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Linking Steam and WildStar

Linking Steam and WildStar

If you didn’t know, WildStar released on Steam today! There’s quite a few players who want to link their Steam and WildStar accounts, so I made up a quick how-to guide to do so.

First, a quick list of some benefits for linking the two.

  • Hours played from playing on Steam show up, providing an indication of how popular the game is
  • You get Steam Trading Cards, Badges, and your Achievements link—EPEEN!
  • Easier upload of screenshots to the Steam servers, also showing off the creativity of the community and enticing more people to play
  • On the Community page, there’s a nifty little counter saying how many people are in-game at the time—a great way to show that yes, people still play this, and yes, there is a population for people to come hang out with
So obviously, you want to link it now, right? RIGHT!
Note: You can click the images to make them larger if needed.
First, if you already have WildStar installed on your computer, you need to uninstall it. Once you’ve initiated an uninstall, the window below appears. If you want to keep your settings (%appdata%), addons, screenshots, and chat logs leave the options alone. Once you’ve selected what data you want to remove (if any), click Uninstall.
Double check you’ve done things correctly, and then click OK. If you misclicked, click Cancel and try again.
The launcher appears and uninstalls the game. When finished, click Close.
Open your Steam application and login. Find WildStar in the store and choose the game to open the page. To add the game to your Library and initiate the download, click Play Game.
A pop-up window appears. Select whether you want to create a desktop shortcut and/or start menu shortcut. Click Next when ready to proceed.
Steam processes some things…
…and starts the download. You can view your download using Manage Downloads.
If you close the pop-up and want to check the download status later, select the Library header, and then select the Downloads option from the drop-down menu.
This opens your Download Manager, where you can check the status of your download. (All said, it didn’t even take fifteen minutes, despite estimating four hours.) You can select Play from here if you like.
More often than not, you will instead access WildStar from your Games Library. Select the Library header, and then select Games.
Choose WildStar from your list and click Play. (Your list will not look like mine, because I use categories to sort my games.)

The game boots up. The first time you play you need to accept the User Agreement. It’s always a good idea to read through these. You can choose your language from the drop-down box at the top. When finished, click I Accept.

Select the Language and Game Region for your installation. Then click Install.

The game begins installing. This is the part where you link your current account with Steam. Click the box at the top that says Log in with your NCSoft account to link with the currently active Steam account.

A new window appears. Enter your login information, and select whether you want the launcher to remember your email. Click Submit when finished.

Your game is now ready to play! Congratulations, Steam will now spam you with achievements!

WildStar Companion Pets: Vendor Mania

WildStar Companion Pets: Vendor Mania

This is a partial guide on where to find the various companion pets being implemented in Drop 5, specifically from various vendors around the world. I’ll be adding a “Drops” guide as I continue to gain drops both on PTR and Live (once implemented).

Cooking and You: A Farming Guide [Algoroc/Celestion]

Cooking and You: A Farming Guide [Algoroc/Celestion]

Leveling cooking in WildStar is difficult. Not just what you have to do to unlock recipes and hit the nodes and tear your hair out, but also the fact that to fill out the cooking tech tree to unlock higher level recipes, you will need to cook certain amounts of lower level recipes to earn “stars” to fill out the tree.

The most difficult part to filling out the tree and getting these stars is to, well, grind out the materials. The meats being the hardest to grind out because of the low drop rates.
So I have been slowly working on a guide. The areas highlighted are the highest drop rates I have personally found (and with a little research via Jabbithole to confirm suspicions). It is by no means complete, but I feel okay posting the first two for now. This is spurred by a conversation with DasMoose and Alyred.
I hope this is useful to some folks, and look for the rest of them to slowly trickle over. (You will need to click on the image to see the original size. These itty-bitty thumbnails don’t give them justice.)

Edit: A note, brought to my attention by Alyred: If you’re a Survivalist you will have slightly higher than sucktacular drop rates by salvaging the carcasses that drop.

Algoroc Eats

Celestion Comestibles

SW:TOR Class/Race Matrix

SW:TOR Class/Race Matrix

Just a quick post. My computer’s corrupt hard drive is making it impossible to play the SW:TOR Beta on my computer (sad face!) but the Elephant is amazing and is letting me chug away at his computer. I’m currently taking a break to watch the Elephant play a bit of Skyrim and then watch the Watchmen before coming back to the Beta.

One of my goals for this weekend was to make matrixes for the class/race combinations since there have been very few floating around the community. The only one that I have seen, which is somewhat outdated if I recall, was one in a gaming magazine from last year. Since I haven’t seen any others pop up around the community, I put some together as a guide for those interested in what they could play.

If you plan on sharing these, please link back to the blog. I did put a lot of effort into putting these together for people to use.

Hope they help some people out! (Click to enlarge.)