Two Years, Wow

Two Years, Wow

Well, it has been almost two years… TWO YEARS … since my last update. What’s been going on in those two years? A lot, that’s for sure.


Hahaha. Ohhh, I thought I wanted to be back in the schools. Nope. Long story short, it didn’t work out, and next week I start a contract in the field of Training and Development. I am so psyched! I learned that I was just being wishy washy, and I needed to find what truly made me happy, even if I had to do things that didn’t to get me to the happy career. And now, I have found it, at least for a few months. This contract, while not long, will at least provide me with references and corporate experience which will only help me pursue my love of adult/corporate education.

The Elephant and I were married July 2013 in a small, mainly DIY wedding. It was, well, perfect. Here’s some shots of just some of the geekery we included.

Don’t you wish your yeti was hot like me.

While not a WoW player anymore, this is still one of my favorite plushies the Elephant got me.

One of our dearest friends that we, interestingly enough, met through EVE, got us a new kitten because the first cat we got together walked out the door on us and never came back. We were heartbroken, so among his many gifts, he gave us a kitten. Whom we named Oberon. He’s gotten kind of huge since we first got him.

Obe, July 2013

Obe, May 2014
We also, somehow, ended up with a new kitten a few weeks ago. I mean, how does this stuff happen? The kitten was a stray that was suffering from an Upper Respiratory Infection so bad that he was practically blind. We tried to find a home for him to no avail, and, well, now Gremlin is a part of the family as well. Oberon loves him, though, and our other cat tolerates him. The dog is just happy for another playmate. I’m quite sure she thinks she’s a cat.
Little Gremlin
And that’s pretty much life summed up. The Elephant is a year away from finishing school, and then he will be teaching. I am proud of him. And excited to be moving onto the next chapter of our life: starting the brood! 

The Blog

Yeah, two years. I really don’t need to say much more than that, do I? I am hoping that since I am no longer in gaming limbo, and heavily focused on WildStar, that you will see more of me on here.
There are quite a few updates that need to be made: updating my bio, updating the games page, just nixing the crafting page since I don’t really use it ever, updating my header. 
Seriously, the header? I haven’t played WoW since, really, the raid right after Firelands (What was it called again? It obviously made an impression on me.), and I only played RIFT for a total of, ohhhh, a week? I need to put, like, my TSW character on there, my WildStar characters, my Neverwinter characters… you get the idea. Also, the layout? I like the grey, it’s nice and neutral, but the pink has got to go. Maybe a nice Robin’s Egg Blue. I like blues.

The Computer

As a Christmas present, my parents gave the Elephant and myself some money, and we both got some nice new desktop computers that are amazing. They’re not “top of the line” by any means, but we can play games on max settings now with no worries of overheating, etc. And, if something does happen where something gets outdated, it’s easy enough to replace. Yay for desktops! We do still have the laptops, but they’re mainly for emergencies.


We said “goodbye” to WoW almost two years ago. We miss some people, but stay in touch with the ones that are really important to us.
From WoW we moved to EVE. And again, we have, for the time being, said “goodbye” to EVE as well. We still speak to the people we really like on TeamSpeak from time to time, but it became boring. It stunk waiting around for hours for things to happen. Time gaming can be better spent. And it just started interfering with the social life we were starting to develop. Also, because we were in a Wormhole Alliance, it was a bit difficult to find things to write about without divulging intel. Which I think is why the blog kind of fell off. 
We picked up some other games in the meantime, that I still enjoy playing from time to time, though not for huge periods of time: Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Secret World (which I honestly would love to play more of, but I need to convince the Elephant to get back into it), Star Trek Online (again, I’d love to play more, but, what is this free time thing?), Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2, EverQuest II, Torchlight II. You get the idea. The games page is going to fill up a bit.
The Elephant got me Fallout: New Vegas on Steam, and I’ve been playing a bit of that and Sims 3 as well. I’m not particularly excited for Sims 4. I think Sims 3 will be where I collect ALL THE THINGS and call it a day, much as some folks did with Sims 2.


The reason I came back to Twitter and the Blog, honestly, is that I am super psyched about WildStar! A friend of the Elephant’s told him about it, and then he was hooked, and hooked another friend, and we hooked some old WoW friends, and… well, let’s just say we’re trying to make another “Shade of the Elm”, again. Same ideas and morals, a little less hardcore raiding, and a different name: Black Dagger Society. If you’re in the US, plan on playing Exiles, and you think it might be a good fit, feel free to apply. It’s fairly small, right now, but we do plan on growing as the game launches.
And I’m sure you’ll start seeing a lot more posts about it as time goes on as well.
I’m even trying to start a Blog Azeroth equivalent for WildStar, but am completely lost on what to name it. I don’t like “Blog Nexus”, but I do want something Nexus related. District Nexus, maybe? I don’t know. I need some help!

Bring it Home

So, that was a much longer entry than I intended to write, and I am not particularly great at wrapping entries up, so I’ll leave it as is, and see y’all later.

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