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Community Game-Along 2020

Community Game-Along 2020

Where Did it Go?

I’ve been an on-and-off participant (since 2016) of the Community Game-Along that Anne of Chic Pixel has hosted. While, admittedly, I haven’t picked up any games outside of ESO in a while (and honestly, even ESO has just been login rewards for over a month, though I’m hoping that will change soon), I was sad to not be able to find it on her blog this year when I looked in February.

Of course, like a newb, I didn’t even look at her old posts to check if she may have mentioned what was happening with it (spoiler alert: she did). So it wasn’t until a few days ago, thanks to Krikket, that I realized it is actually going on… it was just taken over by CapsuleJay and Nitro.

I’m super excited, actually. CapsuleJay is a pretty rad guy, and I know Nitro has been a participant for a while. So I’m sure once I get back into it, and actually look for related content, I’ll see more activity around it.

For those interested in participating, you can find the master list of topics, and more information on their new website!

Community Game-Along Plans

I’m sad I missed DatingSiMonth. Though, honestly, my life is spent in DatingSiMonth, what with the five million dating sims I own and need to play through (what can I say… I like the genre). I’m looking forward to trying out JRPGJuly. I’ve honestly never really played any big-name JRPGs (yes, I know it’s a sin), so I’m looking to try and dip my toes into that pond. I’m super excited about October (YAY HORROR GAMES!), and VNNovember. I mean, obviously VNNovember, with over 3/4 of my steam library being either dating sims or visual novels. The majority of my console games are also visual novels (all hail the Vita and PS4). And I’m not even including Detroit Become Human as a visual novel, though I very much want to (because it’s really just an Americanized take on the genre, really). I’m going to have to go through my games and start coming up with ideas of games I’m interested in tackling for each month.

This month, however, is CapcoMonth, where we play Capcom games! To be honest, I don’t own a lot of Capcom games. Many of them I have absolutely no interest in. Though I didn’t realize that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was a Capcom game until I started googling what game I might want to try out. So, I am finally going to try to complete Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, years after I initially purchased the game! And of course I still have my original first edition Nintendo DS (with a Sailor Moon skin) to play it on. I’m looking forward to it. Leave it to me to pick a Visual Novel to play on a month that’s not Visual Novel month.

This is post 4/31 for Blapril. You can find out more and sign up at Belghast’s original post. You can view those participating on Twitter via the Twitter list I put together. Nogamara of Battlestance has put together an RSS feed of all Blapril participants.
30 Video Game Answers, Part 3

30 Video Game Answers, Part 3

This post is (8/31) of the Blaugust 2019 event! You can find out more about Blaugust over at Belghast’s blog. I (Chestnut) created a Twitter list of all participants. UltrViolet created an OPML file of all the bloggers to import into your feed reader.

The other day I decided to turn a post from 2017 into some prompts for folks. Part two’s prompts can be found here. It comes to an end with this post, part three of three!

(Unrelated: I know I’m “behind” on posts, and while depression may have gotten the best of me for the past few days, I’m going to try to post an extra post or two every so often to try and catch up on the 31 posts. I may not hit 31, but I very much want to try.)

Favorite Protagonist

Just like with the antagonist question in part 2, I’m not particularly sure how to answer this one. There’s lots of characters I like, but there’s no real single protagonist I can pull out and say, “Yes! This is my favorite!”. I attribute this to playing mostly MMOs. I think I’d have a better answer to this if I had played more RPGs when I first started gaming, or if I played more now.

Game You Think Had the Best Graphics/Art Style

WildStar. I know it’s still not everybody’s cup of tea with the art style, but how can you go wrong? I loved it so much. It made me so happy with how unique it was.

Favorite Classic Game

What defines something as a “classic” game? To be fair, I really only played a few handheld games until we got an N64 in the house, but I never really had any other consoles until I purchased a PS2 in college. So I never really played a lot of “classic” games (if I’m thinking of what might actually classify as “classics”).

A Game You Plan on Playing

As I mentioned last week, Them’s Fightin’ Herds is on my most recent to play list!

Best Voice Acting

I unashamedly adore the voice acting in Secret World. It helps that I love that Jeff Combs and Armin Shimerman do various voices throughout the game. But overall, the voice acting and character development are what make me keep going back even if the combat makes me twitch.

Most Epic Scene Ever

What defines a “scene”? A cutscene? I think one of the ones that has stuck with me the most is the reveal of Drusera’s connection to the Entity we saw in Blighthaven in WildStar.

Favorite Game Developer

I’m going to leave details for Developer Appreciation Week, but I really dig Aksys Games. I’m sure it helps that they’ve pushed to localize a lot of otome. By extension, I suppose Idea Factory (and their Otomate brand) is probably one I adore, since those are the games getting localized. Though favorite… I don’t know if I could claim a favorite. I loved Carbine for WildStar. I love Funcom for Secret World… This would be like picking your favorite child.

A Game You Thought You Wouldn’t Like, but Ended Up Loving

To be brutally honest? WildStar. “What, Chestnut? YOU? Not like WILDSTAR?!” I know, I know. But when I played in the beta, while I was intrigued, it didn’t quite grab me. And I thought come launch that I just… wouldn’t like it. But I’d play it because that’s what my Ex and his friend wanted to play. In the end, I loved the game more than they did, and it still makes me sad that it’s gone (even if I wasn’t playing much at the end).

Your Favorite Game of All Time

This isn’t a fair question. This is, once again, like asking to pick a favorite child. Of all time? This could change the moment I play another game, and something gets replaced. Does it require that it is something I could pick up and play again at a moment’s notice and have fun with it? Is it something I can leave as one-and-done? Could I count an MMO for this? I honestly just don’t know. There are so many games that I could list for this as an answer (WildStar, Secret World, EVE, Hatoful Boyfriend, Skyrim, Code Realize), but none of them feel completely “right” as the most favored.

August ’19 Gaming Goals

August ’19 Gaming Goals

This post is (3/31) of the Blaugust 2019 event! You can find out more about Blaugust over at Belghast’s blog. I (Chestnut) created a Twitter list of all participants. UltrViolet created an OPML file of all the bloggers to import into your feed reader.

Gaming goals used to be something I posted monthly, but fell off at the end of 2018 with them due to, well, life. I figured I’d try to get back into them in some way or another, and Blaugust is a good opportunity to tackle that, especially as day job calms down a little bit with some reorg that’s happened recently, leaving me with some time for gaming that I haven’t truly had in quite a while.

I used to do goals as more of a running list of, “here’s things I want to accomplish, just maybe not necessarily this month!”. I kind of want to change that outlook, and make my lists a little more focused and truly month-based. So I plan to give it a try this month and see how it works out. Can I be more realistic about my goals? We shall see!

The Goals

In no particular order…

  • Complete Vvardenfell Master Angler (ESO)
  • Ding level 42 on Warden (ESO)
  • Hit Revered with The Unshackled (WoW)
  • Hit Revered with Rustbolt Resistance (WoW)
  • Ding level 30 on Conjurer (FFXIV)
  • Start re-watching MSQ cutscenes (FFXIV)
  • Finish a play through of Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
E3 2019 Thoughts: Ubisoft/Square Enix/Nintendo

E3 2019 Thoughts: Ubisoft/Square Enix/Nintendo

And the follow up on my E3 thoughts! You can read the first part here, which covers EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda.


  • Watch Dogs: Legion: Initial reaction – Oh yay, another bunch of dudes in a resistance cell in a dystopian future. Secondary reaction – GRANNY HACKER FOR THE WIN. Okay, I’m intrigued. This looks fun, and is story-driven the way I like. Also enjoyed the music. Never gotten into the IP, but this might be the tipping point for me to pick up the others to give them a whirl if I really enjoy this one. Really love the concept of how EVERY character has a story, so the replay value goes up a BUNCH. Especially if they all have unique missions to recruit them. Also speaks to my penchant for collection.
  • Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet: Meh. Okay, so long as it’s not anything like Always Sunny, I might watch it on a friend’s AppleTV?
  • Rainbow Six Siege: I don’t play just plain shooters. And meh, Tom Clancy.
  • Brawlhalla Adventure Time Crossover: Never seen Adventure Time, and I don’t do fighting games, typically. I mean, I’ve played Smash Bros, but not a big fan of it.
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Nah thanks. (PUPPER! OMG Bam bam is adorable. So well behaved.)
  • Elite Sqaud: Nope.
  • Just Dance 2020: I’ve never played a Just Dance game before. I assume it’d be something up my alley since I loved DDR, but at the same time, not so sure.
  • For Honor: Shadows of the Hitokiri: Nah.
  • Rainbow Six Quarantine: Nope.
  • Division 2: Yeah, not a shooter fan.
  • UPlay+: Not interested.
  • Roller Champions: The trailer was cute, but not interested in it.
  • Gods & Monsters: I like the concept, but don’t know if it’s something I’d play.

Square Enix

  • FFXIV Remake: I’m sure I’ll play it eventually. But it doesn’t have the same symbolic importance to me that it does for others who played the original when they were younger.
  • Life is Strange 2: That reminds me i need to finish the others so I can get this. Because I’m looking forward to it. I love games that focus on storytelling.
  • FF Crystal Chronicles: No particular interest. I’m not a die hard FF fan like so many other gamers.
  • Octopath Traveler: Hasn’t it been out on Switch for a while? Oh, it’s on Steam now? Is that what the announcement was?
  • The Last Remnant Remastered: I don’t have a Switch. And I’m not particularly pumped by the trailer.
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2: No interest.
  • Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition: No interest.
  • Circuit Superstars: No interest, but looks cute.
  • Batallion 1944: Shooters aren’t my thing.
  • FF Soundtracks: I’ll listen to them, they’re gorgeous music. Nice to have it on Spotify.
  • KH3 Re-Mind DLC: I’ve never really gotten into the KH games, and I don’t know why, considering how much I like Disney things.
  • FFXIV Shadowbringers: I’m glad so many people are so excited, but like, I still haven’t gotten past the base game.
  • Dying Light 2: See Microsoft/XBox.
  • Saga Games: No particular interest.
  • FFBE War of the Visions: Not interested.
  • Outriders: Don’t do shooters.
  • Oninaki: Not interested.
  • FFVIII Remastered: Like I said with VII, I don’t hold the same attachment to FF games that most other gamers do. So I don’t particularly have an interest until I decide to get into the IP outside of XIV/XV.
  • Marvel Avengers: Meh. As much as I’ve enjoyed the movie as a very long and involved story, and as much as I’ll continue to watch the movies, I really don’t particularly care for most superheroes.


  • General Thoughts: The gag with Bowser at the start was actually really cute and made me happy.
  • Smash Bros x Dragon Quest: I don’t play brawlers.
  • Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition: See Squenix.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3: I thought I saw a trailer for this not too long ago? Regardless, I’m not interested.
  • Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Tactics: Not particularly my type of game, but would pick it up on sale to play eventually because it’s Dark Crystal.
  • Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening: Like FF, Zelda isn’t an IP I got into when it came out. So I’m not particularly interested in the game. Though I’m excited for friends who are.
  • Trials of Mana: It looks cute, but don’t know if I’ll play it.
  • Collection of Mana: RPGs like that really haven’t been my thing outside of Pokemon and Golden Sun.
  • Witcher 3: I still haven’t played any of the others, and honestly, I’d rather play them on PC than Switch.
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses: I still need to play all the other Fire Emblem games. Which I think are up my alley because of the romancing options and the story.
  • Resident Evil: It’s not an IP I’ve really gotten into, per se, but I do enjoy watching others play it.
  • No More Heroes 3: Not interested.
  • Contra Rogue Corps: Not interested.
  • Daemon x Machina: Not interested. I mean, I don’t mind mecha stuff, but the game doesn’t look like my cup of tea.
  • Panzer Dragoon: Not interested.
  • Pokemon Sword/Shield: I kind of want a Switch for these, amongst a few other games currently out.
  • Astral Chain: Not particularly interested in playing, though the trailer/story is intriguing. Maybe something I’ll watch folks stream.
  • Empire of Sin: Mobster stuff isn’t something I’m interested in.
  • Ultimate Alliance 3: Not interested.
  • Cadence of Hyrule: Okay that looks cute, and Crypt of the Necrodancer is neat, so I could see myself playing this.
  • Mario & Sonic Olympic Games: I could see myself playing this with the polycule.
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: It looks cute, but I’ve never gotten into Animal Crossing in general. I do like that Nintendo is willing to take time for games, though, even if a vocal minority is pissed.
  • Quick Reel: The Sinking City looks positively cosmic horror, and cosmic horror is one of my favorite genres thanks to Secret World. (I mean, I don’t mind Lovecraft, but folks have done it better since him.)
  • Smash Bros x Banjo-Kazooie: See Smash Bros x Dragon Quest.
E3 2019 Thoughts: EA/Microsoft/Bethesda

E3 2019 Thoughts: EA/Microsoft/Bethesda

Much like last year, I’ve slowly been trying to catch up on E3 announcements, and document my thoughts on what each company has released. Just like last year, I’m behind. Illness and business are a deterrent to getting much done outside of necessity. So here’s my thoughts on the first three panels from E3 this year. I’m still working through Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Nintendo for another post.


  • General Thoughts: The announcer for Star Wars was SUPER annoying.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: An ARPG between episode 3 and 4 sounds interesting. But at the same time, I’m not interested enough to want to pay full price. Though I do want to know more about Saw Gerrera and how he ties into everything.
  • Apex Legends: It’s apparently a game that’s already out? Looks like a battle royale thing, which is not a genre I’m interested in.
  • Battlefield V: I don’t particularly care about the franchise, but from what I’ve read on it, the story looks interesting enough to think of picking it up on sale.
  • FIFA 20: I’m not a sports person. But I’m happy people are excited.
  • MADDEN NFL 20: See FIFA 20.
  • Sims 4: I can’t believe the Sims has been around for 20 years already. Island Living looks like a lot of fun. I mean, I’m behind because the packs cost so much, but… MERMAIDS. MERMAIDSMERMAIDSMERMAIDS. I guess I need to hope things go and stay on sale through my next paycheck so I can catch up and get back to playing some Sims 4! Also interested in the new magic pack. I know folks are upset that there’s no University, yet, but it’s never been one of my favorite packs in any of the Sims so far.


  • The Outer Worlds: Looks pretty cool! Reminds me a bit of Fallout, but somehow looks far more interesting. I’m all for other companies trying to take on open world RPGs.
  • Bleeding Edge: Competitive multiplayer. Nope. Next.
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Wasn’t this already announced? Regardless, I’m not a platformer fan, so I won’t be getting it. I will probably get the soundtrack, though.
  • Minecraft Dungeons: Meh. I never got into Minecraft to begin with, so it’s not for me.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: See EA.
  • Blair Witch: I’ve gotten into horror, more, as of late, and while I”m intrigued, I don’t know if I can handle a lot of first person camera jiggling and running. I’d have to watch some streams to see if it’s up my alley. I’ve also never watched the movie, so I don’t know how much it follows the plot of that, either.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: I’m so torn on this. I mean, yay, Keanu Reeves, but the trailer leaves me lacking based on other cyberpunk portrayals, especially the testosterone heavy aspect of it. I’m vaguely interested, but I won’t be picking it up until I can play something other than a straight white dude as the main character. And I’m not sure if I want to pick it up at full price, yet, or not. I’m just not… SOLD on it.
  • Spiritfarer: Looks really cute, but not sure if I’m interested.
  • Battletoads: Not for me.
  • The Legend of Wright: Maybe? What kind of game is this even? If I actually knew more about it I might be more inclined to look into it and get it? But for now, it’s a nah.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: I know a few friends who are probably interested in this, but I am not one of those people. Flying as a passenger is rough on my motion sickness, and I have no desire to do as a simulator as a pilot.
  • Age of Empires II Definitive: Again, not a game I’ll ever be interested in. RTS isn’t really my genre—it stresses me out way too much.
  • Wasteland 3: Post-apocalyptic blowy-uppy RPG? Eh, I’ll pass.
  • Psychonauts 2: Is this… a platformer? I mean, I know nothing about Psychonauts, but this doesn’t look like something I’d be interested in.
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: LEGO STAR WARS!! While I know I said I don’t enjoy platformers, there’s just something about the LEGO games that make me happy… even if I hvaen’t played much of them before except with some friends. But yes, I do want this one.
  • DBZ Kakarot: So, while I watched DBZ back when it was on TV in the 90s, it was never my favorite. It was more a convenience and the fact that I was engrossed with anime as a whole because it was so new to me. I won’t get this, I’m excited for friends that are excited, but this REALLY makes me yearn for a new Sailor Moon game. I mean, we’ve had a Crystal reboot, so why not a Crystal game? Even on Gameboy or something? I’d play the shit out of it REGARDLESS of genre.
  • 12 Minutes: I like the idea (time loop stories appeal to me for some reason), but don’t like the top-down way it’s presented, particularly.
  • Way to the Woods: Looks kinda cute, but don’t know if it’s something I’d enjoy.
  • Gears 5: Okay, so, the franchise has never appealed to me before: dudes go blow stuff up in a shooter. But with the introduction of a female protagonist, I’d be likely to give it a try, or at least watch streams to see if it’d be up my alley. Though Escape mode does look pretty cool, actually.
  • Dying Light 2: A parkour zombie game…. nah. Zombies are just overdone, and I could care less about survival horror stuff. I’d rather some RPG story and substance at every turn. Action games in general are not particularly my thing unless it has a great draw from story.
  • Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Expac: Forza games are not my thing, but I’m happy there’s so many folks excited about it. Wait… LEGO? LEGO expansion. That makes me happy, even if I won’t play it.
  • Gears Pop Mobile Game: I don’t even know what kind of mobile game it is, but I have enough trouble keeping up with the few mobile games I do have. So no.
  • State of Decay 2 Heartland: Again, zombies, though the story premises are intriguing.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Intrigued! But that’s all I really have to say about it. Is it an XBox One exclusive? I’ll have to do more research.
  • Crossfire X: What is it, a shooter? Regardless, no interest.
  • Tales of Arise: Isn’t this part of the “Tales” series? I haven’t played any of them, but a lot of folks have recommended them. Might look into it!
  • Borderlands 3: Yes.
  • Elden Ring: I need to know more about it, but I could care less about GoT, so the George RR Martin draw for a lot of folks isn’t there for me.
  • Project Scarlett: Next console? Are you freaking kidding me? I don’t even have a XBOX One. I still only have a 360.
  • Halo Infinite: Has never been of interest to me. Ever. Still isn’t. Though I’d watch a movie of it if it looked like this trailer.


  • General Thoughts: This is the only one I actually watched live because I wanted the ESO goodies. Also, that YEAH guy can go DIAF.
  • Elder Scrolls Blades: I don’t care to play it, but glad some folks are excited for it. Neat that it’s on Switch, too!
  • Fallout 76 Wastelanders/Nuclear Winter: Don’t play it. Don’t care to play it. I mean, it’s cool of them to say, “yeah we screwed up”, but at the same time, it’s not of interest to me, regardless of updates. Especially with the battle royale.
  • Ghostwire Tokyo: YES! (My reaction//Manthing reaction)
  • ESO: The trailer was so cool, and now I want to roll up a Necro. Though not yet. Eventually. I don’t know a lot about the Elder Scrolls universe, but having started ESO makes me want to know more outside of what I’ve picked up from Skyrim and ESO. Especially with the reactions with the trailer. I feel like I’m missing out on some lore based on character reactions.
  • Commander Keen:  Theme song thoughts. I’m not big on mobile games but I’m intrigued.
  • Elder Scrolls Legends: Card games in general aren’t my thing. So not particularly interested in playing.
  • Rage 2: Not my thing.
  • Wolfenstein Youngbloods: I have only two reasons I want to play. I’ve never played any of the Wolfenstein games, but if I enjoy this one, I’d go back and pick up the others to try.
  • Deathloop: It looks super cool! I definitely want to check it out.
  • DOOM: I tuned out. But I’d watch it on stream if some of my fave streamers played it.
The Game That Changed My Life (TGTCML)

The Game That Changed My Life (TGTCML)

This is post 6 of 31 for the Blaugust event. To check out more Blaugust posts and sign up to participate, visit the Blaugust Nook!

Aywren, one of the Blaugust participants, posed an impromptu writing prompt on her blog asking:

Do you have a game you feel changed your life? Blaugust about it!

Contrary to how I view gaming now, gaming was not a big part of my life growing up–I classified myself more as a geek and nerd than anything (and I still do, don’t get me wrong). But it’s not like I didn’t game, either.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not like gaming wasn’t a part of my life growing up. I played Berenstain Bears on 8-inch floppy while in pre-school. I was one of the first kids with a computer in school. But while gaming was something I did, it wasn’t as big a defining part of my life.

I loved to game–I played Pokemon on my gameboy; I played Mario Kart on our N64; I purchased a PS2 to try out various games… but they weren’t the only thing I did.

What girl growing up being born in the 80s didn’t want to marry Jareth?

As a kid, I mostly read. And if I wasn’t reading, I was watching a fantasy or sci-fi movie (that wasn’t too scary). And when I wasn’t watching a movie, I was out in our back yard, pretending to be in the fantasy world–whether it be near the trees or in the pool. I mostly saved video games for when I was out with my parents and bored, or when we had friends over. Sometimes my brother and I were allowed to play the N64 together, but it wasn’t very often. Looking back on it, my parents were pretty strict with monitoring our play time as kids (not that it bothered us much as we had other outlets).

As a teen, while I played more games on the PS2, and kept playing on the N64/Gameboy video gaming was not a defining factor of my life. Again, I was a big reader. I was also very involved in my high school–I was in musicals, and plays, and band, and choir. I even wrote for the school newspaper for two years. I was in lots of clubs, and was involved in community theatre during the summer, as well as working various summer jobs.

My favorite Sailor Moon villain.

While I spent a lot of time online, it was mainly writing fan fiction (primarily song-fics), or working on a Sailor Moon Villains website (I was kind of obsessed–and I still am!), or creating dolls (you remember those–they were pixel models without hair or clothes or sometimes eyes, and you had to digitally add everything), or designing websites for fun, or lots and lots of chatroom RP.

It wasn’t until I hit college in 2005 that I really started to get into gaming. I joined some clubs and started using my PS2 more. I started playing more games with my (now) best friend, and we would have girl-nights where we’d play games, watch movies or anime, and binge on pizza. Despite this, no one game caught my interest as something that would keep me gaming consistently. When we gamed, it was mainly multi-player games, and if they weren’t multi-player, we’d take turns when one of us died. While I remember having fun with all of them, none of them quite left an impression on me.

When I transferred to a different college in 2007, I discovered World of Warcraft. And that is a story of it’s own. So look for Part 2 later!

Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journey

Independence Day-Weekend

This weekend was a lot of packing, and a little bit of gaming. Thursday we didn’t game any, as we had dinner out with some friends. Friday we didn’t really video game either, as we hung out with a friend in the morning, argued with our apartment complex in the afternoon about our notice to leave (I won’t get into details, but it’s aggravating beyond measure, and we’re being taken advantage of, but that’s better than trying to deal with anything legal and drawing it out plus costing us even more money), and Friday evening/night we hung out with some friends and played a bunch of tabletop games. In particular, we played a few rounds of Five Tribes, which was a lot of fun, but not something I think I’ll master any time soon.

Saturday was chores, and a bunch of packing, though I did get onto WildStar for a bit to run some normals with some folks (then went back to packing), and then about five or six Vet Dungeons to hit my Elder Gem cap for the week, as I hadn’t really done anything to get any. Sunday was raid night, so I spent some time working on perfecting my Frenzy/DPS rotation, which helped me out some. We got Experiment X-89 down lower than last week, however, we did lose quite a few people towards the end of the raid. I’m sure it didn’t help that we set it up for a Sunday night over a Saturday night. Positive is still trying to pin down the days that work best for the most people, so we may have some more nights that differ until it’s settled (for a while, at least).

Last night was more packing, as well as hitting the gym. I also spent a fair amount of time playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on my DS. I forgot how much fun it is! I bought it ages ago, and my mother brought it with her when she came to visit in May. I had apparently left it at their house when I moved, so it was nice to have it back! Chaide also bought me Pokémon Pearl over the weekend, but I had to go switch it out yesterday, as whomever turned that particular copy in just took a Spyro game and slapped the Pokémon label on it. Probably for more money on the return. Jerks.

Hero’s Journey (#GSHerosJourney)

While tracking my food this morning on LoseIt, I decided to check on how I was doing on my “Walking to Mordor” challenge (I’m… not doing so well, haha) and stumbled upon a challenge focused on the Hero’s Journey program over at Darebee. I decided that the challenge looked neat, so I joined (it starts today–wish me luck!)!

I tweeted about how neat the challenge looked, and Nephsys piped up that she’d love to try it out, and we should offer it as a challenge for the Greysky Armada FC folks! So, after some interest, we’ve decided that we’re going to do just that, and I’ll be heading it up!

So, what is it? It’s a 60 day exercise program that has RPG elements to it. You choose weapons and companions that give you bonuses, and can choose to take bonus quests, etc. The weapon you choose determines extra exercises you do, and you earn points based on the intensity of your workouts. Some days have you choosing which actions to take, and based on your actions, you do specific exercises. And some days, depending on what path you choose, you get Karma Points (scroll to the bottom of the linked page, but don’t look until you hit that particular day!). It’s a really neat concept overall!

While I will be starting today to coincide with my LoseIt challenge, we will be starting up for the FC on Monday, July 13 (unless folks are inclined to begin early, or you stumble upon the challenge late–in which case you’re welcome to join!). This is also open to folks that are not in the FC, per se, but know folks from the FC that would like to participate in the challenge as well.

I have a Google Spreadsheet going for those that would like to participate, and I will get the link to you either via Twitter or Email to add your progress–just hit me up on Twitter, or leave a message here! I feel like the Spreadsheet is set up fairly self-explanatory, but here’s a quick screencap and details:

Twitter Handle: Your Twitter handle. If you don’t have one, feel free to fill it out as: N/A
Adventurer’s Name: The name you’re going by!
Are you wearing Body Armor?: Within the challenge, you can add wrist and leg weights to increase the intensity of your workouts, and earning a bonus for points. Let us know with a Yes, No, or Sometimes
Weapon of Choice: There are six weapons to choose from for the challenge, and they all give you extra exercises to do throughout the sixty days. They include: Heavy Sword, Hammer, Bow and Arrow, Lasso, Red Ribbon, and Magic Ring. They focus on specific areas and/or equipment, so choose what’s appropriate for you and what you have access to! (EDIT) You can also choose to forgo without a weapon after Day 3’s initial Weapon Practice.
Level 1, 2, or 3?: Based on your prior exercise experience (or current routines), you can choose which level you’d like to participate at. You will maintain this level throughout. (EDIT) You can change this at any point, and add your points accordingly. If you do change levels, please note in the Day with what level you changed to!
Day 1, Day 2, etc.: This is where you will track the points you earn based on the points chart. Based on when you start this challenge, people may be ahead or behind you. Don’t worry about what day other folks are on–just focus on your sixty days!

So, what do you get for completing it? I’m going to make up a snazzy badge for your blog/social media page! It’d be awesome if you chat about your progress on your platform-of-choice (Twitter, blog, etc.) as well. It could be a daily quick-post, or it could be a weekly post talking about the challenges you ran into for the week, the Karma points you got, etc.

So, why are we tracking the points? Because it’s part of the program, and who doesn’t like to know their Score at the end of the game?! But there won’t be anything for it–because all of us will be winners as we gain better healthy habits!

To better track those participating, please use the #GSHerosJourney tag when you share your updates/blog posts on Twitter! That way we can offer support and encouragement (and a little bit of competition!) to one another as we progress!

Will you be joining us on this Hero’s Journey?

Third Sub

Third Sub

Gym Battle

The long weekend was pretty nice. I have found that when I have more time to spend with Chaide, the less likely I am to take the time to blog. Which is great, because I love spending time with him, but I don’t take the time to do something else I love, and won’t take all that much time away from hanging out with him. Ah, the dilemma.

Anyway, this weekend I decided that I really needed to join a gym. Working out at home has turned into not working out at home. And my back is paying for it. To the point where I was considering seeing a chiropractor (which freaks me the hell out for various reasons we shall not get into). So I did some research of gyms in the area, and found one that’s 24 hours, just opened a new branch in the area, and will have classes soon. So we tried it out.

And I found that I really liked going to the gym. I do think it helps that it’s (1) a smaller gym with front-desk folks that already know our names after two visits, and (2) one of the front-desk folks has been a personal trainer and musculoskeletal therapist for thirty years, so he’s been teaching me exercises and stretches.

Two days after working with him (for free, mind) my back feels a million times better. So much better, in fact, that I feel like my walking posture is different. So yeah, my back was pretty tight… I didn’t go last night, as I had to go back to get my hair undercolor re-dyed (we Gingers do not take well to dying, so she had to up the volumizer… again.) but I plan on going tonight when Chaide gets off work. It also helps having a gym buddy to keep me accountable. Even if I don’t go every day. I’m really blessed to have a husband that supports me trying to better myself like he does. Like, really really lucky.


Monday, Chaide purchased a used DSi for me from one of his friends from his courses at school. I have the original DS in all its bulky glory, but I’ve been using it mainly to play the few GBA games I still own (mainly Monster Rancher, though I have a copy of Pokemon Emerald I have yet to play). So now on top of the four DS games I currently own (Brain Age, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Rhapsody (which is totally a blast from the past type thing, because I played that on a friend’s Playstation!), and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All), I have four new ones (Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Doctor, Super ScribbleNauts, and Nintendogs: Lab & Friends)!

Granted, I may trade in some of the ones I got to get something else, but I have more games to play. In which case, I may have a DS small enough to fit into my purse and be carried around for lunch break purposes (did I mention the original is kind of unwieldy?). Though I may alternate between reading one day and gaming the next.

Anybody have a DSi? Any games you’d recommend that would play well on it? In fact, what Game Boy Advance games would you suggest? I’m bummed I sold my Game Boy Color way back when, but at least I can download an emulator…

Doctor Who

We’ve been catching up on Doctor Who, as well. We had finished Season 7 and were kind of like, “Meh”. Smith took forever to grown on us, and the season just felt lackluster compared to prior seasons (though we like Clara a tad bit better than Amy, but Rory is still the best Companion in the 11th reign). We hadn’t watched any Doctor Who since watching the last of Season 7 months ago, as we don’t have cable.

So over the past few days we watched the 50th Anniversary episode, the final Matt Smith Christmas episode and the first episode of Season 8. For the record, we haven’t seen any spoilers on any of this, so it’s all new to us. How did we avoid spoilers, you ask? Well, for one, our friends who watch are also (mostly) the binge-watch types, or we don’t see them often enough to hear about it weekly. Secondly, we just kind of avoided social media for the big episodes.

The 50th Anniversary was amazing. I thought it was very well written, and tied up a lot of questions I had, and even some I didn’t. I loved the cameo, as well. The Christmas episode, however, was terrible. What the heck was I even watching? I just… it started off with so much promise! And then POOF! It was terrible. The only bit I did like from the episode was when they confirmed that the tenth doctor technically regenerated twice. It gave me great pleasure to hear that because I’ve been arguing that with some friends IRL for ages, and they’ve been poo-pooing me.

As I’ve only seen one episode with Capaldi doctor, I’m not too sure how I’ll like him. So far, I think he’s a good cast, and I’m looking forward to the second episode of Season 8 because it’s a space episode, and we haven’t had one of those good space-horror episodes since Donna, really.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Jhi’salith the Chiss Imperial Agent

On the gaming front… well… we picked up SWTOR. Yep. And I really tried to play it F2P. I did. I truly did. And… it sucked. It sucked so bad. So, we subbed. However, even being a sub account, I feel  completely nickled-and-dimed on everything but the story. So whether I will stay subbed or not, we shall see. I will at least do so to level to max level.

I’m playing an Imperial Agent (Marksman), and I’m enjoying her. I did have fun with the story, and completed the first flashpoint. I do remember some of the things we did when we first played in beta/release, and they have made changes to make it a tad easier. There are things, however, I’ve found in WildStar and FFXIV that I miss not having in TOR. But I think that’s kind of run of the mill when you play multiple MMOs.

I was also extremely upset to find out that same-sex-romancing hadn’t yet been implemented (that I could find), because I can totally see my character’s personality (or how I play her) jiving with Kaliyo. However, a WildStar guildie did say they think it comes into play later on in the game (possibly the expansion) so we shall see. I was also a bit miffed with all the Light Points I kept getting with my choices, when I completely didn’t see them as being a Light Side choice. It feels like you either kill something to get Dark Points or do something manipulative (and possibly darker intentions than killing someone) to get Light Points. What if I’m just being strategic because I’m a damned Agent?!

Like, in my story arc, you could flirt with someone or kill them, so I decided to flirt with them to make them go away. But I got Light side points. Uh, what? Manipulating someone like that is just as dirty as killing them. And then saving the Cyborg in the flashpoint to interrogate him seems much more evil and sinister than killing him outright. In fact, killing him seems merciful in the situation. So, really, BioWare, what the hell constitutes a light or dark situation in your algorithm?

Annoyances aside, I do think I’ll enjoy the story, and there will be a bunch more screenshots on the blog. In fact, here’s a bunch! (Also, is it possible to hide the UI during cut-scenes?)

Drop 5 Shenanigans

Drop 5 Shenanigans

So this past week in WildStar has been a lot of fun! Why, you ask? Drop 5 happened Tuesday!!


What was the first thing I did when Drop 5 happened?

Well, went through my bags, bank, costumes, etc., but then just kind of putzed around Thayd. I’m one of those folks taht doesn’t like to do everything new the first day because (1) it’s a little overwhelming to try to absob all the changes at once and (2) there’s usually bugs no matter how thoroughly things are tested on a PTR. It’s the same with pretty much any game.

I finally found the Cheese while working on challenges in Thayd!! I now (finally) have the title “Tha Big Cheez”. It took long enough. Only almost a whole year since the game was released!


I had to skip out on gaming on Wednesday because I had things to do for work. It was a bit of a long week with trying to finish projects before my vacation next week, so it was a tad stressful. Thursday, though, I made sure to stay online to complete the entirety of the Lightspire event in Defile. It’s the first time I’ve ever finished it!

Possible spoilers ahead for the starts of wrap-up for the first Big-Bad of the game, even though it’s just a bunch of screenshots.


We had our normals night on Friday and ran a bunch of normal dungeons for folks. It’s always lots of fun to be able to help guildies through at-level content. I think I ran about four normals, and another group or two got about four in as well.

We also unlocked some more buffs (and some flasks!) through our influence gain (we had full influence for the first time ever!). I’m excited to unlock the remainder of everything, as we initially focused on just unlocking five bank tabs. Which we are also making great use of.

So, technically, I haven’t done much with Drop 5 stuff except working on some Contracts, which is a lot of fun! I can’t wait to unlock all the rewards!!

Little Big Planet 3

Chaide bought us Little Big Planet 3, and I’ve been having some fun with it. I haven’t gotten very far into the game, but it’s a lot of fun so far! I’ll need to attach my PSN account to Raptr to track my achievements. I also discovered that you can stream straight from your Playstation 4… so I might look into putzing around with my Twitch account and possibly streaming some Little Big Planet 3 as Chaide and I play co-op or something.

Real Life

My mother arrived in town yesterday and we spent a good chunk of time unpacking her car (full of things she brought down that was still in my old room), and then we took a walk around the square after getting her some lunch. There’s a new Bubble Tea place in the square, which I am hooked on already.

Mom is in town! At the square with some bubble tea! #TinyBubblesTeaTime

— Chestnut Stonebough (@ggchestnut) May 9, 2015

This week I won’t be doing much gaming with my mother in town. I will, however, be posting more photographs than anything in shorter blog posts about the shenanigans we get into.

Guess Who’s Back: Life In Retrospect

Guess Who’s Back: Life In Retrospect

Oh, I love how I keep saying “I’ll blog more,” but then never get around to it. I’ll get better about it eventually. Life, overall, has had quite a few ups and downs. And very little time for gaming.


Feel free to skip this. I don’t normally bemoan or mention real life much online, as I feel they should be as separate as they can be. However, life has been such a rollercoaster since November, that I felt it was best to get it all out and be done with brooding in my head. Please, feel free to skip this section.

In November I lost an okay job in what I thought I wanted to be my career. It wasn’t the best, they weren’t that great with having work for me to do, but it was still income that I was helping to support the Elephant and myself with. I picked up a job in childcare a few weeks later, and it was, again, an okay place. Long story short, the environment amongst the teachers was horrid—nobody wanted to be there, and it was extremely catty.

It’s okay, though, because they laid me off in January after being out two days with a bilateral ear infection (which is terribly painful, I might add) with a doctor’s note. Then I found a great home at a childcare facility that made me question what I wanted to do with my life as a career. When I started college as an undergrad, I wanted to teach Elementary school. Then after a not-so-great experience, I questioned it, decided to just finish out my degree because I was so close, skip my student teaching and teaching certification and fly right to graduate school. In graduate school I wanted to work in the Training and Development world. So I searched for jobs in that field while still working at the childcare center. I found on the end of April that I thought was going to be a great fit. Three weeks later, it turned out not to be so when they let me go with the only reason being, that I “wasn’t a good fit”. So now, I am back to the job hunt. All I need is to find a job in childcare again and I am okay. The problem is that everyone is off from school so numbers are down and they have part-time summer staffers that will go back to school in the fall.

Despite all this, some positive has happened and come of it. In February the Elephant and I were engaged!

We plan to be married in July of 2013, but we are currently holding on planning any more due to our current situation. I’ve also finally realized what I want to do with my career at this point in time. It may have taken quite a bit of time after graduating, but I have finally figured it out. I do want to be in Elementary school, teaching. I am currently looking into a program in my state that will allow me to work for a year while being paid as a specific type of teacher where I essentially finish my student teaching and other courses I may need in that time. Employment isn’t guaranteed, as most school systems that partner with the program will hire certified teachers over those trying to become certified, but I know something good will come of it. It’s one of those rare moments of clarity one has in their life.

See? Positive note.

The Blog 

It’s obviously been somewhat dead. “Somewhat” being an understatement. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things, but I am not going to hold my breath.

I do want to update the layout but I am without a copy of Photoshop, and am desperately searching for even an old copy, if someone has one they are getting rid of, or what have you.

The pages definitely need an update considering my gaming as of late. The blogroll still needs to be created, let alone “updated”. So it’s on the to-do list.

The Computer 

Last time I wrote, my computer was having issues playing the SW:TOR beta. Now, it’s just having an overheating problem in general. But I can’t get it fixed, so I cut gaming short after about four hours or my computer will go kablooey for another few hours. Just let it cool down for a half hour and then back to it. We can’t figure out what fan it is with the problem, but we know it’s a heating issue.


Console and Computer
The Elephant and I have said “goodbye” to WoW. It was a bittersweet departure, but it was necessary with life. After we moved in October and I started a job in January, our time was too caught up in other things. We weren’t prepared for raids like we should have been according to our own guild’s rules, and we felt like a detriment to the raid in general. Besides, who needs a Bear and a Tree when you can have a Death Knight and a Priest?

So we kind of ghosted off WoW. We miss our guild a lot, and we keep in touch with a few members. But most don’t use the site, and after we shut vent down because we couldn’t afford it, we haven’t really had a way to keep in touch aside from activating our accounts again. It works out, however, because we aren’t particularly interested in Mists of Pandaria. Our new game of focus is EVE, and we even just created alt-accounts. We are in a new corporation that focuses on mining, with some mission running and some incursions coming in June. We’re having a blast, and it’s a good distraction from life. The people are a riot, and we have fun. Like when we started playing WoW together.

We want to play some SW:TOR but neither of our computers can handle it, so we haven’t even really been keeping up with it. I am interested in eventually playing some STO, but it again, hasn’t been high on the priority list. We’re still working our way through Skyrim, but we’ve also been enjoying some LEGO: Star Wars. It’s a fairly difficult game despite its “kid” feel and marketing. I’ve kind of raged over it a few times, too. Yeah… go me! We really want Diablo III, but again, his graphics card can’t handle it, and my computer will crash with the overheating issue just starting it up. It also doesn’t help not being able to afford it. So we pine away as we watch everybody else play it. The Elephant did get a key from his best friend’s husband for Torchlight, and he is enjoying the shit out of it. I have been playing the Torchlight II beta for the past day, and can’t wait to purchase it when it comes out.

The Elephant recently decided to DM a 3.5E game, and we had our first game. Only one person could make it, sadly, so we’re holding another this weekend to get everyone up to par for the next full game. The world is pretty neat—sort of a clean slate thing going on after an “apocalypse” (The Wounding) which was essentially a World War kind of deal between Elves and Humans. Now they’re at it again and we’re in the middle of it. In the meantime we’re trying to find out why kids have been captured from a town and ran into some Undead. I’m pumped to play some more of my Gnome Bard—Pofty Xyratris Dragonflinger. Oh yeah. It’s going down.


I’ve not been reading very much due to a hectic life schedule, and I severely want to get back into it! I’m currently trying to finish up The Amber Spyglass so I can start on the humongous pile of books on my bedside table.

You didn’t believe me, did you?

Wrap it Up 

I am sure that I will again disappear for a while. Once I am finally accepted into the practicum program, I will be working a second job so that the Elephant can finish up his degree sooner, and we can pay for our wedding. In the meantime, look for lots of posts on things I’m doing, both gaming and not. And expect some wedding-splosion at some point or another. Just sayin’.