Trek Geekiness

Trek Geekiness

We interrupt your regularly scheduled randomness for some Star Trek geekiness!

I added Star on Facebook a while back. While I don’t really use Facebook much, except to keep in contact with a few friends, I thought it would be cool to “Like” and follow one of my favorite series.

While I like most of the Star Trek series (Voyager never sat right with me… Janeway needed a lot more oomph), my absolute favorite was Deep Space Nine. Seven seasons of glory… or allegory. Whichever you choose. But, it is still my favorite, regardless.

Anyway, as I was browsing through Facebook seeing the Christmas updates people had made, I came across this little charm

Go ahead, click the link. Good.

Image from Memory Alpha.

Sloan (played by Will Sadler) is one of my favorite guest star characters. He’s just a total badass fellow. And when you work for the Secret Service equivalent on Star Trek… well, you’d have to be badass.

Coincidentally, earlier today, I was thinking to myself about the first episode that Sloan appears in. This whole thought process came about when I was telling myself that I needed to set the Xbox back up so that the Elephant and I could start watching DS9 from start to finish. The last series we watched from start to finish was LOST (which was amazing… until the last episode… but that’s a different rant for a different day), which he had chosen. It was my turn to choose a series (since I wasn’t really feeling BSG), so I chose DS9.

Anyway, Season 6 is probably my favorite season of the entire show, and I was contemplating some of my favorite episodes, like The Magnificent Ferengi (obviously, I mean, I would totally be a Ferengi if I were in the Star Trek universe), Profit and Lace (more Ferengi), In the Pale Moonlight, and Inquisition (featuring Sadler).

Soon after, I stumbled across the interview and had a geekgasm. DS9 doesn’t get featured often enough for my liking…

But, for those Trekkies out there that like DS9, enjoy the interview! It was great (and included some Bill & Ted tidbits for those Nick kids like me)!

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