Sunday Skyrim Stream

Sunday Skyrim Stream

A few days ago I was making a fuss because my Polepunzel box had just arrived, but the apartment office was closed and I couldn’t pick it up. My best friend, in his infinite wisdom (and wise-assery) sent me the following gif.

So of course I immediately thought, “Now I need to play Skyrim or Fallout”. I set up a quick poll, and folks voted for me to do a Skyrim stream! So I figured I’d start it up this Sunday. I don’t typically stream, but have been feeling a bit better with some medication changes, and I’ve had a bit more energy. Thus, I figured why not. I would like to try to get into streaming a bit more, so the only way to do it is just jump in.

I will be doing a Fallout 3 Let’s Play at some point because I’ve yet to finish the game at all, and one of my Patreon patrons has never played it, and thought it’d be interesting.

I hope folks will stop by the stream! I’m going to do at least one hour, maybe two. I can’t do much more than that because that’s food time for the pets, and I have some chores that’ll need to be finished. But I think it’s a good way to wade into the shallow end of the Twitch pool again.

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