s story. I thought he was whiny, self-centered, and in a way kind of scary like he was going to hurt me. And he definitely came across that way, along with entitled, when I first started his story. But as I continued his play through, he grew on me a lot, and he’s definitely my second favorite of the routes I’ve played so far. The only thing that irked me a bit was the last bit of his story with the whole “trick” people play on the protagonist and Kagerou. It made me feel kind of put out.
I liked the “pretty boy” type in Hatoful Boyfriend, so I figured why not try it in Men of Yoshiwara. He was a little self-centered and a bit overzealous in the other stories, but I felt like giving him a shot. And oh my gosh. He was a big pile of NOPE! I played his entire route (both endings) because I wanted to know more about them, but definitely my least favorite. By. Far. And I’d go into details, but I think my twitter posts about it pretty much sum it up without spoiling it. Plus? He just seemed really abusive emotionally, and I wasn’t a fan.
The only redeeming factor about his story? His dad is totally David Bowie. Honestly, I might go back and replay his story just for his father. Because RIP Bowie.
Then I decided to play Tokiwa. And while I liked him better than Takao by far, he was, in a way, the story with the least “oomph” so far. I really have nothing to say about his story either way than he started to get annoying at the end, and I just wanted it to be over and done with. I was half tempted to fast forward since it was kind of boring.
Next, I’m going to be doing Kagura, and then ending with Iroha. Apparently there’s a Mobile-only gentleman, but I’m hoping that one day he’ll end up on Steam so I can try out his path.
Gaming Goals: January

Gaming Goals: January

I’ve been enjoying putting together this gaming goals thing I decided to try out in June. It’s helped me focus my time and come up with blog posts. Life has remained at a constant busy-level thanks to work, so my goals are going to remain small for now.

I got this in the bag.


  • Get my last AP (48 total) point!
  • Rune out my DPS set with class runes (pants)
  • Get my tanking set figured out on Chestnut
  • Level up alts to burn up all the rested XP they have



  • WAR 50
  • PLD 40
  • ARC 25
  • CNJ 20


  • Finish the bloody Blue Mountains already


  • Finish Tokiwa’s endings and date scenario (Men of Yoshiwara)
  • Finish Kagura’s endings and date scenario (Men of Yoshiwara)
  • Play some more Shadowrun Returns and get the videos over to QueueTimes

I think I’ll be able to manage most of what’s on the list. It’s fairly condensed, so it should be fairly manageable. As usual, though, we’ll see what’s actually attainable.

Delving into Otome

Delving into Otome

Otome in the Social Sphere

I started listening to a new podcast, called Heroines of the Cherry Blossom (or CBHeroines), mainly because I enjoy the ladies on it, and not really knowing much about it. I soon learned that it covers the otome genre, which is something I’ve been interested in ever since playing through Hatoful Boyfriend. I’ve learned a lot from Pizza‘s and Sushi‘s podcast, and chatting with them on Twitter, and you should check them out!

In fact, in their latest podcast, they talked a bit about Hatoful Boyfriend. We had gotten into a discussion on Twitter, and Sushi asked me why I enjoyed the game so much. So I talked about how I could see distinctions in the character types that reminded me of Ouran, how I loved the story and the humor, and that I thought the writing was superb. She, Pizza, and a few other folks also gave me and some other folks some suggestions on some otome to try, which they also covered in the most recent podcast.

Then, Aggrochat picked up on the conversation (since the ladies mentioned them and their Hatoful podcast), and discussed story-driven games and otome. It really helped to drive my desire to play some more visual novels, focusing on otome, and I kind of gave in and downloaded a mobile otome to play. While it’s cute and I’m enjoying it, I’m not enjoying the “daily login” aspect or the fact I’m kind of being nickled-and-dimed and time-gated on the story unless I want to drop $1 per “ticket” for maybe 15 screens of text. I’d honestly rather drop the money on a full version of a game for a platform I own that isn’t mobile (preferably Steam… though I’m trying to convince Chaide I need a Vita so I can play some otome games that don’t have PC ports).

Seduce Me

That’s where Seduce Me came into play. I recently delved into a website that lists English Otome Games via platforms, and I went right to the PC list and found Seduce Me. I had come across it on Steam, but not looked into it because the title seemed a little (1) steamy and (2) cheesy. But it got extremely good ratings on the website, so I figured I’d give it a try since it’s free. Yep. A free otome game that I can download onto the Mac to play during lunch at work? SOLD!

I thinkI’m going to have to go for James first, and then Damien.

So I downloaded it and booted it up at lunch… and can I just say that I’m addicted and I don’t want to play anything else until I have finished all of the available endings for this game?

I laughed so hard at this and some of the other dialogue!

So far I’m loving the story, and I love the art. I love that it’s all voice acted, too, though Erik’s voice reminds me far too much of Kevin from Welcome to Night Vale (audio story podcast), and that creeps me out a bit. It’s fitting, for sure, but it still creeps me, so he’ll definitely be one of the last I choose. I also love the humor in the game. It reminds me a lot of Hatoful in that respect.

Matthew made me a toy… yeah… he meant well! So I accepted it anyway!

But, being new to the otome genre, I’m confused about some of the archetypes presented, if all games work in the ending department like Hatoful and have a “normal” and “extended” ending, or what. I am excited to discover what I should be expecting from an otome, and having the Steam Achievements will help, some, too. Though I’ve not really figured out how to get specific paths since it’s my first true otome. Regardless, I’m definitely going to enjoy this!

Steam Challenge: Hatoful Boyfriend

Steam Challenge: Hatoful Boyfriend

The Steam Challenge

This post is a part of #IntPiPoMo! You can find out more, and sign up at this link.

For those of you who haven’t heard about this “Steam Challenge” thing, here’s the TL;DR.

Yup. That pretty much sums it up. Now, I definitely don’t have as many games as some other folks do hiding away in Steam, but I do have a lot that are downloaded and half-played. But I have the tendency to download new ones without ever getting rid of the old ones.

#IntPiPoMo 7/50

So I’m changing the Steam Challenge for my own personal use: Beat a downloaded game before downloading another. And “beat” could be a plethora of things: finish the main story, gain all the achievements, play until it’s unsatisfactory… you get the idea.

Why Hatoful Boyfriend

#IntPiPoMo 8/50

The first one on my list was Hatoful Boyfriend. I had purchased and downloaded the game back in August. One of the podcasts I listen to does a “Monthly Game Club” pick and at the end of the month does a summation of the game–their thoughts, the story, etc. One of my favorite bloggers, Grace, ended up picking Hatoful for the month, and I had to give it a try. Unfortunately, life picked up so I never finished the final ending of it. Having finally finished it, I finally listened to their summation podcast, and it felt great to know I wasn’t the only one who felt the way I did about the game!

A Larger Story

I’m going to try to stay away from spoilers, but I cannot guarantee, so just be warned. First of all, I didn’t expect a bird dating sim (yes, you read that right) to make me have feelings in just the normal play throughs. As with other dating sims, you pick a character to pursue and have at the story with them. Each story had an ending (and some had a second, “extended” ending) and some were sweet, whereas others were… creepy. But all of them had some story that seemed to weave and connect together.

Good storytelling, right? So much better than that. Once you play through specific endings (though I’m not sure which ones they are, as I completed all the normal endings first), you can start a new game which will lead you to an alternate ending. And man! The ramifications of that story! It takes a dark twist really fast, and just keeps leading you down the rabbit hole. But the amazing thing? All of the little story bits you’ve picked up throughout all the dating endings come to a close in the final story.

It is quite amazing. I cried a bunch. I laughed a bunch. I said “NO WAY!” a. bunch. The way it all ties together was mind blowing. That so much forethought had gone into this silly bird dating sim to create something much more than that. There is also an Epilogue ending you can get if you have completed all of the prior endings, and it ties everything else up in a nice little bow, and makes you feel better about the outcome of things.

All in all, the game is definitely worth it if you like stories, and can get past the initial silliness of it masquerading as a bird dating sim.

Screenshot Fun

So, here’s a bunch of screenshots to show how fun(ny) the game is. I avoided spoilers as much as possible (there might be a few but they leave the context out), but if you don’t care about spoilers, you can view my album over on Anook! (#IntPiPoMo 9-21/50)

Trying Terraria

Trying Terraria

This is post 12 of 31 for the Blaugust event. To check out more Blaugust posts and sign up to participate, visit the Blaugust Nook!

Last night, Chaide and I wanted to game some together, but we wanted something with little pressure, and something where we could only spend a half hour or so without getting dragged into other things. Essentially, we wanted a quick bout of play where we could cut it off without any strings attached.

We settled on Terraria. For those that don’t know, open-world building games are not a forte, nor a favorite, of mine. I’m not fond of the digging and general exploration, and I just don’t enjoy building. I’m never happy with what I build, so I get emo and then just turn it off.

I’m also just not the best at the combat and such in games like this, as it’s a different key-set that I just can’t seem to get used to. And when I play in a larger group of folks in games like this, I feel almost overwhelmed. I don’t feel that I’m a good enough player, or that I contribute enough, or that I’m holding folks back, etc. (Ironically, I rarely get this mindset in typical MMOs…)

Anyway. We booted it up. I’ve had it for a few months. Chaide got a four pack and gave one to me. I played it for about forty-five minutes with Chaide and two other guildies and just didn’t enjoy it (see above).

But last night with Chaide, I had a lot of fun. Yeah, so I asked some stupid questions, and needed to have my hand held (not literally) while I played to get an idea of what to do–but I had fun. One thing I like about the game is that there are achievements through Steam, which make it more fun for me. I enjoyed digging up some ore because I got cute-named achievements.

I also like that there’s pets, mounts, and costumes in the game. So I could see myself picking this up every so often when Chaide and I just need some us-gaming-time without any strings attached.

I can tell you that it felt really good to be able to get some game time in with him for a change, as his schedule and available gaming time has changed a lot since school started. I’m hoping we can pick it up some more in the coming weeks!