The Week in Retrospect: SKYRIM!!!

The Week in Retrospect: SKYRIM!!!

So, to keep myself blogging at least once a week (hopefully more?), I plan on posting about what’s happened during the week for me regarding gaming, and possibly real life if it isn’t too personal or something. (There’s only so much one can be willing to put on the Interwebs, right?)

The Blog
This week I spent some time updating the blog layout. More minor tweaks than anything. Changed some colors around so they weren’t so ouchy on the eyes (which I discovered with a new monitor were quite ouchy) as well as elongating the banner and hosting it on a (really small) personal space I had during grad school. It was somehow pixelated when I uploaded it through Blogger, and I couldn’t figure out why since it was a 100% quality JPG. But, it’s all fixed now.

Next on the list is updating the Pages (especially the Games tab), and putting together my Blog Roll/Link Love. I have so many blogs that I follow that it’s a somewhat daunting task, but I’m hoping to get it squared away tonight if I am not needed in the alt-Firelands.

The Blogosphere
I’ve recently hopped in on Angelya’s IntPiPoMo challenge, and am excited to post more shots. There are none today because of this post (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it), but I’m readily uploading images to ScrnTAG (my new obsession) and have set up the order I want to post certain shots.

World of Warcraft
Not much has gone on in WoW, lately. We’re now 6/7 Heroic modes, and have made a few attempts at Heroic Rag, but we’re not going to push him like mad. For one, it’s the Holidays, and for another, we don’t feel the need to down him prior to 4.3. We’re cool with trying to get him before 5.0, or maybe later. Who knows.

We did spend Thursday night running through BWD heroics. We’d only downed two bosses at level in BWD before shit went down with members and the guild had a mini-implosion with the raiders, but we went in and spanked all of them except Nef and got lots of achievements in the process. We decided to forgo Nef this week and instead grab the achievement on him since we didn’t have it.

We also did quite a few quick gearing/alt runs in BoT and ToFW in which we got a bunch of achievements for people once again. Even a few that some mains didn’t have.

Tonight is night one of two of our gearing/alt Firelands run. I’m hoping to be able to sit out since Shaelee now has her 4-pc for Resto and let those that still need gear have a go. I’d like to maybe run some dungeons with guildies that still need them and finish putting together my Enchance set while the rest of the folks are in Firelands.

Or maybe level an alt. My newest one, Maagie the Forsaken Mage has recently dinged ten and I’m itching to play her some more. I just love Frost mages. I’ve been Frost my entire time playing Mages and won’t play anything else–I just couldn’t get into Fire or Arcane back in TBC. I also have tons of rested on my baby Warrior, my Sunwalker and my Hunter and Rogue. I should probably eat that up so I can get more…

Other Games
Last month the Elephant and I started playing EVE Online with a fellow guildmate. We’re having a blast but haven’t played much the past few weeks due to moving and work and such.

We also haven’t played much because of… SKYRIM! Yes, we’ve both been bitten by the Skyrim bug. I think our entire guild has. Gamertags are being exchanged and Skyrim talk abounds in guild chat throughout the day.

Much as I dislike Elves, I am playing a Wood Elf (I wanted the Archery bonuses) that is a member of the Companions. I won’t spoil anything but all I can say is, eventually do the Companions quest line–even if you roll another character or some such. The goal with my character is to play more of a “Thief” archetype with Archery, but still be effective in close combat situations. It’s working well so far.

I’ve been watching the Elephant play a lot of the Mage quest lines related to the College, and they are freaking cool! The amount of work that went into this game is amazing. The Elephant is playing more of a Destruction focused Dark Elf Mage. All casting all the time. I don’t know that I could do that. It doesn’t have the balance I like. But it’s still really cool to watch because he rocks at Console games. Well, he rocks at games in general.

I haven’t had much time to read while playing Skyrim, but I’ve recently started a new book: Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite. I’ve never gotten into Vampire books before. It just wasn’t my thing. My thing is all Dragons all the time, or Fantasy with a bit of political intrigue and war thrown in the pot. I’m enjoying the book so far, and it’s had a few twists I didn’t expect.

The book took some time to get into. I didn’t expect the writing to be nearly as decadent as it is. I plan on finishing the book because I love the characters and want to know what happens, but I don’t know that I’d read any more Vampire literature. To me, it’s like eating the stickiest, sweetest chocolate cake that never disappears. Y’know, maybe that’s not the best way of putting it considering many people like Chocolate more than I do. But you catch my drift.

Wrap it Up
I honestly don’t know how to end these. I’ll have to work on that. So if you have ideas, let me know. But for now, it’s off to the alt-raid to see if I am needed and then work on other things and get ready for tomorrow as it’s an early day.

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