Moonlight: A Sailor Moon Fanzine

Moonlight: A Sailor Moon Fanzine

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I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled on it. But there it was, in my Twitter timeline—a Sailor Moon zine. First thought: “Holy crap! A zine! I haven’t seen zines, since, like, high school!!” and second thought: “IT’S ALL ABOUT SAILOR MOON AND THERE ARE PHYSICAL GOODIES AND I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.”

I don’t get hyped about many fandoms, day-to-day. I have a lot of interest in various fandoms, but there are none that get me excited like anything Sailor Moon does. My obsession with Sailor Moon knows no bounds. If I could have every single thing both officially and unofficially created that was even remotely Sailor Moon themed, I would.

Though, to be completely honest, I’d buy it just for the Black Lady content. She has always been my favorite Sailor Moon character. I don’t particularly have a favorite Sailor Senshi; I suppose by extension it would be Chibi Usa. But there’s just something about Black Lady that has always called to me. I consider her of “waifu” status.

If you browse the official Twitter or Tumblr for the Zine, you can get previews of some of the artwork featured, and I’m super excited.

There’s a contest to win a copy of the zine, but I personally think it’s worth purchasing, regardless of which package you picked. I ended up moving money around in my budget and picking up the Galaxy bundle, because I think it’s important to support all of the work that’s gone into this.

…And also because I really want all the pretty things that come with it.

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