Class of 2015

Class of 2015

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Chaide, myself, and our friend Camara have been playing  up a storm in The Secret World (though not this past month, because it’s been super busy). I’ve been trying to finish some Let’s Play videos, but since work and life have been so busy the past month, I haven’t gotten to completing them, yet.

We’ve all really been enjoying our time in the game. The stories are amazing, and totally make up for the combat that’s kind of “Meh”. I also really adore the costuming system. I wonder if it’s because it’s more realistic than all the other MMOs I’ve played with costuming?

We took this shot outside of the Academy. I love all the quests there. Aside from the fact that I’ll continue to fangirl over Weyoun being the head of the Academy.

I’m hoping to get in this weekend and play some. I am, however, really worried about the future of the game, what with Funcom’s recent announcement. I’m hoping that the devs are able to come up with something. There’s so much of this game I have yet to explore that I would like to, and I’m worried that I’ll never have the chance.

At least I’ll have some good memories, like this one.

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