Necklaces and Rescues

Necklaces and Rescues

This post (11/31) is part of the Blaugust Reborn event! You can find out more about the event at Belghast’s blog. I (Chestnut) created a Twitter list of all participants. Armagon created an OPML file of all the bloggers to import into your feed reader.

Spoilers Ahead!

Before I begin my ramblings on the little bit of the expansion that I’ve played so far, I wanted to address a few things. First…

This post has spoilers… obviously. Read at your own risk.

Second, I’m going about this in a slightly different way than I typically do with blog posts. It’s just going to be a bulleted list of thoughts. It’s also going to be full of images. I’m playing through to max level first on Horde (so I can take my time with the story and still be leveled and geared in time for when we start raiding), so all thoughts right now are from Horde-side. I’ll try to contextualize them, but sometimes it just won’t happen. So, without further ado…

Bye, Illidan

  • It was fantastic actually seeing more of the Titans in a cutscene! I wish we’d gotten more of them in Legion.
  • Of course Illidan wasn’t going to come with us, Velen. Like, his life has been dedicated to killing demons, and specifically, chasing Sargeras. There’s no way he was going to do anything but take the opportunity to try to destroy (or at least imprison) Sargeras. Even if it takes a very long time to complete the task. Also, the smirk he gave Velen was WOOF.
  • Sargeras looks so cool!
  • Seeing Sargeras drive the sword into Azeroth brought on the tears.
  • I’m bummed we won’t get to see any of the Illidan/Sargeras battle.
  • I had chills just seeing Sargeras’ sword at the end of the cutscene.

An Amulet!

  • Whee! My amulet! I loved being able to hear a Azeroth a tiny bit. I think I’m going to enjoy this.
  • I was surprised that they give you the new gear to begin with? I didn’t really research much on how the gear system would work in BfA, though I did know that artifacts were going bye bye. And I learned the hard way that there was a stat squish. And I remember a guildie telling me that tier sets were going buh bye, but I was very confused on which gear piece to pick out—would I get chances to get them later? So after some searching, I finally found out that you do indeed get offered the other pieces later. I wish that was a bit more apparent, because I was obviously not the only one to have this concern/question.

Storming the Stockades

  • …oh goody. I get my orders from Sylvanas…
  • DANGIT SYLVANAS. I didn’t want to go release Saurfang from the Stocks! But I knew that’s what we’d end up doing, even though I was hoping we wouldn’t. Dangit.
  • Wait, is Rokhan the Troll from the cinematic? Regardless, I’m a little bit more interested in this run. I like this guy.
  • Okay, riding in on the birds has kinda sold me on this being pretty cool.
I don’t blame you, bruh.
  • Oh, we’re not getting Saurfang? Okay… I hope he escapes anyways. He needs to come back and bitch slap Sylvanas.
  • The trolls seem absolutely intriguing. I’m looking forward to learning more about them.
  • This whole stealthing around the city is kind of intense. More intense than I expected it to be when I first saw the AoE stealth activate, actually.
  • I mean, an ambush is to be expected, but it’s so freaking creepy and is actually making me anxious to have the Worgen trying to catch up with us. I mean, I know they won’t because of how the AI is probably set, but it’s still very… “GO! GO! PLEASE, GO!”

  • Oh, okay. I get why you did it now, but still. Stop it.
  • I’ve already forgotten the Princess’ name, but I need more of her!
  • Why are we blowing up ships now?! Can we just stop it!?
  • Oh but snap I want so much more of the Princess!
  • And this music! I haven’t played with WoW music on in a very long time, and this is giving me chills!

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