Time For Super Snacks

Time For Super Snacks

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Stropp from Stropp’s World had a prompt for Blaugust I found interesting:

Find a funny or insightful video about games or gaming culture and link or embed it in a blog post, along with enough words to satisfy the Blaugust rules.

I consider this video a classic. Whenever the inevitable conversation comes up of, “What are some of your favorite YouTube videos?” I always pull this one out (along with the Star Wars one that cracks me up every single time).

Illegal Danish (and the subsequent videos) are funny, regardless of whether you’ve played video games or not. Granted, it’s much funnier if you have, and funniest of all if you have memories of vanilla WoW (though, coming from BC, I got all the jokes as well).

I especially related to the Druid bit. I always wanted to try feral, but even in BC, a lot of the groups I joined had an extreme stigma against druids doing anything but healing. It was a bit annoying, especially when I really started to delve into tanking and DPSing, because I loved the play style.

It’s been a while since I watched this one, and I want to re-watch the rest of them, too. Are there any funny machinas you’d suggest?

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