YouTube Binge: Try Not To Sing

YouTube Binge: Try Not To Sing

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Today happens to be one of those days (that I mentioned in my prior post) where I’m adjusting what I may normally do to get a post out, but still be a tad interesting (hopefully). When I have rough days, sometimes it’s fun to binge on cute and fun YouTube videos. Most of the time I hit up the Royalty Soaps channel (and her brother’s new channel), because they’re just such peppy positive people, and how can you go wrong with watching some soap making?

Today, however, I found myself needing some music. But not just any music—music that makes you want to sing. I’ve watched some of the FBE channel on YouTube before, but most of the time the “[Age Range] Reacts!” videos don’t do it for me. Today, however, I stumbled on more of their “Try Not To Sing” series, and it was honestly just what I needed. At first it was easy not to sing along, but then all of their reactions and the songs themselves helped with the immediate feels and brought me back up to some semblance of normal. And then I found myself failing along with them, which was just as fun.

I know it’s not prompt week, but here’s a question for y’all: When you have a rough day, what kinds of things do you do to cheer you up?

8 thoughts on “YouTube Binge: Try Not To Sing

  1. If I’ve had a rough day (but still in a general sense, with nothing extraordinary going on), it’s actually not too often gaming I will turn to. Generally it is just to watch something low effort on Netflix and switch off for a bit and recharge. 🙂

    1. Low effort definitely helps me. I know just “vegging” out sometimes gets a bad rap, but it really does help some days!

  2. Hm. When I have a rough day I try to do something that doesn’t need much thinking, so usually watching anime, watch something on Netflix or read a book.

    Maybe even play a game that doesn’t require much like Stardew Valley depending on the mood. But that is kinda rare.

    1. Something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking is totally why I end up in silly YouTube binges. But anime sounds like a good idea, because I typically don’t have the time to watch it otherwise… Maybe I’ll try it next time instead of YouTube!

  3. Royalty Soaps’ channel is one of my favorites too! I’ve recently started to learn to make soap and it’s so much fun to watch other people’s methods and get ideas for things to try.

    When I’m having a rough day, reading, Warcrafting, gardening, or crocheting usually help me feel better. That, and cuddling with my husband/kids/cats. Or watching my weird chickens do chicken things. If none of that works, then it’s probably just time for me to go to bed and hope tomorrow is better.

    1. I’ve tried watching some other channels, but none make me as happy as her’s do! If you have suggestions, I’d love to give them a try!

      Those are all great ideas. Cuddling my cats helps some days, too.

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