It’s Up! It’s Down!

It’s Up! It’s Down!

WildStar has been interesting the past couple days, to say the least!

Saturday I spent a large chunk of the day putzing about working on various things. I’m 3k away from hitting max rep on Northern Wastes, so one more set of dailies with a rep potion should do it for max rep! And then I can work on some Crimson Badlands.

I also decided to just putz around in some Shiphands (now called Expeditions), and I ended up getting a new mini-pet!!

Isn’t he precious? My new cotton-candy Rowsdower. Hurrah!

We also had a guild meeting to discuss Free-to-Play, and address any questions or concerns folks had about it. It went really well, and we’ve quite a few new folks that seem to be an awesome fit for the guild.

Since Saturday, however, it’s been an interesting time in WildStar. Free-to-Play dropped, which is awesome, but it’s been hell trying to get into the server. Even as a subscription (now Signature) member with priority queues, I’m still waiting an hour some nights to get into the server. That also doesn’t include the necessary hot fixes, or random server hiccups.

I understand that things happen and a lot of this is stuff the devs are working on to the best of their abilities as fast as they can, but it’s a tad tiring, and it’s making it difficult to get in touch with the large number of guild applicants since Tuesday. But I know things will turn around, and I do have other games to play and TeamSpeak to sit in with my fellow guild members. So it’s all gravy.

I am happy that the Drop has been so well received, and I’m glad that folks are being as patient as they can be, but I just wish folks in general would get their heads out of their butts and just, well, I think I have a post that will sum it up quite nicely, so I’ll leave you with that.

Important post about WildStar and player attitude. Keep it positive folks! <3

— Stitchfeather (@Stitchfeather) October 1, 2015

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