Moosey Moosey Moose!

Moosey Moosey Moose!

Blaugust Update

I like the new schedule I set for myself. However, last week I only got in one post, when I meant to at least get in two. This post was slated to be posted over the weekend, and then I just never got to it because I was editing the podcast (which I plan to finish as soon as this is posted!), adulting, and spending what little time I had left relaxing over in WildStar. My goal this week is to try to make my three days for at least once. We shall see, though.


I’ve been trying to find a #FriendshipMoose run for weeks with no luck. Oh, I’ve sat in Twitch and such and chatted and raffled and attempted to get in, but lady luck was never on my side.

Last week, though, T and Hearn decided to put some Moose runs together for Iron Circle folks who didn’t have it yet, and the guild carried one or two folks per run. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing guild that does things for each other like this. I mean, I would’ve understood if I couldn’t’ve gotten a Moose, despite how much I wanted one.

But that all those folks went out of their way to do that for guildies just makes me feel really good to be back in WoW and over with Iron Circle (and kind of silly for not joining them sooner… five years ago!).

[Disclaimer: I had this stuck in my head when I got the Moose. Hence the title.]

Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher

Speaking of mounts, Chaide and I were missing two or three achievements for our Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher, so we knocked those out one weekend, and now we have both mounts! There’s so many mounts for me to go collect, now. Especially since I got so lucky with Mimiron’s Head on my birthday weekend. I just feel motivated again to go collect them and the achievements in the older content that I’m missing. Of course, now it’ll have to wait until after I hit 110.

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