Shade of the Elm, the Kingslayers

Shade of the Elm, the Kingslayers

About twenty wipes over three hours. That’s what Saturday night looked like. Aggravating for some (lots of wiping always is), and exciting for others. We almost had him. The valks just kept killing us. We called it a night at our normal time.

We started early on Sunday, in case we were going to have a repeat of Saturday. All of us stoked. Somehow knowing it was going to be the night. And it was the night! After about six months of Shade of the Elm grinding out ICC, we down Arthas for the first time. Vent was a riot. It was exhilarating. The title finally felt official, even though the Elephant and I had already nabbed it. We one-shot him. (We aren’t counting the one attempt where someone was in the wrong spec. 😉 ) Also, thank you to Slater from Iron Circle for filling our third healer spot for the night!

Foolish, Me, Wind, the Elephant, Cand, Cheezy, Digi, Sellk, Vara, and IC’s Slater.

Congratulations Shade of the Elm! We did it!

Now, to switch around some people to get a few other dedicated guildies their titles…

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