Blaugust 2018: Post Mortem

Blaugust 2018: Post Mortem

This post (15/31) is part of the Blaugust Reborn event! You can find out more about the event at Belghast’s blog. I (Chestnut) created a Twitter list of all participants. Armagon created an OPML file of all the bloggers to import into your feed reader.

As of midnight, Blaugust will be officially over. It has been an interesting month for me, and I (re-)learned some things about myself in this time that I wanted to put out there as a finalization of the event.

  • Blogging every day is a valiant goal, but it is not something I can manage full-time. As evidenced by only completing half the month, it’s not something I could keep up with at a normal pace. But… I kinda knew this already
  • On the days I journaled in my bujo (bullet journal), I was less likely to post a blog post. I’m sure a lot of this is due to having to process real life goings-on over posting something a smidge less personal on the blog. And I’m okay with that, to be honest. I’m proud of myself for writing in some form or fashion for 29 out of 31 days this month, even if only half of those were for a more public consumption.
  • I have good intentions of mini-events, but can have a difficult time implementing them. In particular, I’m referring to the mini-podcast I wanted to put out this month. To the folks that sent stuff in—I do still intend to post all of those this weekend as I’ve a bit of downtime I can sneak it in. This is something I’ve noticed about myself in general, though. Last year I wanted to start up a short bi-weekly podcast on my adventures in pole dancing, but it hasn’t happened, yet. And you know what, that’s okay. I just need to think about the time something will take before I agree to take it on. Which is something I can apply to a lot of different areas in my life. Good intentions are great, but knowing my limits is even better.
  • When life gets overwhelming, my content creation endeavors take a nose-dive. While I understand why I do this, I really want to strike a balance in the future of being able to keep up with a schedule of some sort for content (Twitch, YouTube, Blog). My current goal, as I work my way back into streaming come October, is twice a week on the blog (which could include a weekly Twitch schedule or update), and streaming twice a week in some capacity.

I do have quite a large backlog that I want to get out there, so I may be posting a bit more than twice a week every so often the next few months, but I’m not going to overload or overwhelm folks.

I loved getting to meet bloggers and content creators that I hadn’t yet met. It was really neat to read new voices. I do look forward to catching up on the posts I’ve missed, and to continue checking my Feedly a few times a week to see how folks continue to write.

I also want to send out a huge thank you to Bel for all the work and time he’s put into this event. You’re a pretty awesome person, Bel. A simple thank you isn’t enough, but that’s all I have for you, right now. I appreciate all your time, and all that you do for the blogging community. You’re a spectacular person. So keep being you.

2 thoughts on “Blaugust 2018: Post Mortem

  1. I’d never heard of bullet journals before. Sounds interesting and will try to check it out more.

    On the subject of not starting things without knowing how much time they’ll take, it’s been frequently said about a lot of great things people have accomplished: “If I’d known how hard it would be, I’d never have started!”

    Sometimes underestimating what something will take is not such a bad thing! At least it means you get going!

    And often there’s no way of really knowing what a project will take until you’re well into it anyway.

    1. Bullet journals are definitely pretty diverse. A lot of people get “instagram pretty” with them, but mine is pretty down and dirty with to-do lists, journaling, and just general notes.

      And that’s very true! I wish there was a way to figure out how long things would take, sometimes, haha.

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