Goodbye, Blue Mountains!

Goodbye, Blue Mountains!

The Gathering

Last night we actually had a large chunk of time to be able to game, and decided to spend it in The Secret World, since we hadn’t really played much of it lately. Being able to play is hit or miss, because we’re trying to finagle the busy schedules of at least three, if not four people together on specific toons (so that we don’t get too far ahead of each other).
So we decided to finally finish out the Blue Mountains, because Chaide and I were pretty sick of it, which is another reason we were dragging our feet.

Meeting Joseph

We headed over to the Wabanaki Trailer Park to finish out the few quests we had there, minus the dungeon. We’re hoping to get that done this coming weekend with a twitter friend who hasn’t been able to do any of the dungeons so far, so I’m hoping timing works out for everyone involved. 
Anyway, we hadn’t picked up any quests from Joseph yet, and can I say that I love that character? I mean, besides the fact that Armin Shimerman did the voice acting (and yes, I totally fangirled over it!). I do have to note that I couldn’t tell it was him, aside from a little uplift he does at the end of a few sentences, and even then, it was difficult to notice. 
His quests were amazing, though. Well, aside from that one where you have to go chase down the Filth Hound. That one was neat, but it dragged on a little too long for my taste. I also really loved his and his family’s involvement in the MSQ (Main Story Quest) that we also finished out.

Facing Beaumont

We worked our way through the MSQ, and got ready to fight Beaumont. And man! Was that hard! It took me a few tries to get it, but I finally made it through! And holy crap, the cut scene stuff afterwards is amazing! I ended up taking the present, mainly because I missed the guy jumping off the side to refuse it. But, supposedly, I’m able to change my choice later on? Regardless, I’ll be paying a little more attention to what’s going on around me at the end of MSQ from now on!
I do really want to know more about Beaumont and Cassie, though! Who is Cassie?! I’ve heard that Lilith is a character later on in the game. Is she Lilith? There’s so much I want to know, but I’m trying ever so hard not to look up for myself!
I can say, though, that finally getting out of the Blue Mountains and finishing the MSQ up to this point has renewed my interest in the game.

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