Calmed Down

Calmed Down

I’m Scared, Yo

So, I’ve calmed down since writing the WildStar post yesterday. And while I do feel that NCSoft has a financial model change up its sleeve, I have to admit that I’m really scared.

I’ve never been actively playing a game during a shift in model. More often than not, I’d play a game some, get distracted by another game, and then come back to the game after the model change. Or, I’d played it as it released B2P.

However, much as I don’t particularly care for NCSoft as a whole company, they do have great B2P models in their repertoire, so that helps to calm my nerves, some. Also, if WildStar goes anything like ESO, I think we’re in for a smooth transition, IF/WHEN it is announced.

From what I know of the ESO community, many people deem their developers much as we see Carbine developers–people who really do want to listen and give us the best game possible. So I guess the love and dedication the development team has for the game and the community is another reason to help make me not so scared.

But mostly, it’s the community at large. So long as things don’t go down the toilet, and the community stays, things will be fine, and quite possibly get even better!

But, this is all speculation, of course. And my feels. Because talking about my feels is good, right?

Game-Free Night

Tonight, Chaide and I are going to take a gaming break for the week and curl up with some Brie en Croute, fruit, and summer sausage in front of the television and watch Animatrix and Matrix Revolutions.

I’ve only seen both of those once, so I’m looking forward to watching them again. While Revolutions wasn’t the best movie, I do feel it did a good job of wrapping up the story. And Animatrix is just amazing. One, because it’s anime, and two, because the story depth and the way all of them tie into the Matrix universe as a whole is pretty freaking awesome.

Tomorrow we plan on doing an Explorer’s Night, where we go through a low level zone in WildStar and just smash face on everything, and help some low level guildies and non-guildies with elite mobs and quests and such. We’re also going to give another go at the Goldensun Essence. So if you’re on Entity and interested, you should come along!

This weekend is really busy, so I’m not sure we’ll get in any TSW or FFXIV. So if not, I’m going to try to convince Chaide to get some in on Monday, which has essentially become the “guild’s day off” from scheduled events. Officers and members schedule things on our calendar Tuesday through Sunday, but never Monday. It’s interesting, because it’s almost like it’s become an unofficial thing…

This is a different kind of post for me, and I’m not sure how I like it. But I want to write more, even when I don’t have a lot of gaming stuff to write about. So constructive feedback is welcome.

5 thoughts on “Calmed Down

  1. I understand your apprehension about a payment type transition for WildStar. I'm someone who tried the beta, however, and it failed to pull me away from FFXIV last year. This is mostly because I can't justify the idea of paying two subs for two different games at one time (I'm not sure how you do it!). I'd go nuts feeling like I need to be getting my money's worth out of both games, and FFXIV seriously takes up most of my time as it is.

    So while I'm curious about WildStar, I'd probably not invest in it unless it did transition to a non-sub model. I don't ever see FFXIV going that direction, and as long as I have as strong an interest in FFXIV as I do now, that cancels out any incentive to play another subbed game for me.

    *whispers* However, due to the possibility of it going B2P/F2P, and due to the box promotion they're running right now, I did pick up a cheap boxed copy of WildStar online yesterday. It was just a little above the cost of a month's sub, plus I see myself taking a little break from FFXIV next month as I wind down with end-game content and wait for the expansion.

    I know that when ESO went B2P, the cost of the box copy jumped right back up to what it was at release, so I figured I'd hook myself up early on… just in case I try it and enjoy it. I don't have any qualms about putting down $16 to try a game out for a month. I still don't think I'd sub, but I do want to check out the classes, races and housing in greater detail than the beta allowed.

    I guess I just need to figure out a good, casual solo class! Any suggestions are welcome! 🙂

  2. I make enough at work that we have enough discretionary income to pay for two games. We don't do much for entertainment other than playing board games with friends. Not really "go out to the movies" folks, and we'd rather eat in than not. So I guess that helps to pay for two games. 🙂

    I do hope that it changes B2P over F2P whenever it heads that way, because this feels like an inevitability.

    Hm. Engineers are usually a pretty fun first class. Heavy armor, wielding a huge-ass Ripley-ish dual-handed gun with little bots you can direct. The rotation can be a tad boring (currently, apparently there are some awesome changes coming with the next drop 🙂 ), but it's a great class where you do have to learn to "manage pets" like old-school WoW. That's the hardest part of it and most people just can't, lol.

  3. Stalkers in Wildstar are fun. Being able to go into stealth mode can cover a lot of gaps in soloing.

  4. LOL They do like the aggro, the little buggers. 😉

    I should roll an Engi on PTR and see if the aggro radius has changed. It was mentioned, but I've not seen it in the patch notes.

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