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Hello! I’m Chestnut.

I’m a 30-something gamer, geek, and all around nerd. I currently live in Georgia with my four fur-babies. I work in the corporate world, and enjoy writing How-To guides for anything and everything. (No really, I do. I do!)

I’ve been interested in all things geeky, and found myself classified as many different types of nerd since a young age thanks to both of my parents, who raised my brother and I on such things as The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, and fantasy in general.

My hobbies include (but of course aren’t limited to): reading, blogging, cooking, video gaming, tabletop gaming, RPing, writing, and music. I’ve also recently started pole dancing, and am obsessed!! I’m looking forward to trying other aerial sports (lyra and aerial silks), too!

This blog started as a way to become more social and overcome my social anxieties by joining the WoW blogging community. Since its conception, it has become more of a general area for me to discuss what I’ve been playing, and my thoughts on various geeky things.

This blog was born on 9 February 2010 over on Blogger. It moved over to WordPress on 4 April 2018.