Shade of the Elm: 10/12

Shade of the Elm: 10/12

I wanted to once again give a quick shoutout to my guild for downing Cho’gall last night. We spent a total of fifty-something attempts trying to down his butt, and it was very rewarding for everybody involved to crack that mutha.

I just wish I’d been able to grab a better screenshot!!!
In no particular order: Sellkies, Kanati, Sbayi, Wrink, Foolish, Wind, Bob, Mana, Chaide, Chest
Special thanks to: Everybody whom ever spent a wipe or two or more on Cho with us!

I also wanted to congratulate our new raiding group, “Avengers of the Elm” (they go in and smash things for vengeance on the group that starts the day before…. hehe) on their first kill!

In no particular order: Sbayi, Air, Chest, Raiz, Ury, Guul, Chef, Mana, Xeph
Special thanks to: Achillestone of Paradigm Redux

Keep up the great work everybody! I’m so proud of all of you!!! 🙂

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