Wait, What’s the Word Again?

Wait, What’s the Word Again?

The bird IS the word. The birds before Alysrazor, that is. Our guild doesn’t do research on trash. We like to kind of figure it out on our own. Except that the birds before Alys completely stumped us. Even after multiple attempts.

I won’t ruin the gimmick mechanic of the fight for those that don’t want to know, but all I can say, is that is the most fun I’ve had on trash in a very long time! Alys is also quite fun… compared to Lord Rhyolith. Rhyo can suck an egg. We must have a busted strategy or fail drivers because he is not getting past 30%, despite our successes on Shan and Beth. Though research suggests it’s hit or miss with Rhyo depending on his volcanoes even after hotfixes.

Anyways, how is everybody else enjoying Firelands? Progression going as planned? I know some people are having issues because it’s the summer, but I hope people are at least seeing it that want to!

2 thoughts on “Wait, What’s the Word Again?

  1. I can't wait until my guildies stop slacking… I mean, come back from vacation… So we can continue in Firelands. So far we've only had one raid night in there – which is quite sad. I'd really like to get back in there and continue, but we're just very unlucky with vacations and other things at the moment.

    Love that episode of Family Guy btw 😉

  2. That stinks that Summer vacation is interfering with raids. That's the worst. Though, I suppose there's really no *perfect* time to release an expac or patch, releasing it sometime when people aren't usually on vacation is a better idea…

    Haha, it's a great Family Guy episode. 😀

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