Levelling Lordaeron (Horde)

Levelling Lordaeron (Horde)

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For the Horde?

As Horde, I came into the scenario having to help empty out Undercity. Which is understandable, I suppose, considering Sylvanas had to be a petty bitch. But it was still sad. I never really played Undead (outside of a bank toon), but the layout has always seemed very straightforward to me, so I enjoyed hanging out there on my bank alt.

So once we got Undercity all cleared out and we were all outside, there was just… mindless killing bull which I was not down for and just wanted to be done with. And I was pissed once again that we were dropping Blight on our folks. I cried last time as Alliance, but this time? This time as Horde I was absolutely livid. I was beyond the point of crying. I wanted to do something about it.

I will always give you a second chance. Screw Sylvanas for letting you get caught.

After that Sylvanas wanted us to run around and drive the Alliance back through the fog itself. Um. No thanks, lady. I took a gas mask, and instead I healed some of the trolls running around that got stuck before they perished from the Blight. It at least made me feel some semblance of “better”, though not by much. Because screw you, Sylvanas.

Then, the cutscene, again. I cried once again. But this time because I was mourning that there weren’t more characters like Jaina around.

At this point it was back to countering the Alliance, and I kinda just let it go blah blah on. Because I’d lost my immersion value. I was far too angry at the cascade of events going on. Moreso than I thought I would be, having already played it (essentially) as Alliance.

Horde did get one mini RP scene between Sylvanas and Saurfang that nobody else got (before Saurfang gets captured and brought to the Stocks by Alliance). I liked that he called her out. And, to be fair (begrudgingly), Sylvanas did have some points back to him (despite this being ALL HER FAULT TO BEGIN WITH). But  OH BOY. When she pulled that line about his son? Uh uh. Lemme roll up my sleeves and have at her!

So we abandoned Saurfang, and get a slightly different/extended cutscene (by a few seconds) than Alliance, where Baine pretty much puts his foot down and tells Sylvanas to stop being a Queen B. But then she calls him out, and he reluctantly puts his tail between his legs.

Final Thoughts

I wanted to try to write something coherent about this, but I’ve just been so angry for days that I couldn’t string something worthwhile together. This whole questline has left a sour taste in my mouth, and I’m very much hoping that something happens with the the expansion to start the palate cleansing before we dive deep into the “how can Sylvanas fuck things up some more” story that’s coming.

Also, Baine Bloodhoof for Warchief! Once he gets a bit more experience under his belt, of course. Which, honestly, I feel this expansion is going to give to him in SPADES.

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    1. I know he’s kinda wet behind the ears right now, but I’m really hoping his time over in Zandalar and such gives him the nerve and resolve to be Warchief!

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