Torching Teldrassil (Horde)

Torching Teldrassil (Horde)

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The War of Thorns

I’ve never particularly been a fan of elves of any sort in any fantasy setting. They’ve never been my jam. Don’t even really care for them in Lord of the Rings. To me, they always feel very trope-ish, and I have yet to find one in my reading that breaks all the “Elven” tropes. Even in WoW. I tried hard to like Elves in WoW. But I only got a Night Elf Druid to level 6 and a Blood Elf Paladin to level 5 before I made aggravated noises and rolled different characters.

But this dislike of Elves has only ever extended into the realm of, “eh, I don’t care for Elves and will roll my eyes at you for trying to convince me to play one,”, and “that’s awesome that you like Elves and think they’re great and have perfect qualities! I’m happy for you! But that still doesn’t change my opinion.”

So this whole, poison-Elves-and-burn-their-town-to-start-our-advance felt really dirty. And completely against how the Alliance and Horde have been attempting to work together to conquer the Legion this past expansion.

And then just like, choosing to burn down Teldrassil just because? JUST BECAUSE?! I know Sylvanas isn’t a nice character, per se. I know how conflicted she is per her back story. And I understand her tactical advances (the first portion of the questline). But this was a step way too far. Just because she wants to “kill hope”? Like. Just. This is epic bullshit.


After finally finishing the War of Thorns on Horde side, I watched the Saurfang cinematic. I don’t really know how to put into words all the feelings I had while watching it, outside of saying that I cried at all the things. Pretty much the entire time. For lots of different reasons. I’m excited to see how Saurfang plays out as a part of the expansion story, because Blizzard wouldn’t spend the resources on making a cinematic like this if it wasn’t important.

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