The Girl

The Girl

Hidey ho there, neighbor! I don’t have much of anything to write as my first post, so I’ll give everyone a bit of background on my gaming experiences.

I’m a World of Warcraft alt-a-holic. Big time. While I’m not really playing seriously at the moment (due to school, and dealing with a lot of items regarding moving again), I do like playing the game. My favorite part is Achievements and PvPing (and some RPing).

I used to be a raider; not hardcore, maybe two nights a week seriously and a few nights willy-nilly with PuG raids. However, due to some…misunderstanding relating to my [previous] main and her [former] guild (not the one she’s listed as in, now), I really felt it was time for a change in how I played the game.

I’ve since joined the Llane server on the Horde side to play with two friends in real life who are also laid-back players. While my account is only active until the end of the month, I’m enjoying this time much more than when I was a raider.

I was hardcore into RPGs on the PS2 (except FF), but since there are no more games really being made for the PS2, it’s become a DVD player, and may not last through the end of the year. 🙁

I’ve been playing with Nintendo since the N64 and original Gameboy. I loved Golden Sun, Pokemon, Monster Rancher…you get the idea. I have an NDS now, and while it’s already stowed away for moving, it holds a dear place in my heart. I’m also lusting after a Nintendo Wii.

Dunegeons and Dragons. Enough said. I like both 3.5 and 4.0 for different reasons, and I prefer dice-light/RP-heavy games.

Some other geeky things I’m into include Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Stargate SG-1 and Star Wars. I love being crafty, and make jewelry, knit, make t-shirt quilts and like trying my hand at sculpey (and usually failing). I’ve also started doing a lot more cooking and baking this past month and love it! I’m a huge Classic (and Renaissance) Disney fan. And I’m also a nerd to top it all off. I love learning! Maybe that’s the main reason I’m working on a Masters degree in Education.

I essentially plan on using this blog to talk about gaming things (probably WoW, mostly), and sometimes discuss my other interests; the crafts and geeky items. I felt that I needed somewhere to recant stories such as the wonders of many other game bloggers.

So, welcome to the Gamer Girl Confessions!

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