Update: Pre-Cata Plans

Update: Pre-Cata Plans

Last time I went on and on (almost ad-nauseam) about what the Elephant and I wanted to complete before Cataclysm rolls around. As it draws closer, we’ve been able to check off some of the items on our list so far.

Glory of the Hero
We wanted to grab our Red Proto-Drakes before Blizzard (possibly) took away the drake from the achievements. They’ve taken away some of the raiding drakes, so we got worried–especially with no word on whether the drake is going away or not. So we wanted to be safe rather than sorry. And, I am proud to say, we earned that sucker!
The last one we needed was Dehydration, and we got it. It took us days after completing all of the other achievements in the set, but we finally did it. I was all excited, and still ride around on it even though it’s a somewhat common sight now. It was an achievement I’ve never had on my previous druid (who has close to 7k achievement points, I might add), and I got it with the love of my life. It was the quintessence of epic. We even took a shot of us together on our drakes for posterity’s sake.
It’s so awesome to have someone to share WoW with… but enough mush! I must share another achievement we checked off the list!
Classic Raider
We’ve been spending time with our guild doing Tuesday and/or Thursday runs of older content (we are now doing ICC10 on Saturdays…eep!). Sadly, the attendance has recently gone downhill outside of ICC, so we haven’t bothered setting up runs as of late. Though, I’d really like to get back into it if people would show up to it… Anyways! We got our Classic Raider achievement together with AQ40. Oh yes, we pwnd C’Thun in his face … eyeball?
It was definitely a lot of fun. We had a bunch of guildies (some just over level 60 that got some upgrades) and we pug’d almost a full group in Trade. After many posts about “seeing an Old God dead on the floor” and Lovecraft references, I just started saying, “Running AQ40 for Achievement and chance at rare mount drop, PST”. You wouldn’t believe how many tells I got immediately after the first post. Well, maybe you would. At any rate, we downed him. Even though most of the raid died. Yeah, those who claim that level 60 content is faceroll, can go… ahem. Mechanics are your friends!
Changing course, slightly, with a shot of the achievement!
We’ve had a blast grabbing these, but we sadly haven’t had much time to play lately. School is back in full swing, and the Elephant has a full course load, and I’m at the point where I’m working on the equivalent of my thesis (it’s a portfolio and defense, and interview to test the knowledge of the research within my field, but still just as much work).
We are definitely going to spend some time next week on our Loremaster acheivements, though, since we both have some time off. We’re partway through our Ambassador title as well, what with all of the questing we’ve been doing in Kalimdor.
I’m itching to get that list done before Cataclysm. The whole release of the Cataclysm Collector’s Edition contents scared me into getting them all done again. It’s coming so soon! And there’s still so much we want to do!

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