#IntPiPoMo 2016 Postmortem

#IntPiPoMo 2016 Postmortem

I want to thank Shintar for the reminder. Real life has caught up with me hardcore.

@ggchestnut I know it’s Jan and you have more important stuff going on, but do you think there’s a chance of an IntPiPoMo postmortem still?

— Shintar (@ShintarCommando) January 7, 2017

The List

I want to send a super big thank you to everyone who participated this year regardless of how many shots you shared! It was a smaller turnout compared to last year, but it still produced some great screenshots and artwork! Here is the list of all the blogs who participated in the event this year.

Some Stats

Like last year, I want to cover some statistics on the images folks shared. Again, like last year, I really should have taken better notes on the game(s) and theme(s) people used, but hopefully I’ll keep it in mind for 2017! That said, I did notice that there was a large number of blogs from the SWTOR community, which I thought was awesome because I found some new SWTOR blogs to check out!

I do want to go over a few general statistics for this year, though.

  • Fourteen (14) total blogs participated in this challenge.
  • Ten (10) blogs posted at least 5 images.
  • Eight (8) blogs posted at least 25 images.
  • Seven (7) blogs posted at least 50 images.
  • Five (5) blogs went above and beyond the 50 images.
  • The highest number of posted images was 86, followed by 74.

The Winners

If you don’t remember, I offered up prizes again this year when I posted about the contest. Here’s a review of them, as well as the winners!
  • Grand Prize – Of all particpants who complete 50 photos, I will be using a RNG (random.org) to draw a winner for a Steam game worth up to $15! This is also exchangeable for an MMO subscription. 
    • And the winner is… Going Commando!
  • Three Other Prizes – Of all participants who complete 25+ photos (up to and including those who make it to 50 pictures), I will be using a RNG (random.org) to draw three winners for a Steam game worth up to $10! And the winners are…
    • Mainly Monsters
    • Memoirs of a Lady
    • GamingSF
Thank you again to all whom participated! I’m sorry it took so long to get the results posted, but I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of turn out we get next year! I definitely still plan on doing this, as well as offering prizes! I think the amounts this year worked out great for me, and still provided reasonable prizes!

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