Mini-Post: Pop Me

Mini-Post: Pop Me

A can in EVE Online, with some mining in the background. Picture by yours truly.

As a hauler in a mining corporation, I spend a lot of time shuttling ore from our Mining Ops to our POS (Player Operated Structure). It can be both exciting and tedious, depending on the day and what else I have to do on the side, such as laundry or reading a book for fun.

When it gets tedious, sometimes it’s fun to come up with a game to play. And that is what we did this past weekend. When a can is ready to be picked up, our naming convention is to call it “Full” or “Pop Me”. But the Elephant started naming his unconventional names, and the other miners started following suit. The goal was to have “Pop”, “Can”, or “Full” in the name.

A few of my favorites from this weekend:

Mary Poppins
Can Solo
Pop Wars: A New Can
Popping Candy
Popeye the Sailor Can
Frodo Poppins
Pop Tarts
Pop Me All Night Long
Ole Pop Canobe

See, EVE can be fun, too! 😉

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