SW:TOR Class/Race Matrix

SW:TOR Class/Race Matrix

Just a quick post. My computer’s corrupt hard drive is making it impossible to play the SW:TOR Beta on my computer (sad face!) but the Elephant is amazing and is letting me chug away at his computer. I’m currently taking a break to watch the Elephant play a bit of Skyrim and then watch the Watchmen before coming back to the Beta.

One of my goals for this weekend was to make matrixes for the class/race combinations since there have been very few floating around the community. The only one that I have seen, which is somewhat outdated if I recall, was one in a gaming magazine from last year. Since I haven’t seen any others pop up around the community, I put some together as a guide for those interested in what they could play.

If you plan on sharing these, please link back to the blog. I did put a lot of effort into putting these together for people to use.

Hope they help some people out! (Click to enlarge.)

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