Community Game-Along 2020

Community Game-Along 2020

Where Did it Go?

I’ve been an on-and-off participant (since 2016) of the Community Game-Along that Anne of Chic Pixel has hosted. While, admittedly, I haven’t picked up any games outside of ESO in a while (and honestly, even ESO has just been login rewards for over a month, though I’m hoping that will change soon), I was sad to not be able to find it on her blog this year when I looked in February.

Of course, like a newb, I didn’t even look at her old posts to check if she may have mentioned what was happening with it (spoiler alert: she did). So it wasn’t until a few days ago, thanks to Krikket, that I realized it is actually going on… it was just taken over by CapsuleJay and Nitro.

I’m super excited, actually. CapsuleJay is a pretty rad guy, and I know Nitro has been a participant for a while. So I’m sure once I get back into it, and actually look for related content, I’ll see more activity around it.

For those interested in participating, you can find the master list of topics, and more information on their new website!

Community Game-Along Plans

I’m sad I missed DatingSiMonth. Though, honestly, my life is spent in DatingSiMonth, what with the five million dating sims I own and need to play through (what can I say… I like the genre). I’m looking forward to trying out JRPGJuly. I’ve honestly never really played any big-name JRPGs (yes, I know it’s a sin), so I’m looking to try and dip my toes into that pond. I’m super excited about October (YAY HORROR GAMES!), and VNNovember. I mean, obviously VNNovember, with over 3/4 of my steam library being either dating sims or visual novels. The majority of my console games are also visual novels (all hail the Vita and PS4). And I’m not even including Detroit Become Human as a visual novel, though I very much want to (because it’s really just an Americanized take on the genre, really). I’m going to have to go through my games and start coming up with ideas of games I’m interested in tackling for each month.

This month, however, is CapcoMonth, where we play Capcom games! To be honest, I don’t own a lot of Capcom games. Many of them I have absolutely no interest in. Though I didn’t realize that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was a Capcom game until I started googling what game I might want to try out. So, I am finally going to try to complete Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, years after I initially purchased the game! And of course I still have my original first edition Nintendo DS (with a Sailor Moon skin) to play it on. I’m looking forward to it. Leave it to me to pick a Visual Novel to play on a month that’s not Visual Novel month.

This is post 4/31 for Blapril. You can find out more and sign up at Belghast’s original post. You can view those participating on Twitter via the Twitter list I put together. Nogamara of Battlestance has put together an RSS feed of all Blapril participants.

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    1. I do plan on doing some YouTube videos for some of the months, but for this month, at least, it will be in all blog posts. 🙂

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