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#FitGeekFriday: Welcome to Twin Peaks

#FitGeekFriday: Welcome to Twin Peaks

Original Image from Geek Fitness

This week has been a decisively Twin Peaks heavy geek out on my end. Probably because I saw the teaser trailer (see item 2) and got all excited. I hope y’all like Twin Peaks. Or at least are intrigued by it!

Twin Peaks Meets Pole

I like watching pole videos for a lot of reasons. First, I like seeing what kind of moves and tricks are in my future. Second, everyone is just such a great performer! Third, I like getting ideas for flows and transitions for when I get my pole at home and am able to pole every day just for fun and practice. I guess YouTube saw that I had been watching Twin Peaks related content, and showed this to me as a recommended video. It’s amazing, and the way it is cut fits perfectly with the song. Worth a watch, whether you like pole or not.

Twin Peaks Teaser Trailer

This is the teaser trailer that sent me down the rabbit hole this week. Because, holy crap! I’m so excited for the new Twin Peaks series! A friend gave me their Showtime login information just so I could watch it as it goes come May.

Diane Podcast

Image from the podcast’s Facebook page

Diane is a podcast I recently discovered, actually, after they favorited one of my fangirl Twin Peaks tweets. Every episode, they discuss an episode of Twin Peaks, including trivia, continuity, allusions to literature and other media, critical analysis, etc. I love learning new things and listening to their thoughts on the episodes. They also give a quick synopsis of the episode so you can follow along even if you haven’t watched the episodes recently. There are spoilers, though, so if you’ve never watched Twin Peaks, my suggestion is to watch the episode they discuss before listening. If you have trouble with UK accents, however, this may not be your cuppa.

A Slice of Pie

Image from Etsy

If you know Twin Peaks, you know how important pie (and coffee) is in the show. And this is the perfect Twin Peaks necklace. I love kitchy jewelry. It makes me happy. I especially love kitchy jewelry that reminds me of fandoms I enjoy. For instance, one of my favorite necklaces is a bee on a honeycomb because it reminds me of The Secret World. I’d love to get this necklace one day just because.

Thank You, Angelo Badalamenti

I’ve also been spending a lot of time listening to this playlist in between podcasts when I need more of a “focus background music” type thing instead of a “I can listen to podcasts and work” type thing. The soundtrack to Twin Peaks is unique, and expresses so much about the show. It’s definitely worth a listen.

#FitGeekFriday: It Begins

#FitGeekFriday: It Begins

Original image from Geek Fitness

#FitGeekFriday is something that Professor Beej has put together, once again, to share what he’s geeking out about regarding the “…fitnessy, mindful, hodge-podge of cool stuff I’ve found.” Way back when this was a linked initiative, I participated, so I figured I’d make it a thing on the blog again and participate that way, because I always write too much to make it viable for Twitter.

Pole Goals

Eda is one of the reasons I started pole.

I’ve mentioned it before (mainly on Twitter, but here as well), but pole dancing has consumed my life. I’ll get into the details of why doing it as exercise has been good for me on so many levels in another blog post, but something that I’m geeking out about this week is the pole goals my instructor and I finally set in stone, and some are even checked off! I saw this idea in one of the pole groups I’m a part of, and I thought it was a really cool idea to try out to track my progress in pole. She has a book from when she got certified with X-Pole, and we went through it today, and I’ve completed pretty much everything in Level 1 of pole minus three spins, and all the stuff regarding climbing. For now, we’re going to be working on the spins, and building up my core and upper body strength to start on the climbs. We figure, depending on when I can get a pole at home, that I’ll be able to “test out” (there’s no official test, though some places test your abilities to move into the next level of classes) of level 1 and into level 2 around August or September.

Quest Bars

Before I go to pole classes on Monday and Friday (which are late in the day), I’ve been eating a Quest bar for a protein boost and to have a snack because I won’t be eating dinner until close to 9 PM at night (I don’t like eating a full meal before exercise). I’ve had Quest Bars before, but never really got into them because I didn’t like the exercise I was doing, and didn’t care about nutrition and, well, I wasn’t in the best place to begin with. However, recently, I’ve really gotten into them, and I’ve been warily trying out flavors based on what the grocery store has. My overall favorite so far is Cookie Dough, but the grocery hasn’t had it, so I’ve tried Cookies and Cream, Double Chocolate Chip, and S’mores which have all been pretty tasty, too.

NCIS Binge

I cried so much… (Image from CBS)

I’ve been binging NCIS on Netflix because I needed a somewhat-mindless television show that, even when it had “IN THE FEELS” episodes, ended on a somewhat happy or bittersweet note. (My anxiety and depression have been in flux, and a majority of shows just don’t feel good.) NCIS fit that bill perfectly. I’m surprised that I made it through all 13 seasons available. I usually “jump the shark” between season 3 and season 5. While I did think some of Season 11 and 12 were draggy, and the writing wasn’t the best, and it was kind of annoying, it wasn’t to the point where I didn’t want to not watch anymore.

Epsom Salts

These are my new jam. Pole is fun, but it’s a full body workout, and it’s hard. And sometimes even two days later, a part of me is still sore, depending what I did in class. I’ve been loving soaking in these because I got a milk and honey one, and they smell amazing, and I hurt way less after soaking for a half hour or so. I’ve also been using these as a self-care thing when I’m not sore, and I love it.


Image from Hypable

While I’ve been soaking in the tub, I’ve been enjoying catching up on my comic books. I’ve recently started Monstress, which my brother got me this past Christmas. I’m two chapters into the first volume, and I’ve found it enjoyable so far. I’m looking forward to finishing it, and putting together a more comprehensive blog post on my thoughts for the volume.

Thoughts on The X-Files – Season 1, Episodes 7-12

Thoughts on The X-Files – Season 1, Episodes 7-12

I enjoyed writing up my reactions to the first six episodes, and definitely plan on continuing. In this bit, I’m going to delve into episodes 7-12 of Season 1. This batch of episodes is also a mixed bag, but had some stellar episodes as well. In fact, it ended up in a better position than the previous six episodes.

*I have color coded the episodes using green (I enjoyed it), yellow (I could take it or leave it), and red (I didn’t enjoy it (or possibly didn’t watch it—check the summary)).

Episode 7: Ghost in the Machine

An episode focusing around Artificial Intelligence. Think anything by Asimov, and it’s pretty much this episode. The episode overall was… uneventful. Forgettable, even. I know I watched it. I vaguely recall the ending. It didn’t leave a mark, but it obviously wasn’t terrible, either. An improvement over the prior two episodes, however.

Episode 8: Ice

This is a great episode based off of a novella and movie. Scully, Mulder, and a team of scientists end up in Alaska to figure out why another team of scientists all killed each other. Gripping episode with great story and character development.

Episode 9: Space

This episode is one of my least favorites. While going back through the list of episodes from Season 1 to complete the post, I saw it on the list and went, “UGH! That one was so dumb!!!“. I mean, everyone has their own opinion about episodes, but this one was another that I seriously considered why I even watched it.

Episode 10: Fallen Angel

This is an episode focusing on the main story, and one that has a character that comes back later on in another season. The episode is pretty good, and delves more into Mulder’s backstory. I really enjoyed it, though some of it moved a little bit on the slow side and I wanted it to just get to the point.

Episode 11: Eve

Another great one. Two fathers on the opposite side of the country are murdered at the same time in the same way. It’s a “creepy kid” episode with some neat lore and mythology. I really enjoyed it, plus Harriet Harris was in it, and she’s one of my favorite TV actresses.

Episode 12: Fire

Another monster-of-the-week episode, but it’s a great story, plus young-and-sexy Mark Sheppard is in it. I mean, HELLO! Of course it’s a good episode. Kidding aside, it really is a great story and well acted. I enjoyed it a great deal.

Thoughts on The X-Files – Season 1, Episodes 1-6

Thoughts on The X-Files – Season 1, Episodes 1-6

I’ve been delving into X-Files for the first time in my life (yes, really) the past few months. For a while I’ve been wanting to do some sort of review or thoughts piece, but I could never figure out how to do it, until an idea struck me just yesterday.

One of my friends is also watching X-Files for the first time, though is a few seasons behind me, and is running into the same issues I did with certain episodes. Having pushed my way into Season 8, I really do feel that skipping some episodes in Seasons 6 and 7 are almost necessary.

So I’m going to work through the episodes as a series of posts, with just a quick blurb on my thoughts—did I like it, did I dislike it, did I skip it, etc. I think it’ll be fun to do, too! I’ll try my best to stay away from spoilers, but I can’t guarantee. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Season 1!

*I have color coded the episodes using green (I enjoyed it), yellow (I could take it or leave it), and red (I didn’t enjoy it (or possibly didn’t watch it—check the summary).

Episode 1: Pilot

The episode that started it all! Of course I watched it. Scully is hired as a part of the X-Files to debunk Mulder’s work, and for this case, they investigate abductions of some students. At the time, I enjoyed the episode, and having seen Season 7 at this point, I was excited to see a few of the characters back in a particular episode.

Episode 2: Deep Throat

This episode introduced one of my favorite characters in the first season!  The episode seemed a little hokey at some points, and it was difficult to put aside the fact that some of the special effects didn’t particularly translate that well with age. A bunch did, however, which was wonderful to see. Overall, I really enjoyed the episode, especially the ending with Deep Throat.

Episode 3: Squeeze

This episode is a fantastic episode. But for me, it’s a “take it or leave it episode”, because it is just too creepy for me! This is one of the few episodes that has stuck with me and still scares me. All Chaide has to say to me is “Tooms” and I start freaking out. If you enjoy scary episodes that raise your blood pressure and anxiety levels, then this is definitely the one for you. So creepy…

Episode 4: Conduit

I found the episode overall on the boring side, but I watched it because the backstory of Mulder and Samantha was intriguing, and obviously something that I felt would be a storyline carried through a few seasons (it ended up being seven of them before we finally get some finality!). Something to watch for the lore, but something that’s a bit painful to get through with some of the acting and plot.

Episode 5: The Jersey Devil

This episode was largely a monster-of-the-week episode and was boring overall. They attempt to develop the partnership between Scully and Mulder, though somewhat ineffectually. The story was lacking, and it’s not an episode that comes to mind immediately—I had to look up the summary, and then re-read it to even remember if I watched the episode. I watched it, but wouldn’t do so again.

Episode 6: Shadows

Another monster-of-the-week episode, it deals with ghosts and paranormal phenomena. I can’t say much more about it other than that without spoiling a large portion of the plot, but another episode I asked myself “Why did I watch this?”.
Attunement Done!

Attunement Done!

I’ve been spending a large quantity of time in WildStar since Thursday (though Friday I pretty much just binged on Gilmore Girls, which I’m enjoying, as I never watched it at the time it was on television).

I’ve helped run a lot of dungeons, worked on contracts, reps, and dailies… and I finished my attunement for Genetic Archives!!

I’m glad to be done, honestly. Though the hardest part wasn’t the adventures, or dungeons, or bosses, (though they were are difficult). The most difficult part was finding the desire to finish it. To find a group of people I’d like to raid with, and not just “put up with” or what-have-you.

While there have been some changes in-guild recently, I think we’ve gained some pretty awesome members who are looking for the same type of things the rest of us are. And that’s half the battle.

Having a good guild is the most important part for me when it comes to raiding. I’d rather take it slowly, once a week for a few hours, rather than farm through it for the gear. The gear isn’t what makes it fun for me (though it can make things easier)–it’s the people you complete the challenge with.

Even dungeons I’ve run a bunch feel fresh and new and exciting when you have the right group together personality-wise (despite how much you do or don’t wipe). While it wasn’t a specific goal for the month, it’s definitely a huge accomplishment. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in game-play. And I’ll be sure to take a bunch of shots when we hit up Genetic Archives for the first time next weekend!

Third Sub

Third Sub

Gym Battle

The long weekend was pretty nice. I have found that when I have more time to spend with Chaide, the less likely I am to take the time to blog. Which is great, because I love spending time with him, but I don’t take the time to do something else I love, and won’t take all that much time away from hanging out with him. Ah, the dilemma.

Anyway, this weekend I decided that I really needed to join a gym. Working out at home has turned into not working out at home. And my back is paying for it. To the point where I was considering seeing a chiropractor (which freaks me the hell out for various reasons we shall not get into). So I did some research of gyms in the area, and found one that’s 24 hours, just opened a new branch in the area, and will have classes soon. So we tried it out.

And I found that I really liked going to the gym. I do think it helps that it’s (1) a smaller gym with front-desk folks that already know our names after two visits, and (2) one of the front-desk folks has been a personal trainer and musculoskeletal therapist for thirty years, so he’s been teaching me exercises and stretches.

Two days after working with him (for free, mind) my back feels a million times better. So much better, in fact, that I feel like my walking posture is different. So yeah, my back was pretty tight… I didn’t go last night, as I had to go back to get my hair undercolor re-dyed (we Gingers do not take well to dying, so she had to up the volumizer… again.) but I plan on going tonight when Chaide gets off work. It also helps having a gym buddy to keep me accountable. Even if I don’t go every day. I’m really blessed to have a husband that supports me trying to better myself like he does. Like, really really lucky.


Monday, Chaide purchased a used DSi for me from one of his friends from his courses at school. I have the original DS in all its bulky glory, but I’ve been using it mainly to play the few GBA games I still own (mainly Monster Rancher, though I have a copy of Pokemon Emerald I have yet to play). So now on top of the four DS games I currently own (Brain Age, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Rhapsody (which is totally a blast from the past type thing, because I played that on a friend’s Playstation!), and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All), I have four new ones (Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Doctor, Super ScribbleNauts, and Nintendogs: Lab & Friends)!

Granted, I may trade in some of the ones I got to get something else, but I have more games to play. In which case, I may have a DS small enough to fit into my purse and be carried around for lunch break purposes (did I mention the original is kind of unwieldy?). Though I may alternate between reading one day and gaming the next.

Anybody have a DSi? Any games you’d recommend that would play well on it? In fact, what Game Boy Advance games would you suggest? I’m bummed I sold my Game Boy Color way back when, but at least I can download an emulator…

Doctor Who

We’ve been catching up on Doctor Who, as well. We had finished Season 7 and were kind of like, “Meh”. Smith took forever to grown on us, and the season just felt lackluster compared to prior seasons (though we like Clara a tad bit better than Amy, but Rory is still the best Companion in the 11th reign). We hadn’t watched any Doctor Who since watching the last of Season 7 months ago, as we don’t have cable.

So over the past few days we watched the 50th Anniversary episode, the final Matt Smith Christmas episode and the first episode of Season 8. For the record, we haven’t seen any spoilers on any of this, so it’s all new to us. How did we avoid spoilers, you ask? Well, for one, our friends who watch are also (mostly) the binge-watch types, or we don’t see them often enough to hear about it weekly. Secondly, we just kind of avoided social media for the big episodes.

The 50th Anniversary was amazing. I thought it was very well written, and tied up a lot of questions I had, and even some I didn’t. I loved the cameo, as well. The Christmas episode, however, was terrible. What the heck was I even watching? I just… it started off with so much promise! And then POOF! It was terrible. The only bit I did like from the episode was when they confirmed that the tenth doctor technically regenerated twice. It gave me great pleasure to hear that because I’ve been arguing that with some friends IRL for ages, and they’ve been poo-pooing me.

As I’ve only seen one episode with Capaldi doctor, I’m not too sure how I’ll like him. So far, I think he’s a good cast, and I’m looking forward to the second episode of Season 8 because it’s a space episode, and we haven’t had one of those good space-horror episodes since Donna, really.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Jhi’salith the Chiss Imperial Agent

On the gaming front… well… we picked up SWTOR. Yep. And I really tried to play it F2P. I did. I truly did. And… it sucked. It sucked so bad. So, we subbed. However, even being a sub account, I feel  completely nickled-and-dimed on everything but the story. So whether I will stay subbed or not, we shall see. I will at least do so to level to max level.

I’m playing an Imperial Agent (Marksman), and I’m enjoying her. I did have fun with the story, and completed the first flashpoint. I do remember some of the things we did when we first played in beta/release, and they have made changes to make it a tad easier. There are things, however, I’ve found in WildStar and FFXIV that I miss not having in TOR. But I think that’s kind of run of the mill when you play multiple MMOs.

I was also extremely upset to find out that same-sex-romancing hadn’t yet been implemented (that I could find), because I can totally see my character’s personality (or how I play her) jiving with Kaliyo. However, a WildStar guildie did say they think it comes into play later on in the game (possibly the expansion) so we shall see. I was also a bit miffed with all the Light Points I kept getting with my choices, when I completely didn’t see them as being a Light Side choice. It feels like you either kill something to get Dark Points or do something manipulative (and possibly darker intentions than killing someone) to get Light Points. What if I’m just being strategic because I’m a damned Agent?!

Like, in my story arc, you could flirt with someone or kill them, so I decided to flirt with them to make them go away. But I got Light side points. Uh, what? Manipulating someone like that is just as dirty as killing them. And then saving the Cyborg in the flashpoint to interrogate him seems much more evil and sinister than killing him outright. In fact, killing him seems merciful in the situation. So, really, BioWare, what the hell constitutes a light or dark situation in your algorithm?

Annoyances aside, I do think I’ll enjoy the story, and there will be a bunch more screenshots on the blog. In fact, here’s a bunch! (Also, is it possible to hide the UI during cut-scenes?)

True Detective

True Detective

WildStar Week

Ladies in front, boys in the back! (LtoR: Sheae, Doom Kitty, Myself, Positive, Camara)

This past week was a busy week in WildStar. Tuesday night we ran Bay of Betrayal on the PTR again, and almost downed the last boss! We’re going to try again next week. I’m in the process of writing a post for my thoughts on the Drop 5 PTR, and I hope to be posting it soon (as it includes a fast-forwarded video of us running Bay of Betrayal).

Friday was our “Normals Night” as I like to call it. We have a lot of 50s that run Veteran/high level content throughout the week, but we also have a lot of people new to the game, new to the guild, or just wanting to get some time in on an alternate character–so we like to set aside a night here and there for them.

We do run impromptu stuff, but it’s nice to know that there’s a night where people can put their feet up and help each other out–which is what we’re all about. I ended up helping out on three runs before I had to log for the night. I ran a Hycrest Insurrection and Kel Voreth on my Slinger, and a Baby Protostar on my Baby Esper.

I’m actually enjoying Esper DPS a lot more than Slinger DPS. In a way it reminds me of Elemental Shamans from WoW, and I loved Shaelee, my elemental/resto shaman. Oh, how fortuitous that my Esper is also named Shaelee and has the same coloring as my resto shaman…

I’m hoping that Chaide will want to get in on leveling his baby warrior (Keanu Anderson–yes, it’s a Matrix reference, and yes, he hams it up with Matrix references on the toon), as we’d been leveling the toons together.

WildStar News

PvP Season 1.5 has been announced with lots of changes incoming, and the PvP community is starting to become cautiously optimistic. Also included will be a mini-pet (companion, whatever) that the top 5% of PvPers in 3v3 Arenas will have access to. This will either (1) get more people interested in PvP to try to win it, or (2) people will QQ because they have to play hundreds of plat for that one mini-pet. Honestly, I think it’s great to reward people with things like that, and eventually the prices will come down for it if people don’t want it. I know that it’s good motivation for some of my guildies that dabble in PvP to come play Arenas with me. So there’s that.

DD (the WildStar CM) announced yesterday, was the ability to copy your live characters onto the PTR instead of having to re-roll a new level 50. Not that the process is difficult by any means, but some people just can’t be parted from their mains for various reasons. So I’m hoping it’ll get some more folks checking out the PTR.

Real Life

Wednesday and Thursday were busy days with real life shenanigans, and left little time for gaming. With Chaide’s graduation coming up soon, we’ve a month full of events, including my mother being in town for Mother’s Day and his graduation. That week there will probably be very little gaming, so instead, I think I’ll be taking some photos of the things we go do and making short photo-oriented posts for the days she’s in town.

Last night, Chaide and I were invited to a dinner party. We were the youngest there, but we had a lot of fun. The food was delicious, and the people who invited us were very gracious hosts. It was sort of a teacher-networking thing as well, in a way. Which was nice for Chaide.

True Detective

Chaide and I recently finished the BBC Broadchurch, and have been looking for a new show to watch. A while ago, one of our friends told us to check out True Detective, and likened it to “Lovecraft without the Lovecraft”. After having watched 5 of the 8 episodes, I would have to disagree with the statement.

It’s a very interesting mix of general horror meets crime-show meets philosophical debate meets psychological horror. It’s very good and worth the time, assuming you enjoy psychological horror shows. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey truly bring the characters to life and give them a purpose. They’ve always been fantastic actors, but this solidifies them as gentlemen that will continue to be fantastic actors well into Sean Connery-age.

Also, the theme song for the season is a lot of fun. Give it a try if you’re looking for a new show to watch.