Achievement Unlocked: Didn’t Strangle Sun-in-Shadow

Achievement Unlocked: Didn’t Strangle Sun-in-Shadow

I started out in Vvardenfell as a new player because that is where the game happened to toss me, and I’ve been loving it. (I do plan to go back to do the Main Story once I finish Clockwork City and Summerset Isles, don’t worry!) The zone story and all of the side quests have been a lot of fun. Except the Sun-in-Shadow bit. I don’t think I’ve hated a set of quests so much as working with Sun-in-Shadow.

The way she treats other humanoids for her own personal gain, especially the fellow Argonian (Eoki) she claims to love? The whole line left kind of a sour taste in my mouth. I’d grumble and groan every time I had to do something with her. At one point I very much wanted to be able to strangle her after she did a particular action, but you can’t. That still doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be an achievement saying you didn’t strangle her, because it was definitely something I may have done if I could have.

2 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked: Didn’t Strangle Sun-in-Shadow

  1. There are a few NPCs in ESO I would happily slap about and others I would like to get to know better. I think any emotional response they manage is a sign the game has some nice writers.


    1. Completely agree! I’ve only done Vvardenfell > Clockwork > Summerset so far, but there’s some characters I’ve been loving and hope I get to see more of (Raz, Naryu), but there’s some characters that are memorable (Narsis Dren also comes to mind) because they are absolutely insufferable. Both mean that the devs and story writers have done their job for sure!

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