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Bleeder of the Pack

Bleeder of the Pack

This is post 15 of 31 for the Blaugust event. To check out more Blaugust posts and sign up to participate, visit the Blaugust Nook!
The Salt Strands in FFXIV over near Lamia.

I’ve been on kind of a screenshot kick, lately. This one I took while I was working on my Marauder quest, Bleeder of the Pack. I’ve been posting all these screenshots mainly because I’m trying to catch up on Blaugust posts (don’t judge!). But also because life has been so busy, as of late.

I haven’t been getting in as much gaming as I’ve wanted to, and it’s wearing on me. The last time I hopped into Final Fantasy was over on Lamia back at the end of July (before the move). And it wasn’t for very long. About a week before that was the last time I played on Cactuar. In fact, as of today, it’s been a month since I logged in on Cactuar.

But, I haven’t logged onto Cactuar because I’m feeling a tad stuck with real life. Plus, I really want to get to 30, and I can’t do that without Chaide because we play together on those classes. I suppose I could login and do some farming this weekend. Just some fishing while I work on chores, or watch some Netflix. Or put together my character sheet for our new D&D game that starts this weekend.

Or even putting together videos. Videos are something I’ve also wanted to do a lot of this month, but haven’t had the time to.

So, there we have it. I resolve to hop into Cactuar this weekend, even for an hour or two, just so I can work on some professions. If I recall, I think I even put Mining on my list of goals for August. So there! Motivation! And a goal! I’m feeling better and less stressed already!

TGTCML, Part 2

TGTCML, Part 2

This is post 13 of 31 for the Blaugust event. To check out more Blaugust posts and sign up to participate, visit the Blaugust Nook!

Aywren, one of the Blaugust participants, posed an impromptu writing prompt on her blog asking:

Do you have a game you feel changed your life? Blaugust about it!

This post is part two of this journey. You can view part one at your leisure.

Down the rabbit hole.

In 2007, I transferred from a State college to a Private college for various reasons. I’d been poked about playing World of Warcraft by some of my friends from the state college, but I never really felt any real connection with those friends. I guess you could call them just folks I sort of hung out with between classes rather than had any connection with and spoke with outside of school.

It wasn’t until I made some friends at my new college that I decided to bite the bullet. Just as I started that school year in 2007, I picked up World of Warcraft. I was watching one of my friends play out in Outlands, and decided it’d be fun to roll up a character and try. He gave me a free trial card, and the rest is kind of history, in a way, I guess.

I wrote a post a while ago detailing my first few days of WoW. I started on Detheroc (Horde), but then moved to Dalaran (Alliance) to play with the majority of my college friends. I had so much fun leveling and healing in Karazhan. It was a great way to get closer with my circle of friends in real life, and meet some new ones online. At one point, I decided to roll an alt (Horde) with an online friend over on Ravenholdt. I started raiding on both servers at the same time.

Just as I started grad school, I switched servers again (Llane, Horde) to be a “more laid back” player with some friends I kept in touch with from my undergrad that played but weren’t over with the folks I was raiding with. Things progressed there, but I think that’s another story for another time.

But, I can say, that during this time of my life I was going through a lot of changes. And WoW, as silly as it may sound, was a way to keep me sane, and help me through a lot of emotional distress I was experiencing. The friends I made through WoW at this point in my life helped to define my future self, and the choices I made. For instance, deciding to move to Georgia to attend graduate school.

The Game That Changed My Life (TGTCML)

The Game That Changed My Life (TGTCML)

This is post 6 of 31 for the Blaugust event. To check out more Blaugust posts and sign up to participate, visit the Blaugust Nook!

Aywren, one of the Blaugust participants, posed an impromptu writing prompt on her blog asking:

Do you have a game you feel changed your life? Blaugust about it!

Contrary to how I view gaming now, gaming was not a big part of my life growing up–I classified myself more as a geek and nerd than anything (and I still do, don’t get me wrong). But it’s not like I didn’t game, either.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not like gaming wasn’t a part of my life growing up. I played Berenstain Bears on 8-inch floppy while in pre-school. I was one of the first kids with a computer in school. But while gaming was something I did, it wasn’t as big a defining part of my life.

I loved to game–I played Pokemon on my gameboy; I played Mario Kart on our N64; I purchased a PS2 to try out various games… but they weren’t the only thing I did.

What girl growing up being born in the 80s didn’t want to marry Jareth?

As a kid, I mostly read. And if I wasn’t reading, I was watching a fantasy or sci-fi movie (that wasn’t too scary). And when I wasn’t watching a movie, I was out in our back yard, pretending to be in the fantasy world–whether it be near the trees or in the pool. I mostly saved video games for when I was out with my parents and bored, or when we had friends over. Sometimes my brother and I were allowed to play the N64 together, but it wasn’t very often. Looking back on it, my parents were pretty strict with monitoring our play time as kids (not that it bothered us much as we had other outlets).

As a teen, while I played more games on the PS2, and kept playing on the N64/Gameboy video gaming was not a defining factor of my life. Again, I was a big reader. I was also very involved in my high school–I was in musicals, and plays, and band, and choir. I even wrote for the school newspaper for two years. I was in lots of clubs, and was involved in community theatre during the summer, as well as working various summer jobs.

My favorite Sailor Moon villain.

While I spent a lot of time online, it was mainly writing fan fiction (primarily song-fics), or working on a Sailor Moon Villains website (I was kind of obsessed–and I still am!), or creating dolls (you remember those–they were pixel models without hair or clothes or sometimes eyes, and you had to digitally add everything), or designing websites for fun, or lots and lots of chatroom RP.

It wasn’t until I hit college in 2005 that I really started to get into gaming. I joined some clubs and started using my PS2 more. I started playing more games with my (now) best friend, and we would have girl-nights where we’d play games, watch movies or anime, and binge on pizza. Despite this, no one game caught my interest as something that would keep me gaming consistently. When we gamed, it was mainly multi-player games, and if they weren’t multi-player, we’d take turns when one of us died. While I remember having fun with all of them, none of them quite left an impression on me.

When I transferred to a different college in 2007, I discovered World of Warcraft. And that is a story of it’s own. So look for Part 2 later!

First X-89

First X-89

This is post 4 of 31 for the Blaugust event. To check out more Blaugust posts and sign up to participate, visit the Blaugust Nook!

On Tuesday night, it was raid night! We usually do Tuesdays as a trash farm night to help folks newly attuned get in on some gear, and try out X-89 for the first time, as we usually don’t get him down. We went in and steamrolled the first two mini bosses. We were on fire! And then we wiped on a pack of corrupted Dawngrazers. It was actually kind of funny that we wiped on trash just before the last mini boss, rather than the mini bosses themselves.
We hit up Gravitron Operator, and got her after a few attempts, as we’d some new folks in the run. It was our second time getting her, and we completely forgot to get a screenshot the first time, so I made sure to take one this time!

Then we went on to X-89. We got him down after a few attempts!! It was my first X-89 kill, and the guild’s second kill. I do feel really bad, though, because I had terrible bomb placement as I wasn’t focused on my feet at one point, and I dropped a bomb in the middle dropping one of our healers. I feel really, really, bad about it. But she was avenged, because I got stuck in another bomb that someone dropped correctly.

I wasn’t really playing to my full potential on Tuesday. Part of it was I was distracted by the cats being dicks. The other bigger part is that I was tired and stressed, and my mind just wasn’t in it. Normally I can push those feelings aside and settle into raid mindset easily–and I just couldn’t on Tuesday. I’ve sort of been in a funk since, which has made it difficult to even write this post. But I have, and it came pretty easily once I got over the malaise of writing it.

I think that’s the hardest part for me as a blogger. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I don’t like taking meds because I don’t like what they do to me. Most of the time, I do a pretty damn good job of staying positive, getting myself out of a funk, calming my axiety (it also helps I have a fabulous therapist who’s taught me a lot of tricks to help with all of these), etc. But every so often, I get in a funk. And it’s usually when life just smacks me in the face and I feel overwhelmed. And that’s when I really could care less about doing anything…

I’m going to get through this challenge, though! I’m going to get 31 posts in 31 days, even if some days end up with duplicates (because I need to catch up). And I can’t beat myself up for not keeping up with it, because then I won’t finish. I got this, hold my beer.

Playing Catch-Up

Playing Catch-Up

Blaugust Begins

What is this Blaugust you keep hearing about? The general gist of the matter is that you post thirty-one posts during the month of August on your blog (or vlog). I signed up to participate, but due to some busy times, I’m a tad behind at the moment. Suffice to say, I’ll be doing some catching up. For the full details, and to sign up to participate, check out this post here. The event itself is run by the epic Belghast (by the way, I think all of us participants should put together a pool of cash to buy him a game or two from his Steam wish-list! Just sayin’!), and at this point, I think there’s somewhere upwards of eighty bloggers participating!
So, today marks Post 1 of 31 for the Blaugust challenge for me. Some days you may see some double-posts to catch up, and possibly get ahead. This first post is going to be more life-based, as one of my goals for Blaugust (Oh! Look! A post topic! 😉 ) is to feel more comfortable sharing the real life stuff.


While not officially a day of Blaugusting (I made a new word!), it was the catalyst day for why I haven’t blogged until today. Thursday I worked from home, and headed out to our new apartment to get the keys, do the walkthrough, and move in some of the small stuff–like our art and some of the things the pets didn’t need immediately. I also had to actually do some work, so I stayed around the apartment and did said work… without internet. Then, Chaide came over to see the apartment, and we also had two friends who live in the area come by as well to do a grandiose tour. We all ended up going out for dinner, and then just chilling for a bit afterwards. By the time we got back to our old apartment and crawled into bed, it was close to midnight… and we both had to be up the next day to work.


Friday happened to be my Birthday, and I was overwhelmed by the messages on social media. In a good way, of course. I appreciated But it did make focusing on work itself a tad harder, on top of being excited to move into a swanky new place. After a long day at work, we packed up some more of the apartment, including the computers and router and headed over to the new apartment. We moved the perishable items we brought (we cleaned out the fridge) in, as well as the computers, and headed over to IKEA before it closed. We got two new bedside tables, two new computer desks, and a lamp for our living room. By the time we got everything back to the apartment, it was way past dinner time, so we stopped at a neat restaurant that Google claimed was cheap ($ out of $$$$ or whatever), but it ended up not being so cheap. But I did get a free Birthday double-shot of Whiskey, so that was awesome. By the time we got home, it was again midnight, and we had to be up early the next day to deal with the movers. (While we never officially celebrated, we’re having a Hogwarts-themed party on the 15th, and you can bet I’ll be posting pictures!)

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday were fairly uneventful aside from the moving process itself. Saturday the movers came to our old place, grabbed our stuff, and moved it to the new place. I unpacked a bunch over both days, and Chaide unpacked and put together all the new furniture we bought.We also had no internet whatsoever, so we couldn’t raid on Saturday, so we spent some time by the pool and just hanging out together. And going to bed early. Because that helps a lot.


Yeah, this is pretty much what I was doing.
Ah, today. I got up early to try to figure out a new routine now that my commute to work is different. So I got ready, dawdled a little bit, and then headed out to the car. Car turned on and then… wouldn’t move. When we bought the van for $300 almost a year ago (because my other $500 Craigslist car’s transmission fritzed), we knew the transmission wasn’t so great, so we repaired what we could and dealt with it. Today, the transmission finally fritzed. I was totally in a panic. Luckily my boss was okay with me working from home for the day, but that didn’t solve the immediate problem of how the hell I was getting to work tomorrow. But the mother-in-law was kind enough to let us borrow her second car until we can get another. We’re not going to bother fixing the van. It’s not cost effective, and we qualify for a loan for other cars. It’s just a matter of finding one that will (a) let us get the car we already have picked out or (b) be low enough to afford monthly payments on a dealership car. And then as I was putting something away, I smashed my head against a shelf by standing up in the wrong place. There’s a nice red lump there right now that looks like it’s starting to bruise. Eh, I’ll just have to get creative with brushing my hair, tomorrow.
So, I know it was life-filled and long, but it helped a lot to be able to write it all out and be done with the stress and anxiety. I didn’t get to game any, today, but I have a few different post ideas, so keep an eye out.
Moving Stress Commences

Moving Stress Commences

Yesterday was a fairly laid back day for gaming, considering that we packed most of the day. The move is really stressful at the moment, and our game time is going to be limited this week and next. Tonight we’ll probably get in some Final Fantasy. Tomorrow is mini-boss night in Genetic Archives (WildStar). Wednesday is some normal dungeons and adventures in WildStar. But from there on, gaming is pretty much up in the air.

Thursday I have a job interview, and a lot of things to take care of with our new apartment as I need to pick up the keys, do a walkthrough, etc. on top of working from home. Then we have dinner with some friends. Friday we’re going to IKEA after Chaide gets off work to get some new computer desks and the like. And then Saturday we move. We’re going to try our best to get online in time for raid on Saturday, but there’s no guarantees based on the fact that we use Crapcast for our ISP. Sunday we should be able to get a little gaming time in, assuming we were successful in our unpacking endeavors on Saturday.
So, needless to say, I’m a tad stressed this week for real life, hah.

Anyway, yesterday was a laid back game night. I had scheduled a world boss run in-guild, but there were only five other guildies on at the time, so we went to do the Dominion-zone Metal Maw with folks that already had a group together.

I was able to get Bauxyte her first boss kill, which was exciting. I’m really digging the Warrior in WildStar, and I plan on playing more of her–even to the point of attunement! She’ll never replace Chestnut, but maybe once Chestnut has seen all of GA, Bauxyte can get a chance. I mean, it’ll happen at some point or another. It always does as games progress. Even if she’s (Bauxyte) behind a tier, or is helping a second group or whatever.

After Metal Maw, one of our guildies wanted to run a Vet Adventure, so we ended up running two of them. We only had four of us that were into doing a run, so we pugged the last spot, and ended up with an Esper that had just gotten through the ten day trial and was really enjoying the game. We chatted a lot, and so far as I know, they ended up applying for the guild, which is pretty awesome.

We found out that one of the members only had one of the Adventures available to him, so we spent some time grabbing Crimelords and WotW quick for him. That way we didn’t end up with a Malgrave randomly. Because ugh, Malgrave. But it was awesome that we got folks upgrades, and found a neat new person out of it. Our internet kept being a jerk during Crimelords, though, so I’m really hoping things get straightened out with it when we move this weekend, because I’m over the constant lag/DC issues that only started last Thursday.
Easing Back In

Easing Back In

Vacation Fini

Friday we got some tasty dinner, and played a long game of Eclipse as a refresher for Chaide and me and a first game for our friend Tal. Saturday was a lot of Eclipse, and then some Love Letter, and then it was the Red Eye to Charlotte, and then back to Atlanta.
It was almost twelve hours (if you include the three hours we “gained” going from PST to EST) on planes, so we crashed when we got home, went out to get groceries and dinner, and then picked up the dog. Then it was some relaxation time in WildStar.
I didn’t do Day 3 of Hero’s Journey yesterday, nor am I doing it today. I’m making it a goal to do it tomorrow, even if it means locking myself in the private bathroom at work and exercising at lunch.


I handed in some contracts on Chestnut and finally hit cap on the PvE contracts. But then I spent most of the evening putzing about lazily on Bauxyte. I didn’t get any levels, but I did start catching up on quests in Whitevale.
I also fiddled around with costumes a bit and put together this smashing outfit for her–no dyes necessary! I do need a better sword for her, though. That’s going to be the hard part–I haven’t really found a lot of sword skins that I like. She’s almost level 27! I’m so close to 30! And then it’s the dredge through Farside. Maybe it won’t be so bad on my Warrior compared to my Slinger. Jhisalith (my Slinger) just kind of got to Farside and said “Fuck this shit.” and just sits in her plot.
Admittedly, I wasn’t have as much fun on the Slinger. And I’m not sure if it’s because of her race, or path, or just if Slingers aren’t really my thing, at this point in time. Who knows. I do know that I’m having fun on Bauxyte, so I’ll continue to play her until she’s no longer fun.
For now, however, it’s time to get in a bit of Final Fantasy for the first time in a few weeks!
Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet

Goodness gracious, it’s been a bit since posting. But that’s what a busy vacation does! This is more of a real-life focused “micro-post” (as much as I can write a micro-post, anyway), so read or don’t read–it’s your own discretion.

Friday was a Bachelor party for Chaide, Saturday was a car insurance debacle over a silly small paint transfer (and cops being really mean–it kind of ruined my day) as well as a Pre-Wedding hangout, and Sunday was a wedding. We also had to get packed, bring the dog to a friend’s house because they’re being awesome and watching her, and get the cats ready for a week alone.
Monday we dealt with some flight delays and flew into Madison, WI. We spent lots of time hanging out with Chaide’s BFF (who we consider more his sister, considering they’ve known each other over 20 years already), her husband, and their son (~20 months old), who clung to us the entire time we were there. He loved his Uncle Chaide to death while we were out sightseeing (and at the pool), and had a blast hanging out with me at home. 
I also put together an article over at QueueTimes on the TSW DevStream, The Streaming Ones, from last Friday, July 10th. If you’re interested in the changes they’re implementing (which are a lot of awesome ones!) for Issue #12, check it out! It was a fun way (legit!) to spend an evening in our hotel. Because I really do enjoy gaming that much.
Tuesday we went over to the House on the Rock, and I now really have to get a copy of American Gods to read it. It was such a neat place! Though it was a lot of walking around, and a very long self-guided tour. Completely worth it, though! We also played some games after our nephew went to bed, specifically Love Letter and Tokaido. Both were fun. People who hate on Love Letter for being “simple” or “easy” or what-have-you, have not taken into account extremely long days with children, and then mixing in some alcohol after they go to bed. It’s a nice game for when you don’t really want to think too hard, but still want a little strategy or logic-based puzzles.
We also hit up this amazing restaurant in Madison square before we left on Wednesday night (they were lucky enough to have a baby sitter have some time free last minute) called Harvest. The menu was amazing! We enjoyed dinner, and a walk around the Square before heading back to the hotel.
Thursday we spent some more time with them before flying out to Seattle, WA. We got in yesterday, a tad sleep deprived, and then spent a bunch of time hanging out with our friend Tal. We met Tal back in EVE Online when we first started playing, and then started up Black Daggers with him. He’s since moved onto FFXIV (over on Lamia), but we stay in touch, and try to play with him on his server any chance we get.
Tonight (after I take a quick nap when I’m done dealing with a possible car loan to get me a nice used car), we’re going to get in some drinking and play some Eclipse, which we happened to pick up to do some gaming tomorrow night with a few of his friends. We’re also going to go to a nice steak place for dinner, which is exciting.
Quick update on Hero’s Journey – I did Days 1 and 2 in the pool Monday and Wednesday, and today I’m going to work on Day 3. Being on vacation and dealing with planes and airports has limited my time, but even if I’m not getting it in every day, I’m making sure to try to complete the days as soon as I can. Once we get back home, I’ll be able to do them daily. Considering we’re on vacation, I still think I’ve done pretty damn good!
We fly back home to Atlanta on the redeye Sunday midnight PST (3am EST), and then it’s back to work on Monday.
My game time may still be limited, though, until we move into our new apartment. There’s just still so much to do, but that’s another post for another time.
To Optimal or Not To Optimal?

To Optimal or Not To Optimal?

Hero’s Journey – Day 1

So, I started Hero’s Journey last night at the gym, to keep up with the LoseIt challenge (which starts a week before the Greysky Armada challenge does–so… yesterday). So, I know I’m not in the best shape, but I average about 9k steps a day, eat healthy, and am slowly losing weight. And even at Level 1, I could barely get halfway through.

I was able to do forty of the leg raises, forty of the squats (though I wanted to cry), twenty of the tap toe hops, and none of the climbers. So, what does that mean for the challenge?

I had thought about saying “Screw it!” altogether. But that’d just result in unhealthy habits, which I’m trying to get out of, especially as Chaide and I try to start a family. Instead, I’m still going to do the challenge. But I’m going to keep doing each day until I complete it on Level 1. So it might take me longer than sixty days–but isn’t the point to become better at fitness and enjoy it? Do I really need to be “perfect or go home” about it?

I’ll admit, while I wanted to cry at the pain, I had fun. And fun is not normally a word I equate with fitness. So why give it up? Why not work my way to the Day’s goal at my own pace? Why not…

Thanks, Shia.

Veteran Oregon Malgrave Trail

Last night, I set up a Vet Malgrave Trail for some new guild members who needed to work on Attunement. Being one of the more difficult/longer adventures, folks are less likely to run them as a “quick thing” in-guild, and in general.
We did really well! It was some of the most fun I’ve had outside of raiding. We introduced it to two folks who’d never seen it before, and we were also able to move two of the three DPS (one is an alt of someone already raiding) onto the Dungeons attunement step. Tonight, the guild is running Vet Crimelords to help those still needing it for attunement as well.
We Silvered it, though barely. All of a sudden, we hit a no-supplies zone (after RNJesus had been so nice to us, too!) and lost six caravan members. Of course, people might fault us for, “Not taking the most efficient/fastest path”. But that’s not the point, at least how we generally feel in Black Daggers. The guild is based on the idea that you can complete something from every avenue. Sometimes it may not be the easiest, and sometimes you may be spending two hours, but you can still complete it. And you can still get Silver or Gold. 
I sometimes get annoyed with the people who say there’s “only one path”. Because there isn’t–that’s the point of Adventures! There’s multiple paths! And there’s achievements for completing each part of the path, not just one single way.
Hokanu even Tweeted this morning about a similar experience he had yesterday. And I really felt it resounded with the run we’d had in Malgrave.
Ran Hycrest yesterday morn. My team chose options I’d never experienced before! “Optimal” is often “boring”. Glad to see the new #WildStar

— Hokanu (@Hokanu_) July 8, 2015

I just wish that in general, more people felt this way about running content. Not only in WildStar, but in other games, as well. Sometimes, based on your group makeup, and the way people play, the optimal way really isn’t all that optimal.
For instance, for the longest time when the guild was first learning Drokk in Veteran Kel Voreth (KV), we would wait for four Silos until breaking out of our tethers. Why? Because at the time, it was way too chaotic for our DPS and healers to try to survive after breaking out, and get to Drokk to interrupt the Silo. Nowadays, people would look down on a strategy like that–especially in a PUG. But you know what? While not optimal, it was the easiest way for our groups to perform the fight to completion.
I really feel people would benefit from stopping to smell the roses every once in a while in the games they play–and to try different strategies, even if they aren’t optimal.
Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journey

Independence Day-Weekend

This weekend was a lot of packing, and a little bit of gaming. Thursday we didn’t game any, as we had dinner out with some friends. Friday we didn’t really video game either, as we hung out with a friend in the morning, argued with our apartment complex in the afternoon about our notice to leave (I won’t get into details, but it’s aggravating beyond measure, and we’re being taken advantage of, but that’s better than trying to deal with anything legal and drawing it out plus costing us even more money), and Friday evening/night we hung out with some friends and played a bunch of tabletop games. In particular, we played a few rounds of Five Tribes, which was a lot of fun, but not something I think I’ll master any time soon.

Saturday was chores, and a bunch of packing, though I did get onto WildStar for a bit to run some normals with some folks (then went back to packing), and then about five or six Vet Dungeons to hit my Elder Gem cap for the week, as I hadn’t really done anything to get any. Sunday was raid night, so I spent some time working on perfecting my Frenzy/DPS rotation, which helped me out some. We got Experiment X-89 down lower than last week, however, we did lose quite a few people towards the end of the raid. I’m sure it didn’t help that we set it up for a Sunday night over a Saturday night. Positive is still trying to pin down the days that work best for the most people, so we may have some more nights that differ until it’s settled (for a while, at least).

Last night was more packing, as well as hitting the gym. I also spent a fair amount of time playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on my DS. I forgot how much fun it is! I bought it ages ago, and my mother brought it with her when she came to visit in May. I had apparently left it at their house when I moved, so it was nice to have it back! Chaide also bought me Pokémon Pearl over the weekend, but I had to go switch it out yesterday, as whomever turned that particular copy in just took a Spyro game and slapped the Pokémon label on it. Probably for more money on the return. Jerks.

Hero’s Journey (#GSHerosJourney)

While tracking my food this morning on LoseIt, I decided to check on how I was doing on my “Walking to Mordor” challenge (I’m… not doing so well, haha) and stumbled upon a challenge focused on the Hero’s Journey program over at Darebee. I decided that the challenge looked neat, so I joined (it starts today–wish me luck!)!

I tweeted about how neat the challenge looked, and Nephsys piped up that she’d love to try it out, and we should offer it as a challenge for the Greysky Armada FC folks! So, after some interest, we’ve decided that we’re going to do just that, and I’ll be heading it up!

So, what is it? It’s a 60 day exercise program that has RPG elements to it. You choose weapons and companions that give you bonuses, and can choose to take bonus quests, etc. The weapon you choose determines extra exercises you do, and you earn points based on the intensity of your workouts. Some days have you choosing which actions to take, and based on your actions, you do specific exercises. And some days, depending on what path you choose, you get Karma Points (scroll to the bottom of the linked page, but don’t look until you hit that particular day!). It’s a really neat concept overall!

While I will be starting today to coincide with my LoseIt challenge, we will be starting up for the FC on Monday, July 13 (unless folks are inclined to begin early, or you stumble upon the challenge late–in which case you’re welcome to join!). This is also open to folks that are not in the FC, per se, but know folks from the FC that would like to participate in the challenge as well.

I have a Google Spreadsheet going for those that would like to participate, and I will get the link to you either via Twitter or Email to add your progress–just hit me up on Twitter, or leave a message here! I feel like the Spreadsheet is set up fairly self-explanatory, but here’s a quick screencap and details:

Twitter Handle: Your Twitter handle. If you don’t have one, feel free to fill it out as: N/A
Adventurer’s Name: The name you’re going by!
Are you wearing Body Armor?: Within the challenge, you can add wrist and leg weights to increase the intensity of your workouts, and earning a bonus for points. Let us know with a Yes, No, or Sometimes
Weapon of Choice: There are six weapons to choose from for the challenge, and they all give you extra exercises to do throughout the sixty days. They include: Heavy Sword, Hammer, Bow and Arrow, Lasso, Red Ribbon, and Magic Ring. They focus on specific areas and/or equipment, so choose what’s appropriate for you and what you have access to! (EDIT) You can also choose to forgo without a weapon after Day 3’s initial Weapon Practice.
Level 1, 2, or 3?: Based on your prior exercise experience (or current routines), you can choose which level you’d like to participate at. You will maintain this level throughout. (EDIT) You can change this at any point, and add your points accordingly. If you do change levels, please note in the Day with what level you changed to!
Day 1, Day 2, etc.: This is where you will track the points you earn based on the points chart. Based on when you start this challenge, people may be ahead or behind you. Don’t worry about what day other folks are on–just focus on your sixty days!

So, what do you get for completing it? I’m going to make up a snazzy badge for your blog/social media page! It’d be awesome if you chat about your progress on your platform-of-choice (Twitter, blog, etc.) as well. It could be a daily quick-post, or it could be a weekly post talking about the challenges you ran into for the week, the Karma points you got, etc.

So, why are we tracking the points? Because it’s part of the program, and who doesn’t like to know their Score at the end of the game?! But there won’t be anything for it–because all of us will be winners as we gain better healthy habits!

To better track those participating, please use the #GSHerosJourney tag when you share your updates/blog posts on Twitter! That way we can offer support and encouragement (and a little bit of competition!) to one another as we progress!

Will you be joining us on this Hero’s Journey?