MMO Desires IRL

MMO Desires IRL

Over at Massively OP, the Daily Grind asked:

If you could choose 3 things from your favorite MMO to be in your real life, what would it be and why?

So, I hate writing in comments on sites because there’s always some sort of vitriol that gets thrown around. And while I commend Massively OP for kicking out the trolls, it’s still not something I like to subject myself to on a daily basis. On the internet in general. Honestly, the only place I read the comments is Imgur because they’re just funny.

Anyway, my three things I’d want IRL from MMOs in no particular order are…

1. Fast travel/hearthstone/portals (of some sort or another). This hearkens back to back when I was a kid and first started watching Star Trek. I really wanted to be able to beam around the world like they can in Star Trek.

Hop in your teleporter and then Poof! you’re where you want to be. And then the same thought came back when I watched Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (yeah yeah, laugh if you want… it’s a good show! Hmph.)–What if we could teleport like her? Or Samantha from Bewitched (which I watched in all its Saturday morning Syndication glory)? Or even a Floo Network like in Harry Potter! So yeah. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’d make it easier to see my dearest friends more often, and I wouldn’t be going on almost two years since seeing any of my family members.
2. Being able to choose an ideal body type, and keep it. Okay, all political-social and personal-emotional issues aside with body image, there’s a certain body shape I’d love to be. My ideal body type is not the “industry standard” by any means. And while I’m working hard at aiming to lose some weight for health, I don’t know what my body will look like when I hit my goal. In fact, I don’t even know what my goal will be because I don’t know what those weights will look like. I’ve never been thin, or skinny, or even a “healthy weight” in my life, so I have no idea what my body will look like. I don’t know if it’ll look like how I imagine or want it to. I’d love to keep certain aspects of my current looks, but there are definitely things I’d like to tone down, some, too. 
For instance, I like Female Dwarves. Like, a lot. It’s why I play a Female Roegadyn (aka Roegadame) in FFXIV and why my Aurin in WildStar has the largest body-type she can have. I like curves. But I don’t like some of the fat placement outside of those curves. I don’t want washboard abs, per se, but I would like to lose a bit of the fat in certain places. Again, this is not a discussion on personal or social issues with body image. More of a “I’d like to know wtf my body will look like, plzkthx. I’ll work hard for it.”

3. Fantasy aspects present in life–Magic, Dragons, etc. I know, there would be some serious ramifications to having such things in real life. 
And Dragons would need to be a specific type of Dragon. Think more along the lines of Song in the Silence than Lord of the Rings. I mean, this pretty much speaks for itself in description. Who wouldn’t want to have magic powers like Harry Potter et al or Gandalf or your FFXIV character?
    So, what are your three?

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