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Moonlight: A Sailor Moon Fanzine

Moonlight: A Sailor Moon Fanzine

This post (13/31) is part of the Blaugust Reborn event! You can find out more about the event at Belghast’s blog. I (Chestnut) created a Twitter list of all participants. Armagon created an OPML file of all the bloggers to import into your feed reader.

I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled on it. But there it was, in my Twitter timeline—a Sailor Moon zine. First thought: “Holy crap! A zine! I haven’t seen zines, since, like, high school!!” and second thought: “IT’S ALL ABOUT SAILOR MOON AND THERE ARE PHYSICAL GOODIES AND I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.”

I don’t get hyped about many fandoms, day-to-day. I have a lot of interest in various fandoms, but there are none that get me excited like anything Sailor Moon does. My obsession with Sailor Moon knows no bounds. If I could have every single thing both officially and unofficially created that was even remotely Sailor Moon themed, I would.

Though, to be completely honest, I’d buy it just for the Black Lady content. She has always been my favorite Sailor Moon character. I don’t particularly have a favorite Sailor Senshi; I suppose by extension it would be Chibi Usa. But there’s just something about Black Lady that has always called to me. I consider her of “waifu” status.

If you browse the official Twitter or Tumblr for the Zine, you can get previews of some of the artwork featured, and I’m super excited.

There’s a contest to win a copy of the zine, but I personally think it’s worth purchasing, regardless of which package you picked. I ended up moving money around in my budget and picking up the Galaxy bundle, because I think it’s important to support all of the work that’s gone into this.

…And also because I really want all the pretty things that come with it.

#Listmas: Holiday Questionnaire Fun

#Listmas: Holiday Questionnaire Fun

So I’m getting back from vacation and into the swing of things. I figured I’d take it easy and do something simple to get me back into the swing of writing. I stumbled upon this cute little questionnaire over at A Life More Kawaii, and figured I’d fill it out as a way to exercise my brain and fingers.

Art by Momo-Deary

Favorite holiday movie?
White Christmas is away and by far my favorite holiday movie in existence. I’ve always loved the movies that my Grandmother would play for us as kids (1950s movies and the like), and White Christmas just stuck with me. Plus, it’s Bing singing great songs.

What are 3 things on your wish list this year?
The Saga graphic novels collection, Sailor Moon Season 1 DVDs, and Sailor Moon graphic novels. Two of which I received from Chaide for Christmas, and one from my brother. I feel very lucky that they got me them. I may or may not have squeed a bunch over all of it.

Why yes, I do have a Sailor Moon addiction. Problem?

Does it snow where you live? 
Not usually. Living in the south pretty much guarantees it’s a rare occurrence. But when we do get snow, it’s Snowmageddon.

Which winter holiday do you celebrate?
I was born and raised Catholic, so I grew up celebrating Christmas. While I consider myself more spiritual now, than following any particular religion, we still celebrate Christmas. However, I really just enjoy the season and that it tends to bring out the best in people–which really is the true meaning of the Holidays.

Worst gift you’ve ever gotten?
For Christmas? Uh, I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ve ever thought, “this is a terrible gift”. I’m always thankful that people take their time to get me something, because it’s definitely not a necessity.

Biggest pet peeve about the holiday season?
Aside from it “starting” before Thanksgiving? (Which is completely my biggest pet peeve in existence–let each holiday have its own time to shine without overlapping!) The fact that people get all righteous over the holidays. Not everyone is Christian, or Jewish, or Pagan. And while not everyone of these faiths gets uppity, the few that do are very vocal. Why can’t we all just get along and be decent human beings to each other, which is the prime teaching in every single religion?

Favorite seasonal song?
I think it goes without saying that it’s Bing’s version of White Christmas.

Would you rather it be cold and cloudy, or be kind of warm out?
I prefer cold and cloudy. Because maybe we’ll get some snow that way.

Hot chocolate or eggnog?
I used to adore eggnog when I was younger, but I think I’ve just grown out of it. I’d give it a try if it were that homemade stuff, though. Hot chocolate would have to be my answer–though it’s a year-round thing.

Favorite thing to wear during the holiday season?
Leggings! Even though I’m plus size, I love to wear leggings. Though I usually wear them with dresses because who needs “winter dresses” when you can wear summer ones with leggings?!

Anybody you’re hoping to bump into under the mistletoe?
I think mistletoe is kinda dumb. Always have. Always avoided it, and still do.

Embarrassing holiday story?
I don’t know of any embarrassing ones. Though I do remember in middle school one of the few times we had Christmas Eve at our house, my grandpa had a heart attack and had to be carted to the hospital in an ambulance…

Favorite holiday treat?
One of my grandmothers makes these “ginger cream” cookies that are to die for. But I can’t share the recipe with you–it’s a family secret. But seriously, they’re this molasses cookie with spices and icing and they’re soft and oh-so-tasty.

Latest you’ve stayed up on New Year’s Eve?
I’ve done the ball drop a couple times. Honestly, it’s not my thing. I’d rather stay up and play video games. Which I think is the plan this year, too!

Favorite holiday character?
I honestly don’t know that I have one. I can only really think of the Grinch and he’s not a favorite or anything.

Do bird boyfriends count as holiday characters?

What are you doing for the holidays this year?
This year we flew up to visit my family for the holidays and spent some time with them, which was very nice. Though I think next time we might make it a bit shorter because the poor cats were so upset.

Favorite pie flavor?
I know it’s a sin, but… pie really isn’t my thing. So no thanks. I’ll take some home-baked cookies!

Your favorite holiday tradition growing up?
My father’s birthday is early December, so we’d always decorate the house for his birthday, and then put the tree up a week or two later.

White lights or colored lights?
Depends on which ornaments we’re using to decorate the tree! And if we’re not doing a tree and just lights, depends on the area and the general lighting/decoration situation.

What tops your tree?
Chaide and I don’t do a tree at home (three cats…), but my parents have an angel topper that my mother made to top their tree.

Candy canes – Yum or Yuck?
I love minty things! Gum, candy canes, soft peppermint candies…

Favorite gift ever received?
Just being able to visit my family for the first time in 2.5 years was pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Favorite seasonal activity?
Does staying home and doing nothing but gaming count as a seasonal activity?

Favorite seasonal story?
I don’t really know that I have one…

Which of the “12 Days of Christmas” would you most like to receive?
I’ll take the ten lords a-leaping. Especially if they look like some sexy Otome boys. *fans self*

I can’t wait to play this~
The Game That Changed My Life (TGTCML)

The Game That Changed My Life (TGTCML)

This is post 6 of 31 for the Blaugust event. To check out more Blaugust posts and sign up to participate, visit the Blaugust Nook!

Aywren, one of the Blaugust participants, posed an impromptu writing prompt on her blog asking:

Do you have a game you feel changed your life? Blaugust about it!

Contrary to how I view gaming now, gaming was not a big part of my life growing up–I classified myself more as a geek and nerd than anything (and I still do, don’t get me wrong). But it’s not like I didn’t game, either.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not like gaming wasn’t a part of my life growing up. I played Berenstain Bears on 8-inch floppy while in pre-school. I was one of the first kids with a computer in school. But while gaming was something I did, it wasn’t as big a defining part of my life.

I loved to game–I played Pokemon on my gameboy; I played Mario Kart on our N64; I purchased a PS2 to try out various games… but they weren’t the only thing I did.

What girl growing up being born in the 80s didn’t want to marry Jareth?

As a kid, I mostly read. And if I wasn’t reading, I was watching a fantasy or sci-fi movie (that wasn’t too scary). And when I wasn’t watching a movie, I was out in our back yard, pretending to be in the fantasy world–whether it be near the trees or in the pool. I mostly saved video games for when I was out with my parents and bored, or when we had friends over. Sometimes my brother and I were allowed to play the N64 together, but it wasn’t very often. Looking back on it, my parents were pretty strict with monitoring our play time as kids (not that it bothered us much as we had other outlets).

As a teen, while I played more games on the PS2, and kept playing on the N64/Gameboy video gaming was not a defining factor of my life. Again, I was a big reader. I was also very involved in my high school–I was in musicals, and plays, and band, and choir. I even wrote for the school newspaper for two years. I was in lots of clubs, and was involved in community theatre during the summer, as well as working various summer jobs.

My favorite Sailor Moon villain.

While I spent a lot of time online, it was mainly writing fan fiction (primarily song-fics), or working on a Sailor Moon Villains website (I was kind of obsessed–and I still am!), or creating dolls (you remember those–they were pixel models without hair or clothes or sometimes eyes, and you had to digitally add everything), or designing websites for fun, or lots and lots of chatroom RP.

It wasn’t until I hit college in 2005 that I really started to get into gaming. I joined some clubs and started using my PS2 more. I started playing more games with my (now) best friend, and we would have girl-nights where we’d play games, watch movies or anime, and binge on pizza. Despite this, no one game caught my interest as something that would keep me gaming consistently. When we gamed, it was mainly multi-player games, and if they weren’t multi-player, we’d take turns when one of us died. While I remember having fun with all of them, none of them quite left an impression on me.

When I transferred to a different college in 2007, I discovered World of Warcraft. And that is a story of it’s own. So look for Part 2 later!

Chocobo Racing

Chocobo Racing

This weekend, Chaide and I played a bit in the Manderville Saucer. I loved the mini-games, but didn’t bother with the Triple Triad table. Maybe I will try a game sometime this week and see if I like it or not. I’m not the best at card games, so I’m kind of hesitant.

Off to the Races

The one thing I was looking forward to the most at the saucer was the Chocobo Racing. And I found out I kind of suck at it. Most of the time I ended up in eighth place.

I did win once, but I call it luck based on how terrible I was doing the rest of the time.

The animations for winning are so adorable. I’m looking forward to getting some more racing in to learn the tracks and figure out Stamina management better. I’m also looking forward to breeding, though I don’t particularly want to retire my current Chocobo because I love her name.

Yep, that’s right. She’s named after my favorite Sailor Moon character–Black Lady. Speaking of Sailor Moon, I want to start watching Crystal again (too bad it’s blocked at work). I’ve only watched the first two episodes, so I might sit down and watch them again and write a blog post on them. I’d also really love to get the mangas eventually. Maybe they’re online somewhere for free…


We played a lot of WildStar this weekend. Saturday evening was “Dungeon/Adventure Day” where we ran about ten total dungeons/adventures with all of the groups that we had running in-guild (not all at the same time, mind). Sunday we did much of the same, plus some dailies. It was lots of fun to hang out with guildies and start back up on finishing the reputation for Crimson Badlands.

On one of the dungeon runs, we had the Torine Headdress mount flair drop, and I happened to win the greed roll. It looks quite fabulous on my War Woolie. He now has a feather crown. 😀


I’ve been enjoying creating Let’s Play videos so much that I’m going to be doing a Let’s Play of Shadowrun: Returns (and the player-created campaigns) weekly over at QueueTimes! There’s a lot of great folks over there from the WildStar and gaming community in general, so you should check them out.

Chaide and Chestnut Play TSW (With Cam!)

Speaking of Let’s Play videos, I’ll be adding another to the repertoire here on the blog. Chaide, Camara (a guildie from WildStar) and I have all picked up The Secret World and are playing together, so I’ll be posting those every so often here as well.