Plans Pre-Cataclysm

Plans Pre-Cataclysm

The Elephant and I have been running older raids with the guild to work toward some achievements. Most recently, we finished up Blackwing Lair (and before that, Molten Core). Tomorrow, we’re doing Karazhan.

Last night, while working on the quest line to get the Karazhan key (so we can get our guild inside) we got tons of achievements, including: The Arcatraz, The Botanica, The Mechanar, The Steamvault, and Shadow Labyrinth (along with grinding out the related reps for our various reputation achievements).

That got us thinking. What changes are coming in Cataclysm? What achievements do we need/want to finish before then? Well, we came up with a list!

  1. Master of Arms – With weapon skills being removed in the game, this is important to us. The Elephant got 400 in staves last night. One down, two to go, because…
  2. Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? – Again, the weapon skills are being removed. We’re using this one as one of our “four weapon skills” for the previous achievement. Two birds, one stone, amiright?
  3. Both “Squirrels” Achievements: Loved Before, and Shared My Life – Since the world is changing in huge ways, we figure a lot of the critters will no longer be where they are now, or will no longer be around at all.
  4. Well Read – Same as both squirrels achievements; since the world is changing we figure a lot of the books will disappear or be in completely new places that we’ll have to search for instead of using their known locations now.
  5. Pest Control – Same reasons as the Squirrels and Books.
  6. Various Loremaster Achievements: Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor – Again, the world is changing so much in Vanilla areas that we want to experience them, and the quests, before it all changes.
  7. Classic Dungeonmaster, and all the dungeon achievements it entails – Because the areas are changing, and some of the classic dungeons are having “heroic” versions added, we wanted to see them all in their original glory for a last time.
  8. Classic Raider, and all the raid achievements it entails – For the same reasons as the Dungeonmaster achievement. Who knows what raids will be taken off the map.
  9. The Keymaster – This just happens to fit in nicely with all of the old-world stuff we want to finish up. As for the BC rep keys…we can work on them post-Cata if we don’t get to them (and the achieve) before then.
  10. Glory of the Hero – We have a sinking feeling that the Red Proto-Drake will be taken out like previous raiding achievement’s drakes. Therefore, a must, which we are slowly (but effectively) working on with the guild on Tuesday nights.
  11. Ambassador of the Horde – This one just happens to be on the list because of the two Loremaster achievements. As we complete all those quests, we get rep towards this one.
  12. The Argent Dawn, which will lead to us gaining The Argent Champion – We already have Exalted with the Argent Crusade, and all we need is Argent Dawn (which, if I recall correctly, we are Revered with).
  13. The rest of the Classic reputations (or as many as possible; listed in order of necessity) including: Timbermaw Hold, Hydraxian Waterlords, Zandalar Tribe, and the Brood of Nozdormu
  14. And as many of the World Events as possible. We are hoping they will change the World Events so that those of us starting “late” on them will be able to still obtain the Violet Proto-Drake we do the damn achievements for.
I know it’s a long list, but that’s only all we want to do before Cataclysm. It’s not too much work…

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