The MMOs I’m currently playing, and those I may come back to in alphabetical order.

Currently Playing

Elder Scrolls Online

Right now I’m focusing on a single character in ESO to play through the story.

I Might Come Back Later

EVE Online

In EVE, I had multiple characters focused around different things, as is wont to happen based on how skills were originally trained (I think it’s changed since I quit?). For the somewhat safety of my prior corporation and wormhole alliance, I won’t give names, but I’ve included screenshots, because the character design system is just really cool!

Final Fantasy XIV

I currently have toons on multiple servers, and have yet to decide where to really play, or if I’d like to roll up a new toon with other friends. Currently, the main toon is Magnolia Chestnut over on Cactuar. She will eventually roll all of the professions and classes if she continues to be my main toon. You can check out her Mounts and Minions, too!


I ended up with a founder pack for the game, and greatly enjoyed it for a while, until friends stopped playing it. I’d love to pick it back up just to run some of the player-created content, again! My main over there was a Dwarf Guardian Fighter.

Secret World Legends

I’ve dabbled in The Secret World on and off for a while, but have recently gotten back into it since it became Secret World Legends. You should see some Let’s Play videos popping up as I play my way through the Dragon storyline for the first time ever! I’m a Templar for life, though.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I purchased and played SWTOR at release (after playing in beta), and then after the first month just kind of dropped off. I went back to it for a while, and enjoyed it, though the F2P model is not my favorite. I’ve yet to actually complete any of the storylines for any of the classes. Maybe one day I’ll go back and do that. I’d say that my Chiss Imperial Agent would probably qualify as my main toon there.

World of Warcraft

Just like almost everyone whom has played WoW, I have toons all over the place on tons of servers where I’d played with friends. My home, however, has been on Llane (Horde) for many years. I used to run the guild Shade of the Elm. The guild disbanded while I was on a five and a half year hiatus, and when I came back to the game, I moved over to playing with Iron Circle. My original main was a Druid, Chestnut. I’ve since stopped playing her for various and sundry reasons. My new main is Chestnaught, a Tauren Warrior.

Rest in Peace


I run the guild Black Dagger Society over on the Entity server (formerly Evindra). I have a large swath of toons, and I wish that Carbine had an armory website for me to link all of them. You’ll see them pop up throughout the blog. My main toon is Chestnut Stonebough, and Aurin Stalker. She is the character you currently see on my icons and blog header. Alts include:

  • Bauxyte Flintgrip – A fairly sterotypical Granok Warrior, she’s always ready to kick ass!
  • Jhisalith Prochazka – A sarcastic and uncharacteristically loud Mordesh Spellslinger.
  • Lydiya Wheatly – A “Southern” gal who loves to take care of her animals! (Human Medic)
  • Shaelee Everweave – Chestnut’s baby sister in RP-land. But she doesn’t like to talk about it. (Aurin Esper)
  • Vina Prochazka – Jhisalith’s twin sister, and the quieter of the two. (Mordesh Engineer)