Warbringers: Azshara

Warbringers: Azshara

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The newest Warbringers video released a few days ago, this time about Azshara.

I’ve made it known that I’ve never liked elves. But, there’s just something about Azshara’s story that grips me… I wonder if it’s because the corruption from the Old Gods? I’ve been interested in them since I first discovered they were a thing. They’re completely of the Lovecraftian horror genre (unrelated: I wish there was a different name for the genre because so many people have made so many better things just from Lovecraft’s inspiration), and I do have a (somewhat) secret enjoyment of the cosmic horror of the unknown and unknowable.

I’ve also just always loved how ruthless and cutthroat Azshara has been from the beginning. Which is strange, to me, because I don’t particularly care for Sylvanas. Maybe because Azshara owns that she’s evil, whereas Sylvanas likes to play more in the grey areas? I’ve also loved how the story for Azshara, and the Old Gods in general, has been a slow burn for a very long time. And it just… makes me excited that we’ll finally be getting a stab at her, and thus, heading towards the Old Gods at large.

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