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A New (TSW) Leaf

A New (TSW) Leaf

The Original Let’s Play

Back when I started playing The Secret World again, Chaide and I decided we should do it as a Let’s Play, and we roped one of our friends in to play with us. Eventually we roped another friend or two to play with us, and I have this lovely back catalog of Let’s Play videos to put together starring all of us.

However, I haven’t been able to bring myself to work on them. Mainly, it’s due to the fact that Chaide is there in those videos. The other (smaller) reason, is that the back log is just massive. Tons of gigs of video to convert and put together. But even when I feel like putting the videos together, I open it up, listen to a moment of Chaide’s voice, and close it down.

I’ve been healing fairly well through this divorce process. Some days are a cakewalk, and others not so much. I’ll get there eventually. But having these videos looming over my head isn’t helping that process at all.

I spent most of my New Year’s Eve cleaning up the apartment and getting rid of anything that reminded me of him. A literal new beginning, as it were. But I never got rid of the digital reminders. And that’s what those videos are.

A New Beginning

Image by errorc

So I’m going to be getting rid of that massive back log of video content. Just tossing it. The videos I have on YouTube will stay up there. I’ll probably make a follow-up video with footage of a new character explaining that series is coming to an end, and you can find a new series called… well, whatever I decide to call it.

As a part of my healing process and moving on with my life, it doesn’t behoove me to keep these videos around and to force myself to work on them.

Instead, I’m thinking of staring up a new character (y’all voted for Dragon on Twitter) and, well, either streaming or recording myself going through the missions! I currently have two Templars, and while I love the Templars, and want to finish the story out (which I might do as a LP of just me soloing the later missions and content at some point), I need a change of scenery.

The only complaint I have about this…? What about all my cool costumes and pets on my main?! Tilty, pls!

Various Updates

Various Updates

IntPiPoMo List Update

A couple of changes and additions have been made to the IntPiPoMo list, so here’s the current list! Be sure to let me know via Twitter, or on this post if you plan to participate! ^_^

Pizza Maid also put together this pretty awesome guide to taking screenshots in FFXIV that could also be applicable to many other games. Starshadow has another great one for screenshots in general, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for tips or ideas!

Let’s Play!

The second Let’s Play for The Secret World is now up! Short term goal is to get episode 3 started in the next few days, and maybe finishing it by the end of the week. It gets easier to do them as I go, so hopefully I’ll fall into a routine.


Speaking of videos, I am almost done putting together the last Yardcore from before F2P drop. A lot of folks I’ve done Yardcore with previously have updated their plots, such as Green Ghost (who now has a Twitter account if you’re interested in following him!), so I’m not sure if I’ll start with visiting updated plots for the post-F2P updates, or mix them up with new folks… we’ll see who jumps at the opportunity to go next first.

The next episode was actually a lot of fun for me to record. It’ll be on Slade Frackwell’s plot, who happened to be someone that opened my eyes to the wonders of housing, and someone who is always there to help out folks in Housing with ideas and the like.


Lots been going on in WildStar, but most of it is related to guild master duties, or ThaydFest. So I guess I’ll just pimp ThaydFest! This is an Entity Exile event that the guild hosts, and we’re already on ThaydFest 3!

ThaydFest is the biggest, baddest, most awesome event our server has ever seen (yet)! It’s a day full of awesome, a chance for you and your friends and your guild to log on and do something fun and different and experience the best part of Wildstar–the community. It is an event brought to you by your fellow players, and done entirely with the resources that the game gives us, and our own ingenuity. No matter what aspects of the game you enjoy, ThaydFest probably has something fun for you to do.

ThaydFest is coordinated by the Black Dagger Society and other community-oriented guilds and players on our server. We’re doing this because we recognize that the community is a huge part of what makes the game so awesome, and this is our way of giving something back to that same community. We hope that you’ll come out, have a great time, and maybe make some friends.

So if you’re in WildStar, check it out! Everyone is able to roll up a toon on Entity, assuming they have the character slots, so come join the fun! Carbine was even kind enough to donate some codes as prizes, so there’s that, too… And there’s more information using that nice little URL and we’re always looking for prize donations!


We’ve been playing a lot of FFXIV, mainly because Chaide is kind of over WildStar (until they make some changes). So it’s become his game-of-choice when we don’t want to schedule in some TSW. I’ve just been super busy with work, interviewing for new positions, and then social obligations on the weekends that I haven’t been able to write much about it.

But the cool thing is that a lot of what we’ve done in the game is easily written about after the fact, including the Hallow’s End stuff. So there will be lots of posts utilizing lots of screenshots for IntPiPoMo in the next few days!

The Bee’s Knees

The Bee’s Knees

#IntPiPoMo 2015

First I wanted to give the list so far of who will be participating in IntPiPoMo. If you’d like to participate, or are just interested in what the heck it is, check out this post, and sign up! I’m giving away three Steam gift cards at the end, so there’s that, too.

I’m excited to see how everyone handles the challenge of screenshots–daily; photo-dumps; commentary; no commentary… it’ll be really neat!

Chaide and Chestnut Play TSW (With Cam!)

I finally finished putting together our first Let’s Play for The Secret World! It was definitely a process because the program I use was a little overwhelmed by the size of the original recording… so I had to switch the computer I was creating it on, which limited the time I was able to spend on putting it together.

We started recording all of these back in, oh, May? So there’s a large swath of video to put together and put out before we catch up to where we are… which I kind of want to do because we want to get through all of the Samhain stuff and post it in a somewhat timely manner (before Christmas, maybe?).

Of course, though, most of the recordings are between two and five hours, so I’m going to have to try to figure out how to cut down on the time of them. As well as get better about splitting up our recordings going forward.

We’re also interested in constructive feedback. It is just a bunch of friends bullshitting while they play The Secret World, so there isn’t much structure, and we don’t plan on making it particularly structured, but any ideas or thoughts are something we’re interested in.

Chocobo Racing

Chocobo Racing

This weekend, Chaide and I played a bit in the Manderville Saucer. I loved the mini-games, but didn’t bother with the Triple Triad table. Maybe I will try a game sometime this week and see if I like it or not. I’m not the best at card games, so I’m kind of hesitant.

Off to the Races

The one thing I was looking forward to the most at the saucer was the Chocobo Racing. And I found out I kind of suck at it. Most of the time I ended up in eighth place.

I did win once, but I call it luck based on how terrible I was doing the rest of the time.

The animations for winning are so adorable. I’m looking forward to getting some more racing in to learn the tracks and figure out Stamina management better. I’m also looking forward to breeding, though I don’t particularly want to retire my current Chocobo because I love her name.

Yep, that’s right. She’s named after my favorite Sailor Moon character–Black Lady. Speaking of Sailor Moon, I want to start watching Crystal again (too bad it’s blocked at work). I’ve only watched the first two episodes, so I might sit down and watch them again and write a blog post on them. I’d also really love to get the mangas eventually. Maybe they’re online somewhere for free…


We played a lot of WildStar this weekend. Saturday evening was “Dungeon/Adventure Day” where we ran about ten total dungeons/adventures with all of the groups that we had running in-guild (not all at the same time, mind). Sunday we did much of the same, plus some dailies. It was lots of fun to hang out with guildies and start back up on finishing the reputation for Crimson Badlands.

On one of the dungeon runs, we had the Torine Headdress mount flair drop, and I happened to win the greed roll. It looks quite fabulous on my War Woolie. He now has a feather crown. 😀


I’ve been enjoying creating Let’s Play videos so much that I’m going to be doing a Let’s Play of Shadowrun: Returns (and the player-created campaigns) weekly over at QueueTimes! There’s a lot of great folks over there from the WildStar and gaming community in general, so you should check them out.

Chaide and Chestnut Play TSW (With Cam!)

Speaking of Let’s Play videos, I’ll be adding another to the repertoire here on the blog. Chaide, Camara (a guildie from WildStar) and I have all picked up The Secret World and are playing together, so I’ll be posting those every so often here as well.

Videos Incoming

Videos Incoming

You’re going to be seeing some more video posts pop up on the blog in the coming months.

I’ve been having fun playing through my (quite large) library of games, and recording myself playing said games. Chaide and I are also doing a play-through of The Secret World with completely new characters (and may be joined by some friends from time to time) and those will be shared here as well.

The third type of videos you’ll see are a weekly Yardcore: Nexus. In these videos, I’ll be sitting down with a community house creator in WildStar, and taking a tour of (one of) their plots while we talk about how they went through various aspects of creating their plot.
I don’t consider myself a YouTuber per se, I’d classify myself as a Blogger first and foremost, who loves talking about games while she plays them and likes to share these moments with others.
The first game you’re going to see for my Let’s Play videos is Torchlight. So I hope you enjoy the videos! 🙂