Naa… Nananana Na na na…

Naa… Nananana Na na na…

I know you sang it in your head. Yeah, you did. Don’t lie. And for those asking, “Sang what?”… Well, let me enlighten you, my good friends!

That, my friends, is Katamari Damacy. And absolutely phenomenal game, that I wish I still had, along with the system to play it. Oh, how I miss it…

But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is to gush about a quest out in Uldum. The quest…


That totally had an echo in my head when I thought of it. Like one of those fancy announcer type echoes. Anywho…

While the Elephant and I were leveling to 85 and working on finishing out Uldum, our new favorite area, we ran across this beauty of a quest.

Warning, spoilers for those that aren’t interested. Turn away now! Nao! Do eet!

Okay, now for the spoilers!

From the moment we picked up the quest, I knew it was going to be a good one. Little did I know, though, that you became a massive ball of flaming nuclear goodness! Yeah, that’s right. A massive ball of flaming nuclear goodness! And you got to kill gnomes with it. What could be better? I’m a Tauren anyway, so I love me some gnome punting. ‘Cause they have bald heads, and I don’t like bald heads…

But, what could be better than rolling them up into a big nuclear ball?! Like this!

And this!
And even this!

Still not getting it? Here’s a video of some Katamari gameplay. Yeah, it’s just rolling stuff up, but it’s fun as hell!

So, go enjoy your Gnomebliteration! It’s too bad it isn’t repeatable…. *hinthintBlizzard*

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