Real Talk for Blapril

Real Talk for Blapril

Past Advice

It’s that time in Blapril where we work through prep week. Prep week is essentially where those of us who’ve been around and think we have things to share about blogging as a whole, do so. I’ve written three posts in the past (during Blaugust) with advice on blogging, and the event itself.

Impostor Syndrome and Your Blog – Ignore the first half of the blog post, and scroll down to the second half! I discuss what Impostor Syndrome is, why it’s probably more common with seasoned bloggers than you think, and ways to tackle it if you notice it bubbling up to the surface.

Some Last Advice – While outdated, the tidbit of wisdom it drops is that… running events like these are difficult! If you can make it easier for Bel to count posts, please do! Use the appropriate hashtag (#Blapril2020) when posting to social media. And think about adding a counter to your sidebar or somewhere within your posts. It helps, believe me!

When Chronic Illness Strikes – Many of us bloggers deal with some form or another of visible or invisible chronic illnesses. I list out some of my own methods for tackling blogging whilst dealing with my own chronic illness in an attempt to help others make the most of their spoons in relation to blogging.

This Year’s Advice

This year, Blapril came up as a kind of solution, if you will, to the isolation many are feeling with COVID-19. And really, the only advice I have at this time for Blapril is something related to what Matt Haig posted on Twitter.

Honestly, if you don’t hit your goal for Blapril, or start and can’t finish… you’re still achieving something. We (the collective we) are dealing with a shared traumatic experience. Trauma can screw with even the most neuro-typical person, and even more so with those who’ve past trauma of many different types. It can make you feel “unproductive”, but really, you just getting through the day is productive enough. Don’t beat yourself up over not blogging or creating content, okay? You’re allowed to be still with your thoughts, and take one day at a time.

This is post 1/31 for Blapril. You can find out more and sign up at Belghast’s original post. You can view those participating on Twitter via the Twitter list I put together.

4 thoughts on “Real Talk for Blapril

    1. Those days are the roughest—where “simple” tasks take so many spoons to complete, leaving us depleted. 🙁

  1. That’s a good tweet, I like it, usually something along the lines my therapist tells me when I feel I’ve not done as much as I should.

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