Videos Incoming

Videos Incoming

You’re going to be seeing some more video posts pop up on the blog in the coming months.

I’ve been having fun playing through my (quite large) library of games, and recording myself playing said games. Chaide and I are also doing a play-through of The Secret World with completely new characters (and may be joined by some friends from time to time) and those will be shared here as well.

The third type of videos you’ll see are a weekly Yardcore: Nexus. In these videos, I’ll be sitting down with a community house creator in WildStar, and taking a tour of (one of) their plots while we talk about how they went through various aspects of creating their plot.
I don’t consider myself a YouTuber per se, I’d classify myself as a Blogger first and foremost, who loves talking about games while she plays them and likes to share these moments with others.
The first game you’re going to see for my Let’s Play videos is Torchlight. So I hope you enjoy the videos! 🙂

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