It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things


Just before this whole quarantine thing started, I found myself needing to find little comforts for myself. I eventually settled on, well, stickers! I have a thing for stickers, and I don’t know why. I love both practical to-do/journal stickers, and I love decorative stickers. So I decided to splurge and pick up a monthly sticker subscription over on StickiiClub (I did not include my referral link as it includes real names, unfortunately). It’s only $10USD sans shipping, and they’ve three different styles to choose from every month. You can change which style you want monthly, or you can pick up multiple per month (for an extra $10 per pack).

For March I ended up getting the Retro pack (mini-spoiler pictured above), and for April I got the cute pack. I’m waiting for them to release the mini-spoilers in the coming days so I can decide what I’m going to pick up for May!

I really have enjoyed stickers for a very long time, and getting these stickers in the mail just makes me so very happy, and I look forward to getting them every month. It’s also given me space to try and be a little more creative in both my bullet journal and my planner.

Let’s Color

Right after quarantine started, my polycule linked some Pokemon coloring pages in our group chat. They were kind enough to print some off for me (I’ve no working printer of my own, right now, though will need to eventually invest in one), and we did an “outside the door” exchange, where I dropped off some masks my mother had made for them, and some banana bread I had made, and picked up the printed pages they left outside for me. Manthing also colored a Pikachu one for me as an “I miss you gift” which was super fucking adorable and sweet, and I’ve got it hanging up on a board by my computer. I’ve yet to finish any myself, but have been enjoying a few minutes here and there opening up my new colored pencil set and just zoning out as I color. It has helped a bunch with my anxiety over the state of things.

This is post 11/31 for Blapril. You can find out more and sign up at Belghast’s original post. You can view those participating on Twitter via the Twitter list I put together. Nogamara of Battlestance has put together an RSS feed of all Blapril participants.

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    1. They totally could! I’m following the artist that created them on Instagram, now, and it is absolutely worth it!

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