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Blaugust Promptapalooza: Influences

Blaugust Promptapalooza: Influences

Blaugust Promptapalooza

Hello! Welcome to Gamer Girl Confessions. For those that haven’t been here before, I’m Chestnut! I talk a bit about a lot of different nerdy things here, so I hope you find something that you connect with! I am today’s host for the Blaugust Promptapalooza, hosted by the ever-amazing Belghast. Today’s prompt is, “Tell us about a person(s) or thing(s) that has greatly influenced you.

Before I get into my prompt, I want to give a quick shout out to Heather of Just Geeking By for sending everyone over here with her prompt. I also want to introduce tomorrow’s prompt-bearer: Syp! Syp’s blog, Bio Break, is something that has influenced me to try and be a better writer and blogger (look at me tying in the prompt!), so I am honored to be able to introduce such an amazing blog and human being to those who may not have had the luck of reading his content!

Also, a quick Content Warning before I tackle this prompt myself: This post discusses depression and may tackle the plethora of things that can go with it, including suicidal ideation. I am okay/safe, but depression and anxiety are two things I don’t shy away from discussing on this blog in an attempt to normalize a condition that many (including myself) deal with on a day-to-day basis. If this makes you uncomfortable, please don’t force yourself to continue reading.

Sailor Moon

I am a Moonie (see 4) for life. I thought I’d discussed this before in the blog, but upon some scrolling and searching, it seems I haven’t actually discussed this in length. So perhaps it is something that I’ve mentioned on Twitter in passing. Regardless Sailor Moon is something that has greatly influenced me, because Sailor Moon saved my life.

As a pre-teen, I had the unfortunate experience of discovering my anxiety and depression (genetics, man…), but not having the words to describe them, or the people in my life to try and listen to what I was going through to get me help. I didn’t know what to do with myself, or how to make it go away. But you learn early to pretend to be okay so that you blend in. I was in a bad spot, and I didn’t have many friends in school as the fat girl.

I found myself in a dark place, but something that drew me out of that was Sailor Moon. In a way, it became a sort of obsession (and has remained one, to a degree). But that’s only because it was something that made all that pain go away, even if only for the 20 or so minutes it was on the television. I timed my days around Sailor Moon, ensuring that I was up early enough before school to catch an episode, and that my homework was as complete as possible before it came on in the afternoons after school so that I wouldn’t get in too much trouble if I watched it.

I even role played as various characters online for years (and that’s in fact how I met one of my two best friends whom I’ve known over 20 years, now). As an adult, I still very much enjoy everything Sailor Moon. I won’t say goodbye to it, because it kept me alive as a pre-teen and teenager. That little bit of light of Sailor Moon in my day kept me from ending my life multiple times. So it will always remain a very big influence in my life.

I had other thoughts on things that have been big influences in my life. My journals, stickers, my internet friends (whom’ve helped me through some rough times in my life, and I again wouldn’t be here without them), but I think the overall biggest influence in my life really is Sailor Moon. So, I’m going to leave it at that.

And show off my Sailor Moon ink, too, of course. It’s my first of many planned Sailor Moon inspired tattoos!

Weekend Odds and Ends

Weekend Odds and Ends

Ding 45!

Yes, Daddy Cid.

I’ve been having a lot of fun in FFXIV, which is surprising in a way based on how meh I’ve felt about the game until picking it up again. I can’t believe I’ve already hit 45! I expect that I’ll be through the majority of the base game MSQ by the time the new patch implements changes to it. Though I can’t find details on if Patch 2.1-2.55 MSQ will be affected by the newest patch. I’ve especially been enjoying the eye candy that is Cid. His voice could be deeper… but he’s still fun to look at.

No Cam Streams

I decided to try dabbling with a no-cam stream on my last stream. I’ve been having a rough time balancing my day job workload and my spoons. Day job has been draining them faster than usual as of late, and it’s made doing anything else day-to-day beyond difficult. To try and combat this, I decided to try streaming without cam because I truly wanted to stream… I just didn’t have the spoons to add that extra oomph that a cam requires.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Though I do still want to use my cam, I will probably do no-cam streams more often as day job continues to be draining. There’s only one solution to the draining, and it’s not one I can realistically pursue at this point in time (though I am trying hard to work my way to the point where I can).

Still Planner Obsessed

I’m still enjoying my planner stickers and the act of using them. They have been keeping me on track better than I expected, even weeks after the fact. Or months at this point, I suppose. I’m still catching up on my YouTube planner videos, however. Catching up as in, following the schedule I’d laid out for myself that didn’t take lack of spoons into account. But I’m slowly working my way into a better schedule. I’ll get to a place where I can put out content as I like eventually.

New Rig, Get

For those that don’t follow on Twitter, I finally replaced my ten year old computer with a new rig! I originally purchased my old rig in December 2010/January 2011 at Micro Center for approximately $500 USD. It was one of their store builds, and served me well for quite a long time. The newest components in the PC were a gaming card that I upgraded in November 2015, and the hard drives which got replaced last year.

I still need to put together a true list of what’s in my rig, but… I’m enjoying it so much! It’s a miracle to me to not have programs crash. To be able to publish content in under an hour. To not have the fan running constantly as fast as it can. I’m not sure how my computer held out as long as it did, but I’m grateful that it kept chugging. Now, however, I get to enjoy a pretty RGB computer with four hard drives!

Writing Challenge: Day in the Life

Writing Challenge: Day in the Life

The Challenge

I came across this challenge, and decided to flex my creative writing muscles since they’ve been dormant a long while. I also figured I’d share the challenge so that others could use it as a topic if they needed something!

Write a short story with the topic “a day in the life” and include these words.

  • Identical
  • Pot roast
  • Decorate
  • Sign
  • Abuse
  • Library
  • Amnesia
  • Butcher
  • Hydrangea
  • Parakeet

My Writing

Spaceship City Alien Ufo Fantasy - prettysleepy1 / Pixabay
prettysleepy1 / Pixabay

Arkady sighed. She rolled over to turn off the harsh alarm abusing her ears with a wave of her hand, and flopped back into bed on her back. Another wave of her hand brought up Arkady’s heads-up-display, hovering in the bed above her.

She scrolled through her to-do list and lazily read aloud. “Decorate the library for Arelle’s birthday. Get Jax to sign Arelle’s card… oh, that will be fun” she mused sarcastically.

“Pick up a pot roast at the butcher. Visit grandma and bring some hydrangea…”

Arkady sniffed back the tears before they started. Grandpa had succumbed due to complications with dementia. It had been tough. But watching Grandma suffer with amnesia due to her cancer treatments was absolutely heartbreaking.

“At least she still remembers her favorite flowers,” she thought aloud wistfully.

Just then Derix and Kasra started chirping and calling for Arkady. “Darn budgies, I at least wanted another few minutes,” complained Arkady. She rolled out of bed gracefully, slipped on her house shoes, and went out to feed her identical blue parakeets and start her day.

Unintended Self-Discovery

Unintended Self-Discovery

Discord Overwhelm

Telwyn of GamingSF had some thoughts on Discord at the start of the month that resonated pretty strongly with me.

I just find I haven’t established a useful relationship with how Discord is used. I currently belong to five different community servers (including Blaugust, two MMO-related ones and two tabletop rpg ones). I rarely keep up with even the “main chat” of any of them, let alone the 5-10 other topic specific channels that *each* community has. Using Discord feels like being hosed down with content every time I open the app.

I very much feel the same. Every time I open Discord, I am inundated. And while I can ignore it for a while, it just gets overwhelming. I’m still going to try to get better at using Discord, however. It’s the main tool friends like to use to communicate. And I feel at a distance from some of my favorite folks in Moogle’s Pom Tavern because I am just not sure how to catch up, or keep up. I think part of my problem is being in a bunch of servers I’m not actually participating in, and even though I’ve muted them, I can still see the little badge letting me know there’s things there for me to read.

I don’t want to leave some of these muted servers for various reasons (though I’ll happily leave others), so I’m unsure what to do about the dreaded unread notification dot in-app. Regardless, I’d very much like to figure something out so I can be a part of the communities I’d like to enjoy with friends, and maybe one day be able to effectively run my own community without much anxiety.

Bitten by the FFXIV Bug

I’ve been bitten by the FFXIV bug, but I’ve yet to succumb to the itch. Both Belghast and Sandrian have mentioned the Moogle Treasure Trove, which is of interest to me as a collector, but I also know that I’m nowhere near high enough level on any classes to do much of anything. Which I think is what’s keeping the bug at bay. Plus, let’s be honest, I really don’t have a core group of folks to play with.

Which, to be fair, is an issue I have with all games right now. Since my divorce, MMOs have just seemed far less enjoyable (I had a live-in gaming partner after all). And Manthing and I are never bitten by the same MMO bug at the same time, either. And I just feel so very shy with trying to engage with a group of folks I don’t know in MMOs. In ESO, I’m pretty silent. I ignore the chat of one of my guilds completely, and only really chat in the other one when Eldan Monster is online.

In honesty, I think this kind of ties back to Discord, as well. I think the past few years I’ve just been struggling to make friends, and interact with the ones I do have. And I have the same problem whether it’s Discord or a game (or even real life)—I end up feeling overwhelmed, and then I hide and distance myself from the friends I do have, and don’t let myself make new ones.

Woof! We’re really doing some tough self-discovery in this post today, aren’t we?

I’m not sure how to begin to fix this problem. I know the “easy” solution is to just… stop distancing myself and talk to others. But that’s a big struggle right now, and I can’t think of any other solutions quite yet.

Monster Shenanigans

Monster Shenanigans

What is a Weekend?

Rambling Redshirt mentioned in one of his recent posts that he’s been experiencing some difficulty differentiating between weekends and weekdays. I’ve been feeling much the same, to be honest. The routines are much the same, and the content differs, but only slightly. My weekdays are busy with meetings and day job tasks, adult entertainment tasks, and blogging. But my weekends are much the same, minus the meetings.

Therefore, as of this past weekend, I’ve decided to start a new thing. Mainly because I’ve just been burnt out on life. I took Saturday completely for myself, as much as I struggled with doing so. And honestly, having a day entirely to myself, unplanned, where I give myself permission to do whatever I want, and give myself time off from even doing chores actually helped quite a bit. I even did dishes out of a desire to do them instead of “Ugh, they’re piling up, I should do them”.

While it has yet to completely solve my burnout, I’m looking forward to doing much the same this coming Saturday. I’m also looking forward to the week I took off work at the start of June because I’m just struggling with functioning and need time to relax, and finish cleaning/setting up my apartment (almost two years after moving in at this point).

Planner Addict

I may be turning into that person who’s obsessed with planning. I mean, I’ve kind of always been, this is no surprise, to be honest, but it’s the fact that I’m loving all the stickers and designing in my Happy Planner that’s surprising to me. This past weekend I ordered weekly sticker packs for the month of June, and I’m dying to get them in and use them. Some of them are printables, so Ainyan kindly offered her printer and Silhouette to cut them. I’ll need to go over and help Manthing choose which files to print and cut for June, but I may have him print an extra set of weekly pages so I can do some designing prior to June.

YouTube Thoughts

It needs some updates, as does the blog, tbh.

I’ve been having the YouTube itch, again. Specifically this weekend. It was strong at the start of the year because I can’t get back into streaming just yet due to lack of time. But then life happened and my desire flamed out a bit. The flame is back, and I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my channel. At first, I thought about splitting it up into multiple channels like a lot of guides and how-to videos have said to do… but that’s not what I want to do. It doesn’t feel like the correct choice, or the right path to take. I’ve been trying to get better about listening to my gut on even the simple/less important decisions in my life, so I’m going to go against all advice out there and do my own thing.

I’m passionate about a lot, and breaking up those passions into separate channels feels more like a chore than doing YouTube for what it should be—something to enjoy. Therefore, hopefully in the near future, I’ll be starting to put more Let’s Play videos up, as well as some vlogs and plan with me videos where I share my stickers and such.

Clone Wars

I watched some Clone Wars this weekend, as well. I’m so close to finishing season five! I’m in a weird place with watching anything recently, opting for YouTube binges (typically of planners and soap) instead. So it felt good to get back to watching a few episodes. It’s been exciting to watch, but almost bittersweet because I know I’m essentially two seasons (or about 20-something episodes) from finishing it once I’m done with this season.

Monster Prom

This weekend, however, was dedicated mostly to Monster Prom! I played so much Monster Prom. So much. So very much. Hours upon hours. It was so much damn fun. Even when I was getting rejected for dates, it was fun. I played a bunch of it online with Manthing as well. I know I was playing it with the intention of just the hearts and didn’t think about what areas on campus gave which stats (and how they might apply to securing a date). Once we figured that out, it made things go much smoother (as did finding a few guides to use when we felt stuck after our first few runs).

I honestly don’t know what to say about the game at the moment, other than I absolutely love it and that I have never laughed so hard at a game before. While playing with Manthing, I was romancing Damien, and ended up sitting at the lunch table with the Coach and Scott. I set off some fireworks to make them go away, and the reaction from coach, was, well… a picture is worth a thousand words. I think Manthing secretly got annoyed that I couldn’t stop laughing for about five minutes straight. I was laughing so hard that no sound was coming out at one point.

I am looking forward to playing more of this with Manthing on date night tomorrow, and maybe hopefully some more this weekend. I also plan to play some myself once I’m done with a big project milestone for day job this week. That’s my motivation: dating Monsters.

TBR Lists and Reading Things

TBR Lists and Reading Things

My First TBR (To Be Read) List

For the first time in my life, I have a TBR list. When I was younger and reading voraciously, I would just pick up books that I enjoyed the cover of, and worked my way through the public library that way. I didn’t particularly have a list, per se, unless it was the “summer reading list” that seems to be a common thing for US-based schools.

It is strange, in a way, to have a reading list for the first time in my life. I mean, I’d have piles of books that I “wanted to read”, but I never seemed to make my way through them as I lost my enjoyment and ability to read as I once had as a child. Which is a topic I have covered before, albeit briefly. There’s a lot of reasons I lost my passion for reading, though I don’t know that I want to drag them up, as I’m trying to heal and move forward. Regardless, it feels more right, now (than it has at any other point in my life) to have a list than just a pile of books.

Pile circa 2012. Only one or two of these are now on my TBR list.

I finally made myself a Goodreads account that I’ve been keeping up with (I had one or two others, but I can’t find the login information, plus I have folks I don’t converse with anymore on those and just didn’t want to deal with that possible drama) for the first time, and I’m enjoying myself. That’s where I’ve been keeping my TBR list, and it’s quite handy. But as folks (family, mainly) have heard I’ve been reading more, they’ve been suggesting books I “should” be reading. You know, all those classics and the like. My thoughts on that are summed up quite well by this image.

Starting with a favorite book and working my way through the sequels has helped tremendously with getting back into reading, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one doing this. Tessa has mentioned using this method as a way to read more. She also mentions reading before bed, which is a habit I’m trying to get into as well. If I can get off the computer between 11-1130 at night, it only takes me 10-15 minutes to complete my bedtime routine (depending how long the dog takes to pee before I tuck her in), and I can read for at least a solid half hour, if not a full hour every night. Of course, some nights I don’t succeed and just fall into bed, but the point is that I’m making an effort each night.

To Kindle or Not to Kindle

As I begin to look at my TBR, and the number of books I don’t own, I wonder if I should start using my Kindle Fire 8 more. I’ve never been a big ebook person. Reading, to me, is much more enjoyable when I can feel the weight of the book, hear the sounds it makes as I turn pages, smell the pages… Yes, I may be a bit of a tactile reader and bibliophile. I recently Marie Kondo’d my books, though I didn’t fully follow her directions. While I was able to part with a significant number of books (specifically cook books, holy moly!), I kept some books that are on my TBR list. Marie Kondo’s method espouses getting rid of these books, because, in the end, will you ever truly read them?

That remains to be seen for me, but now that I’m getting back into reading, I highly believe I will. However, even after saying goodbye to many a book, I still don’t have all that much space for more in my apartment. Which is a problem when I have a list as long as I do to read.

Paranormal Romance

I think once I finish my current series (I’m a quarter through the final book), I’m going to start picking up some of the paranormal romance on my TBR list, starting with some I have sitting on my shelf that I never completely read. I was actually inspired to this thought by Shadowz. She wrote a post about how she’s been reading more paranormal romance books, and it reminded me how many I have sitting on my bookshelf that are unread. It’s honestly one of my favorite genres. I can’t get into your typical harlequin romance books, but I love a good paranormal romance. I even enjoy a not-so-good paranormal romance. Her post also gave me a list of authors to add to my collection/TBR.

I’ve narrowed it down to three different series to start. The Shadow series by Erin Kellison, the Demonica series by Larissa Ione, or the Amoveo Legend series by Sara Humphreys. I’m thinking I’ll start with the Shadow series, as I’ve already read the first book in the series, and have the others readily available, sitting on my shelf. Waiting. Using more of the “I’ve read some of this so it’s comfortable and easier to get back into” method, as it were. It’s a toss up whether I’ll move into Demonica or Amoveo next, or move into a different series/genre altogether. That’s the beauty of the TBR, I guess.

It’s Been a Crazy Week

It’s Been a Crazy Week

Blogging Goals

It has been a crazy week emotionally, physically, and with work tasks. I had wanted to get this post out Monday, but it is now Friday, and I am just sitting down to write it. But that is life. I am at least writing, so there is that. I want to try to keep up with blogging much more than I have after every other blogging event. Especially since I’ve a lot of ideas right now, with posts planned out mostly through July at this point. Right now, I aim to try and put out five posts a week. Here’s my current plan.

  • Sunday: Seriously Geeky Sundays (prompts by Just Geeking By)
  • Monday: Weekend review
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Days off
  • Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Whatever I feel like writing

The “whatever” writing could be more evergreen prompts that I’ve (currently) already planned out, or it could be something spawned by a blog post I’ve read. In that case, the evergreen stuff will just get pushed out farther. Hence why it’s evergreen. We’ll see how this works out for me continuing through this summer. It’s nice to have ideas and even a little bit of energy to want to follow through on them for a change. Using a content calendar is helping quite a bit.

Crafting Time

I spent a few hours relaxing with some Pocket Camp and Cook, Serve, Delicious this past weekend. I know, “relaxing” and “Cook, Serve, Delicious” don’t necessarily belong in the same sentence. But honestly, it’s just the right amount of anxious energy without being overwhelming. And if a stage gets overwhelming, I close it out, or I re-start it in Zen mode. For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing both resource and time management in my day-to-day life for as long as I can remember (thanks mental health!), so it’s not something that’s completely anxiety-inducing when I’ve been using it to help relieve my anxiety.

I also played some Pocket Camp before bed. I’ve been complaining on Twitter about there not being any Switch consoles available for sale. I know, I’m that weird kid that doesn’t have a Switch. I didn’t have the disposable income to pick one up on release, or even earlier this year. Of course I got a bonus check and started making more in adult work just before stay-at-home hit, so now that I have the income, there aren’t any to buy. So to try and scratch the ACNH itch, I picked up Pocket Camp. It’s cute. I enjoy it. But I’m not a big mobile game player to begin with, so I don’t know how much I play or keep up with it. I can barely keep up with Pokemon GO, and I haven’t touched Notice Me, Senpai (which I absolutely ADORE) in months.

Retail Therapy

I had a bit of a tough weekend this past weekend, and ended up tackling my anxiety with some online retail therapy. The last time I did this was in September 2016, and before that it had been years. It’s not a common occurrence, thankfully, but I still feel guilty about doing it whenever it happens. I ended up picking up a collar to go with my LARP costume, a new day collar (and a matching leash), some nail supplies (polish, oil, glass files), some pre-recorded Burlesque classes for the month of May, and a tarot reading from a fellow adult worker I very much look up to as a role model and inspiration.

Her reading really hit me in the gut at the start of the week and it’s been percolating at the back of my mind. I’m hoping to have some time this weekend to truly process it the way I want to, and give her more detailed thoughts and feedback about it other than the both of us crying over it because it was so powerful.

New Computer Time?

New Computer Time?

I seem to identify with a lot of Krikket’s posts, as today’s topic is once again spurred by her own thoughts. A lot of times I put things on Twitter, but never think to make a blog post about it, so I’m taking that as an extra lesson learned for Blapril. Krikket’s post covered how she’s struggling with her outdated computer, and I’ve had much the same musings recently.

I got this computer not too long after I started dating my ex-husband. Our Christmas gift that year from my parents was $500 each, so we both purchased computers with it and some of our own money. For what it’s worth, this computer has lasted me a very long time, even if I’ve had struggles with it. But it’s time for a new one.

I’ve been saving up to go to an expo in October for my side business, but I don’t think that will reasonably happen with the world state right now. Instead, I think that I will be using that money to update and replace my computer. I think it can hold out that long. I hope, anyway. I’m not having a lot of the issues that Krikket is, but it does like to make weird noises, even after a dusting and rearranging of cords.

I figure once I’ve the money saved up I’ll poke my polycule to help me choose components and put it together. I may even look at investing in an LED tower case for the first time ever. I know I won’t need to replace the hard drives, which is a nice change of pace (considering how often I’ve had hard drives crash on me…), though I may pick up a secondary SSD for all my other games, and leave my HDD for just data.

I know I’ll need to replace the nuts and bolts (mobo and such), but I’m hoping I may be able to purchase a used graphics card from my polycule, and pay them to help me put it all together. Regardless, it’s still a few months until I’ve the money saved up, so I’m crossing my fingers it all works out. And knocking on wood.

This is post 30/31 for Blapril. You can find out more and sign up at Belghast’s original post. You can view those participating on Twitter via the Twitter list I put together. Nogamara of Battlestance has put together an RSS feed of all Blapril participants.
Nadja, Guillermo, and Games

Nadja, Guillermo, and Games

Need Nadja Gifs

Last night, Manthing and I ended up watching the four episodes of What We Do in the Shadows that are currently on Hulu. He’s been sweet and waiting for me so we could watch them together. I absolutely adore this show. The movie that spawned the TV show is in my top five favorite movies ever, and the TV show continues on the amazingness. Nadja is exquisite as always, and I now need a bazillion reaction gifs that are just her. I mean. She has the best reactions. She did in season one as well, but they’ve just gotten better in season two. Guillermo has great reaction faces too, though. I’m loving his character development so far, and I’m interested to see how things go now that he’s joined his club.

More Games

I haven’t had a lot of time to game recently due to a ramp-up of some projects at work, but I did look at some of the games in the Indie MegaBooth Sale (thanks to Krikket for pointing it out like she did for LudoNarraCon!). I already had some of the games in my library (Mini Metro, World Next Door, Always Sometimes Monsters, Monster Prom, Ladykiller in a Bind, Elsinore, Hot Tin Roof, and Tower of Guns). Though I’m honestly confused why I have the last two. I probably redeemed them from a Humble Bundle without looking at them.

I already had two on my wishlist (Coffee Talk, and Interrogation). But I added quite a few more to my wishlist, mainly because they didn’t meet my self-imposed purchasing-during-sales rules. I ended up adding: Astrologaster, Headliner: NoviNews, Sigma Theory, A Case of Distrust, Half Past Fate, Jenny LeClue, Praey for the Gods, The Coma 2, and Cook Serve Delicious 3. I did end up picking up Cook Serve Delicious 2, though. I’m hoping to get in some play time with it this weekend.

I’m also currently eyeing the Play with Friends Humble bundle but I haven’t yet decided whether I want it or not. At this rate, I’ll probably end up skipping it and picking things I like in it separately.

This is post 29/31 for Blapril. You can find out more and sign up at Belghast’s original post. You can view those participating on Twitter via the Twitter list I put together. Nogamara of Battlestance has put together an RSS feed of all Blapril participants.
Blapril: Lessons Learned Week

Blapril: Lessons Learned Week

Prior Lessons

It’s that time in Blaugust Blapril where we discuss anything we’ve possibly learned. According to Bel, this week’s focus is “Lessons Learned”.

The goal as always with Blaugust and now Blapril is to revitalize the blogging community and ignite those fires fresh for another year of posting. As such this is a marathon that we are running and not a sprint, so we continue forward a little bit into the next month for folks to have that cooldown lap and talk about the things that they learned during the month. This could be a discussion of your own personal journey, or focused on some of the things that you learned from the community. The idea being to keep it going just a little bit longer so that maybe the habit of posting regularly sticks.

First, I want to thank Bel for putting this together. I appreciate it so very much, even if I seem to fall into the void after almost every one. This time, though, in combination with antidepressants and being in a better place (even if only by a smidge) fiscally and physically, I’ll be sticking around, or at least that is my intention.

I wanted to take a look back at what I’ve discussed in prior years as lessons I’ve learned. Let’s begin by jumping back to 2015, and moving up from there.

  • Blaugust Conquerer (2015): This was back when I was over on Blogger, believe it or not. I pretty much just recapped the year and didn’t discuss what I may or may not have learned, but at the same time, earlier Blaugust events were a bit more challenge-based rather than the focus of continuing the trend of blogging.
  • Blaugust (2016): I participated in 2016, but didn’t have a post at the end of it. Mainly because my life was falling apart at the time, and I split with my ex-husband less than a month after August ended. So we’ll cut some slack, there.
  • Blaugust (2017): I didn’t participate at all this year, mainly because I was trying to piece my life back together. I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t post this year, because there’s huge gaps I’m missing in my own mind, and blog posts, regardless of what they’re about, seem to jigger my memory.
  • Blaugust 2018: Post Mortem: What did I learn in 2018? Well, some things I already knew about myself, but were very much brought into focus during the event.
  • Blaugust 2019 Postmortem: 2019 found me with similar conclusions as 2018, but also surprisingly some more than I initially thought I’d learned.

2020 Lessons

My thoughts for 2020 are pretty much the same as 2019.

  • Blogging every day is a valiant goal, but is not something I can manage full-time. I do plan to try to continue a three days per week schedule, but we shall see how that turns out as the months continue.
  • On the days I blogged, I was less likely to journal in my bujo (bullet journal). Which has kind of been a detriment to me this month with the way the world is right now. My mental health has suffered some from not having quality journaling and self-reflection time.
  • When life gets overwhelming, my content creation endeavors take a nose-dive. Ugh, I’m dragging myself. Because yes, this continues to be the case in all of my content creation endeavors, including adult work.
  • I miss creating content that is more in-depth rather than more personalized. While I didn’t write anything that was more in-depth during Blapril this year, I do still miss writing article-like content, and I have a bit planned as evergreen material in the coming months (book reviews, thoughts on gaming types and gamification, etc.). I’m also trying to figure out how to extend this to my sex blog to attempt even a two posts a week schedule.
  • Numbers seem to be more of a distraction than a help. This continues to be the case. I appreciate how much they help some folks, but I very much scroll past that kind of chat in both Discord, and when it shows up in blog posts. This is not to say that folks aren’t allowed to post it, or should stop. It’s more my own self-worth and depression screwing with me if I focus on that stuff. So I politely scroll past and congratulate folks on their success.
  • Content Calendar is QUEEN. I am not sure why I held out on using one for so long. A huge shout out to Tessa for helping me to see the light! The content calendar has helped me so much in both catching up on posts and getting ahead on posts. It’s also helped me to better see what kind of drafts I have available to write, and what evergreen topics I can pre-schedule and move around. I’m a very visual person with certain things, and being able to see my month of blogs at a glance, but know that I still have the opportunity to respond to things going around the blogosphere, or tackle things I may have experienced while nerding, and move out previously-scheduled posts has helped me so very much in renewing my enjoyment for writing, and has even sparked some inspiration.
This is post 26/31 for Blapril. You can find out more and sign up at Belghast’s original post. You can view those participating on Twitter via the Twitter list I put together. Nogamara of Battlestance has put together an RSS feed of all Blapril participants.