War Woolie, Nekkid Stormtalon, and His Head

War Woolie, Nekkid Stormtalon, and His Head

This past weekend and Tuesday night were hopping good times in WildStar.

Veteran Shiphands

Sunday afternoon, we ran a few shiphands to get Golds so folks could unlock the AMP point (or is it the LAS? I can’t remember…). It was a blast, and I finally got in a Rage Logic. All of the shiphands are major fun, but I get more of a kick out of them as a guild group than anything.

I discovered, for the first time ever, that there is a secret hidden up top in one of the shiphands–Outpost M-13.

This little guy gets you an achievement when you click on him, and then follows you around!! I promptly made lots of “it’s so cute” noises instead of going on about how adorable it was, and lamented the fact that I couldn’t have one of my own as a mini-pet.

I also took lots of screenshots, because, well, how can you not?! (Thank you to Alexi for telling me to go up the stairs, and for the other guildies in the run for not spoiling it for me!)

War Woolie

Right after all our runs, I had to log out to go take care of some chores, so I didn’t open all my bags, plus my bags were full, so some I did open went right to my mailbox. My thought process was along the lines of “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT”, so I resigned myself to cleaning out my bags and going through my mail next time I logged online.

Lo and behold, the next time I logged online I casually checked my mail… and then stopped. Just stopped. Wide eyed. Going “buhhh????”. And then I started the “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG” freak-out that we all get when we get a collectible we want. (You know you do, too. Don’t lie.) So, one collectible mount down, one to go! Because I’ve lost all hope of ever getting a Luminous Equivar like I dearly want.

Nekkid Stormtalon

Tuesday night after freaking out about my War Woolie and how excited I was, it was time to run a few Nekkid Stormtalon groups! If you remember, a few weeks ago we ran a Nekkid Baby Protostar. This went much the same way, in that everyone stripped down to their skivvies, and we walked in and ran a bunch of runs.

I have to hand it to WildStar–for all the effort we’ve tried to get funky-ass looking costumes from these runs, they’re pretty well put together sets! Granted, there weren’t a lot of drops that weren’t heavy armor when we had three slingers, a medic, and a stalker.

Stormtalon’s Head

Speaking of drops, on one of our runs, Stormtalon’s Head (Head of Stormtalon… whatever!) dropped! We all rolled greed as we do on guild runs, and I won it. I was shocked. A War Woolie and the Head of Stormtalon both in the same night?! What?! I mean, I felt a little bad for winning it, as I usually do on rolls like that, but I am hoping we can do more speed runs and get his head to drop again for some more folks!

PTR Update – Drop 5

Today on Twitter, a few of us happened to go off on a tangent about how we needed mini-pets in WildStar, and, like, now! Then DasMoose just happened to feel like opening up his PTR client for shits and giggles (at least, that’s my assumption of how this all started snowballing). And, guess what? It started patching! And what did he see scrolling along the bottom? Winterfest! Pets! PETS! That brought Twitter to a screeching halt and we all opened up our clients.

At least it seemed that way. We were tweeting left and right: So and so saw this show up! And someone else saw that! Oh look! What’s that mean?! A few minutes later, Caydiem was like, “Pff, guys, stop speculatin’.” (Obviously, I’m paraphrasing…) And then not a few minutes later, the official “what to expect in Drop 5 as it hits PTR” notes hit the site! BOOM!

People are going CRAZY! It’s Drop 5 fever! I wonder if it’s more hype than Drop 4? It feels like it…

I plan to (when I have a little bit of free time after ThaydFest) hop onto the PTR and start putting together a guide on where to find all the mini-pets for the Pet Obsessed (There are a bunch of us).

In the meantime, DasMoose made a great video of all the pets you can find in the game (on PTR)!

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