Pretty Much Finished

Pretty Much Finished

It’s been a busy weekend with my Blogs, updating layouts, getting posts set up for my other one, and trying to (finally) finish the layout for this so that I can submit it to the Chopping Block over at BA. Eep!

The damn peons fell asleep so I have to do all of this on my own.

The last bit on my list is as follows:

  • Make a Twitter for the Blog
  • Link the Twitter, hah
  • Shots of my toons
  • Contact page
  • Blogroll!
  • Figure out how the heck to put in that little blogger share bar link thingie (help is much appreciated!) I figured it out, thanks to a post over at BA. 🙂

To eventually do:

  • Create my own RSS button
  • Create my own Twitter button

On a complete side note, our guild run of ICC this weekend got us 11/12 and lots and lots of attempts on Arthas… but no down yet. We’re extending our lockout to work on just him next weekend. Also, since Chestnut has the title, I’m switching in Jhisalith to Bubblespam and our pally healer is going to OT. I’m torn between having him on Arthas or adds. I guess I shall figure it out as next weekend draws nearer!

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