Ahhh, what fun!

Ahhh, what fun!

The Elephant and I have been in a total WoW kick. Grinding through to 80 as fast as our little druid behinds can carry us, and grabbing achievement after achievement on the way.

So far, we’ve finished all the quests in Howling Fjord, are almost done with Dragonblight, and have hit so many dungeons, we’ve blues coming out our ears.

The most fun, however, were two things in particular. And well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I have a few of them!

Yep, much before level 80, too. We were still 73 at the time. Come to think of it, we got it almost a week ago. 😀

The obligatory shot of us on the ravasuars right after we received and learned them.

And those aren’t the best part of the fun we’ve been having the past few weeks. The Elephant has never gotten past 56 on a toon, and has never played since Vanilla. We plan on going back to quest for all the BC content we skipped (grouping as a tank/heal combo goes so much faster…), but in NR, it’s easier to do one or two dungeons and quest some. We both really want to experience the quests at level, and we’ve worn ourselves out on the constant dungeon queues from 58 to 68. We finally did one of the greatest quest lines ever in the game. Need I say more? No. I think I’ll post some pictures instead.

The Elephant had never done it before. We had so much fun, and he loved that the world didn’t stay static. His first taste of phasing. Ahh. Refreshing. Just wait until we finish out the Death Knight starting area…or hit Storm Peaks…or…

And then, just because it was cool to take these shots, and they relate to Wrathgate, I thought I’d end with them. 🙂 Tonight means more questing and maybe getting level 76! Onward, hooooo!

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