Life? What’s That Thing?

Life? What’s That Thing?

So, I don’t normally use my blog to ramble on about life, but I feel the need to today. There’s some game-related chatter if you’re really interested somewhere in here, but otherwise, feel free to skip past this entry completely. There’s possibly going to be some whining.

You know, I did have a whole long entry typed out with nitty-gritty details, and it was very cathartic, but I am not going to post it.

Suffice to say, the Elephant and I are in a very rough spot with life at the moment. One that we’re working on remedying via a move this weekend back into an apartment of our own, saving up for a second (and necessary) car, and saving up to send the Elephant back to school to finish his degree so we can get the heck out of Georgia and start our life together.

But I’m sad that it leaves little time for gaming, let alone each other. We’re both contemplating a lot in WoW and how it may be time to stop raiding for a while because of life. But it’s also very important to the two of us to keep raiding because of the people and the relaxation we get from being a part of the raiding team of our guild. I know whatever we choose to do will be the right choice, but it doesn’t mean that we will necessarily be happy about it. Due to my lack of gaming, I’ve also felt a disconnect with blogging, which leads me to become a little withdrawn in the community.

So, if you have good luck or wishes you haven’t used, feel free to send them our way. I know we could be in a much worse situation, so I try to be positive and look towards tomorrow, but it never hurts to have more good luck. I also know there are many other bloggers out there in the WoW community also on a down due to layoffs, moving, and more. Please send them your juju as well.

Next week, I might have a REAL entry! HUZZAH!

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