Dungeon Fun – Ding 22!

Dungeon Fun – Ding 22!

Note: It took me way longer to put this post together than anticipated–I started it on March 11th and got distracted by a lot of stuff for ThaydFest in WildStar, which I will post about soon!

Last Wednesday, Chaide and I were able to get in a long session of some Final Fantasy! It was great! We signed on fairly early in the evening and worked on a few quests while we waited for Kodra and Belghast to sign online, as they had volunteered to help with our dungeons (so kind!). Chaide and I got kind of impatient and decided to overcome our fear of past PuG experiences and head to our first ever Final Fantasty dungeon…


The group we had was very nice. Our Ninja was fairly silent the entirety of the run (but knowledgeable, and made aggro-management easy), and the healer was a great help and did quick TL;DR explanations for the fight, including putting down markers (which I want to learn how to do!!).

The maps were straightforward, and there weren’t any twists or turns that weren’t decipherable without a bit of looking around and using the map. It was so gorgeous!

We fought some pirates, and then these reptilian creatures that have a specific name, but of course I’ve forgotten it. It’s somethingbacks, if I recall, because I was thinking about the fact that it reminded me of “Lobsterbacks“.

The final boss was like a queen leader of the somethingbacks, and the fight was interesting, but straightforward. As a tank, I tried to help quell the bubbles, but was never able to get the cast finished in time. The ninja was grand and helped take out two vents while Chaide and the healer each took one of the others.

We defeated her in one go, and had no wipes during the dungeon. It was neat how the music played and it scanned over to the party and my toon. But, seriously? My Roegadyn didn’t even cheer! Chaide’s Lalafel on the other hand is adorable.

After completing the quest associated with the dungeon, we were sent off to Gridania for the next dungeon. There weren’t enough folks available for a run at the time, so we decided to queue up for another random based on our pretty good experience in the last one.

Tam-Tara Deepcroft

This next group was a bit more difficult than the last one. The healer wasn’t particularly keen on healing anybody, and would lag behind the group quite a bit. But nobody ever died, which was good. The map for this one was a tad confusing at first, but I quickly figured it out after opening up the big view and taking a quick gander at it.

We fought lots of creatures, demons, and some cultists. And then, the final boss…

Yes. I totally screamed out C’THULHU when I saw him. Yep. Which then promptly made me want to sing “Hey There C’Thulhu”. I’ll just leave that right here.

He was a fairly straightforward fight, but fun nonetheless. I mean, once you’ve done enough dungeons in games, you can pretty much figure out what the mechanics are. Though it all boils down to GTFO and stay alive.
As were were about to finish the dungeon, a bunch of guildies signed online, and one of them mentioned that they needed the next one in the story. We smashed C’thulhu to the groud and continued onward.
And my Roegadame still didn’t smile!!
Anyway, we ran off to Ul’dah to pick up the next piece of the puzzle, and then moved onto the last dungeon needed in the chain to progress the Storyline quests that will eventually lead us to Grand Companies and Chocobos.
We grabbed the guildie in question that needed the dungeon, and headed over to the next area, along with picking up a healer from guild, too.

Copperbell Mines

This one was a lot of fun! The slime fight ended up being some mechanics we weren’t expecting, but had a lot of fun with nonetheless. The last boss was neat!

When I saw him, I had the undying urge to yell “TROOOLLLLL in the dungeon!” The add mechanic was an interesting one, and we downed him with only one break through a wall.

Hey look! My Roegadyn cheered this time! It was so much fun getting to run with some guildies, and we both look forward to completing more content with our FC-mates.

We then made our way back to town to hand in, and do some more main story quest. (Just pictures, no spoilers. 🙂 )

It was interesting getting some more lore at this point in a flashback.

We sadly didn’t get far enough based on time to get our Chocobos or Grand Companies, but we hope to do so sometime this weekend. It is a jam-packed WildStar week this week. And expect some coverage and sharing of ThaydFest in the next day or so!

2 thoughts on “Dungeon Fun – Ding 22!

  1. Woo! Congrats on getting through your first dungeons!

    The Duty Finder is pretty random in the quality you get, but for the most part, people are helpful and want to get the party successfully through the dungeon. I had a lot of apprehension doing these on my own the first time. Not every group was perfect, of course, but it wasn't as bad as PUG experiences in other games. Sometimes, I've even met new friends!

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Yeah, even though the healer was reluctant to do much, we still never wiped, so they were at least invested enough to finish it in a timely manner. And I completely agree! PuGs in other games have been MUCH worse, which is why I've gravitated toward guild-only groups.

    At least in FFXIV while it's great fun to run with FC folks, it doesn't seem impossible to complete content without them, either. 🙂


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